Research Notes Jason D. Chapman

By John Chapman CFA # JC4-000-325

On July 20, 1879 Jason D. Chapman, son of Henry Chapman and Clarissia Chapman (Clarissia descends from the William Chapman of New London, CT. line of Chapmans), married Julia Chapman in the Parsonage of the Congregational Church of Glastonbury, CT. He was 23 and she was 19. According to the marriage record, permission for the marriage was given by Julia's parents, Washington Chapman and Eliza Robinson.

In the course of my investigating this line I realized that Clarissia Chapman's parents, Reuben Chapman and Lavinia Hotchkiss also had a son Washington. The only information I was able to find on Reuben's son Washington was that he was born on April 3, 1823 according to the FW Chapman book* . However, I was able to find his death certificate which indicated his date of birth was April 5 1822.

Washington died on December 2, 1894 in Manchester, CT. His death certificate indicated he was a resident of Glastonbury, CT but was residing at 6 Startweather St, Manchester, CT at the time of his death. His death certificate did not indicate where he was buried.

As mentioned above, Julia Chapman's father was also named Washington Chapman. Washington Chapman and his wife Eliza are both buried in Still Hill Cemetery, Glastonbury, CT. Eliza died in 1893. Washington's headstone indicates that he was born in 1822. In addition, this year of birth is also listed on the death certificate of his son, Wallace Chapman. His date of death is listed as 1894 on his headstone. I had not been able to find a death certificate for him that indicated who his parents were.

When reviewing my records I noted a number of coincidences between both Washington's and begin to think they were one and the same.

Although the FW Chapman book indicated Washington, son of Reuben, was born in 1823, his death certificate indicates he was born in 1822, the same year that Julia's father was born. They both died the same year, 1894.

I contacted the Town Clerk's office in both Manchester, CT and Glastonbury, CT and could not determine where either Reuben's son Washington was buried, or where Julia's father, buried in Still Hill, died.

I then contacted the Manchester Historical Society and they informed me that in 1894 while living at 6 Startweather, as indicated on his death certificate, Washington was living with Jason D. Chapman and Julia Chapman.

Since Julia's father was as widower in 1894 I feel that it is probably Julia's father who is living with her and Jason. However, since all the dates of birth and death do line up, plus the information trail for Julia's Dad ends with the date on his tombstone, and Rueben's son Washington's trail ends with his death at the home of Julia and Jason, I feel that they are one and the same.

If they are one and the same, that means that both Washington's are the son of Reuben Chapman and Lavania Hotchkiss and Clarissia's brother. Therefore, Jason D. Chapman and Julia Chapman are first cousins.

If anyone can come up with additional information that either agrees or disagrees with this conclusion, please contact me.
John Chapman JC4-000-325

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