"In the Name of God Amen. I Uriah Chapman of Palmyra in the County of Wayne and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, yeoman, considering the uncertainty of life, and especially being of great age and subject to many bodily infirmities, tho' at present (God be thanked) in good health and sound mind and memory, think proper to make and ordain this to be my last will and testament. viz -

First I give and resign my soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth from whence it came in hope of a glorious resurrection to everlasting life in the world to come. And [I give] this temporal property which I may die possessed of as follows, (Having given to my four oldest sons, Uriah, Simeon, William and Roswell such improvements of land as I have been able to spare, as a home [I am] expecting to live with my youngest son Moses).

I give and bequeath unto him, my said son Moses the lot whereon I now live as a home, thru the wood lot on the mountain with all and singular the apurteneses, except what is hereafter otherwise disposed of as follows:

I considering my daughter Jane to be lame and unable to get support as the rest of my daughters, do give unto her, to improve her lifetime or while she lives unmarried, the part of my home lot as follows: Beginning at the south west corner of the barnyard and running northerly through the orchard so as to take five rows of apple trees, and then through the old field (so called) to Phineas Lester's land so as to divide the said old field into two equal parts, and thence by said Lester's southerly to the road, and by the road to the place of beginning.

Also I give my said daughter Jane the bedroom in the south west corner of the dwelling house while she lives unmarried, and all the household furniture commonly called hers, with the side saddle that was her mothers, with two milk cows to be her own forever, provided she does not have [possess] the cows in my lifetime.

I give my son Moses my farming utensils and a yoke of oxen if I should die possessed of any, and the rest of my cattle to be equally divided between my sons Simeon, William and Roswell, without my wearing apparel. My small trunk with my saddle I give to William, and my silver buckles to Simeon. I give my daughter Sally Killam my bed and furniture, unless there should be spare covering which I give Polly [Mary]. I desire my executor to give my daughter Polly Snyder out of my stock before [it] is divided ten dollars - with the trunk that was her mother's.

I hereby constitute and appoint my son Simeon to be my executor to this my last will and testament, by which I disannul all former wills whatsoever. Witness my hand and seal this eighteenth day of June A.D. 1808.

Uriah Chapman

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