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In the listing of John Chapman's will, I'd like to add a supplemental.


The daughter by his first marriage, wife's maiden name unknown, was Mary Elizabeth Chapman who married Samuel Heizer.  She received

nothing in the will, but is mentioned.   Records show that on 30 Nov

1773, John Chapman bought 220 acres in Augusta County from Hugh Johnson. On 16 Mar 1779, John Chapman and his wife, Mary, sold 110 acres being part of 220 acres in Beverly Manor, on the waters of Christian Creek, to Samuel Heizer. Nine days later, on 25 Mar 1779, John Chapman (no wife) deeded the remaining 110 acres of the tract to Samuel Heizer.


Samuel was killed in his early 30's, and Mary farmed until her death in 1815.  Following the probate of her will, her 2 sons headed west and settled in Indiana for several generations.



Nancy Kerr Brandli