Research Notes: Michael Chapman 1758-1839

By Jeff Miller

I am descended from Michael Chapman 1758-1839 who married Keziah Hawley. Michael was in Bethlem (now Bethlehem) Conn. at the time of the Rev. War and left there for New York state about 1802. I have been trying to find his parentage. One source stated his father was Nathaniel but without naming the source for that information.

I went to Bethlehem, Conn. and looked at the original tax records and town records and found the following:

Michael Chapman born 1758 in Connecticut and died Sept. 7, 1839, Huron County, Ohio. In 1776 he was "of Bethlem", Litchfield County, Connecticut when he enlisted in the Continental Army. He married Keziah Hawley, daughter of Dr. Benjamin Hawley (1743-1813) and Dorcas Strong (1747-1823).

From the Hawley Society, and later documented with deeds, 2 lawsuits, tax/town records, is that Michael's father was Nathaniel Chapman who died Oct. 4, 1809 in Bethlem, Litchfield Co., Conn. The name of Nathaniel's wife is unknown or how many wives he had. According to Bethlem town records "wife of Nathaniel Chapman died Dec. 23, 1807".

I believe Nathaniel's father was Michael Chapman. On the Mormon website I did find:
Michael Chapman m. 12 March 1733 in Wallingford, New Haven Co., Conn., to Mercy Doolittle, daughter of Abraham Doolittle and Mary Lewis. It lists 9 daughters and one son, Nathaniel born 9 Nov.1739, Wallingford.

1739 Michael Chapman and wife are admitted to the Cheshire Church, Cheshire, Conn, which separated from Wallingford.

Michael's daughter Ruth died 1755 in the records of Woodbury, Litchfield Co., Conn

A deed dated March 19, 1759 puts Michael and Mercy in Woodbury, Litchfield County, Conn.

Nathaniel Chapman of Woodbury is appointed admin. for Michael Chapman of Litchfield, Litchfield Co., May 10, 1779. Michael's wife dies 1805.

There is a record of Ruth Strong (sister of Dorcas Strong, above) marrying 1769 to Mr. Chapman in Litchfield, Litchfield, Conn. I don't know which Mr. Chapman this is. She could be a second wife to either Michael or Nathaniel, or some other Chapman, although I haven't found another Chapman family there yet.

Two other daughters of Michael and Mercy Chapman appear in Litchfield--Deliverance Chapman m. Stephen Stone; Thankful Chapman m. Jacob Frisbie (in Bethlem), and a third daughter Hannah Chapman may be the same Hannah that married Amasa Munson in 1766 in Wallingford.

I am trying to confirm that Michael Chapman and Mercy Doolittle are in fact the parents of Nathaniel Chapman who is the father of Michael Chapman b. 1758.

I am trying to find the ancestry of Michael Chapman who married Mercy Doolittle.

I am trying to fill in the missing dates for these people.

I am trying to find the mother of Michael Chapman b. 1758.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you. Jeff Miller []


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