In the name of God, Amen, I Edward Chapman of Ipswich, in the county of Essex, being weak in Body, but through the Mercy of God, Injoying my understanding & Memory, do make & ordain this my last will & testament.

Imprimis, I commit my soule into the hands of Jesus Christ, my blessed Savior & Redeemer, in hope of a joyful resurrection unto life, at the last day, my body to decent burial. And for my outward estate, God hath graciously lent unto me, I dispose as followeth: viz, My beloved wife, there being a covenant and contract between us, upon marriage, My will is that it be faithfully fulfilled, twenty pounds of that contained in the covenant to be in such household goods as she shall desire.

Also my will is that my beloved wife, Dorithye Chapman shall have the use of the parlour end of the house, both upper & lower roomes, with the little cellar that hath lock & key to it, with free liberty the oven & well of water, with ten good bearing fruit trees near that end of the house wch. she is to have the use of & to have the fruit of them.

also the garden plot, fenct in, below the orchard, & one quarter of the barne at the further end from the house, also to have the going of one cow in the pasture, and all during the time she doth remain my widdow. [Dorothy Chapman married 13 Nov. 1678, Archelaus Woodman of Newbury.]

Item. My son Symon, having alredye done for him beyond my other children, My will is, that he shall have thirty pounds paid him, by my executor, as followeth, viz. to be pay’d five pounds a year, to begin the first five pounds, three years after my decease, & five pounds every year, next after, & this to be his full portion. And for four pounds that is coming to him, of his Grandfather, Symond’s gift which is yet behynd, my will is that it shall be payed unto him, out of that six acre lott, lyeing at Wattella neck, wch. was his grandfather's, as it shall be prized by indifferent men.

Item. I give & bequeathe unto my son Nathaniel Chapman thirty pounds, to be payed unto him by my executor, by five pound a year, the first five pounds to be payed three years, after my decease, & the rest by five pounds a year, the next following years; & that to be his full portion.

Item. I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary, wife of John Barry [or Barney] the sum of thirty pounds, to be payed unto her, by five pounds a year, the first five pounds to be pay'd three years after my decease, & so every year after, five pounds a year till it be all payed. All the aforesaid Legacies to be payed in current Country pay, unto sd. Children. Also I give unto my sayed daughter, Mary, one coverlett that is black & yellow

Item. I appoynt my son, Samuel, to be my sole executor of this my last will & testament, & do give unto him all my house & lands & chattels, he paying & performing all my will, unto my wife, & brothers & sisters, as above exprest, & also all my debts & funeral charges. I say I give unto him, my son Samuel Chapman all the rest of my estate both reall and personall. My Will further is that all my children shall rest satisfied with what I have done for them and if any of them shall through discontent, make trouble about this my will, -that then they shall forfeit & loose what I have herein bequeathed unto them or him, unto them that shall be so molested by them.

In Witness that this is my last Will & Testament I have heare unto put my hand & seale, this 9th of April, 1678.

Edward Chapman 3 mark & seale.

Syned & sealed & published, by Edward Chapman

to be his last Will, in presence of us,

Moses Pingry Sen'r.

Robert Lord, Sen'r.

Proved 30 April 1678.

[The above was published in Jacob Chapman’s, “A Genealogy. EDWARD CHAPMAN of Ipswich, Mass., 1642-1678, and his descendants” Note 1, Appendix. (Concord, NH: Republican Press Association, 1898)

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