Research Notes - William Williams Chapman

By John Chapman CFA # 150

In the last CFA Newsletter there was some information about Chapmans in Oregon with the note the the writer knew of a W. W. Chapman but did not know anything about his family. This W. W. Chapman is the same as the William Williams Chapman in the Congressional Biography, printed in the same issue of the CFA. He was quite a colorful character and I have followed all of his children to their demise except for his son, William Warner Chapman, last known in Spokane around 1895.

I have attached a group sheet for the family, which is not connected to mine as far as I know. You are welcome to use it however you think best. Maybe it will help someone.

Chapman had two sons who are also in the history books.

Arthur Ingraham Chapman was an Idaho pioneer, married (or at least lived with) an Indian woman, spoke fluent Nez Perce and was the man who interpreted Chief Joseph's now famous surrender speech which starts, "From where the sun now stands, I shall fight no more forever." He died in the Oregon State Hospital.

Huston Ingraham Chapman was an engineer and lawyer who ended up in New Mexico and was the last man killed in the Lincoln County War. A witness to the killing was Billy the Kid, who offered to testify in return for amnesty. Lew Wallace, governor of the territory and author of Ben Hur, turned him down. Although there were several witnesses, no one was ever convicted of the killing.

Family Group Sheet

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