Last Will and Testament of

Morgan C. Chapman

March 31, 1806 – March 10, 1878


I Morgan C. Chapman, Citizen of Linville District Rockingham County Va. do make and publish this as my last will and testament.  And I first direct that after my decease, and after my body is interned in a Christian like manner and my soul is consigned to the God who gave it that if my wife Catherine shall survive me, she shall keep all my personal property that I may have at my decease, during her natural life time, except such articles as are hereby, otherwise disposed of and after her decease, my executors shall make sale of all the remainder of my personal property, except the cane mill, and the works belonging thereto, the Bay-mare some 7 or 8 years old, and the two year old colt, which are now in my possession - said cane mill and said bay Mare & colt shall be kept by my Executor for the use of the family.   And the proceeds of said sale shall be used to pay for all necessary expenses and honest debts incurred by my said wife or the family at home and the remainder of the proceeds of sale, shall be equally divided between five of my children viz. Elizabeth Sherman, Dolly Sheets, John Chapman, Henry Chapman, & Laura Chapman (And my Executors shall pay five Dollars to each of my two daughters Josephine, & Isabelle Susan, - and five Dollars to each of my two grand children, Martha Rouhoofs two sons, and three dollars each to my daughter Mary Catherine Pifer’s (?) four children And one hundred and fifty Dollars each to my two sons John and Henry - all of which shall be paid out and bear interest from the  death of my said wife Catherine if she shall survive me, and said specified amounts shall be the entire legacy for each of my Children as above named in my estate).  And my wife shall hold and accept my farm or real estate as long as she lives, and to use as much of the proceeds there of as she may need -  And after her decease, my said farm on which I now reside, containing some one hundred and fifteen acres more or less I will bequeath to my two sons James M. And Jefferson D. share and share alike in the said farm, -  Said mare and colt as herein named I also will and bequeath, with all their increase , to my son James as a recompense for the value of two horses I received of him, - And he to use his pleasure as to keeping or using them for the benefit of the family, -  They shall be his property after my decease,  And I hereby make and appoint my two sons above named, James M. Chapman and Jefferson D. Chapman as my Executors, in this my last will and testament, - Written on half a sheet of paper given under my hand and seal this 9th day of July 1877.

                                                                                    Morgan C. Chapman - seal

Signed sealed & delivered

in the presents of us

and in the presents

of each other


B. J. Mason

J. N. Whetzel

Daniel Myers


Submitted by Ray D. Chapman – CFA #567