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The following is general reference data on some of our Chapman ancestors. It is a dynamic file that will continue to grow for some time and it will undergo other changes, probably frequently, as descendants provide more and better information. More subjects will be added regularly. Where possible each of the individual references will be linked to a brief genealogy, a will, military records, and/or email address of a descendant. The descendant, CFA member or Chappie contact involved with the subject are shown by number and code in paren.

If you can add information to what we have please send it and if you detect any errors bring them to our attention. If we have failed to cite a published record that pertains to one of the subjects please bring it to our attention and assist in obtaining a copy.

Remember we want wills, military records, enough data to compile a genealogy, etc.

We will be happy to add any Chapman subject for whom you wish to send information. Just send an email or GEDCOM file with as much information as you have on him or her and their descendants. We will add to the data if we can and post it on the site. Please indicate if you want an email link included so that folks can send you an email while at your file.

If you have a Chapman in mind but do not have and data tell us about him and if there is data in the CFA files we will post an entry.

A reference code is assigned to every Chapman to aid in identification and distinguishing one from the other. While the code is based on the name of the subject and the date and place of their birth it cannot always be used to determine that. Additions or corrections in data after the code is assigned sometimes results in an "incompatibility" between the code and the data. A separate record is created in the CFA data base for each Chapman marriage. Suffix codes of 01, 02, etc are used to identify the marriage. In some cases there were persons of the same name born in the same state in the same year. Distinctions are made in those cases with 0A, 0B, 0C, etc. as suffixes. When a double or dual reference is show with a "/" separating them the one on the right will be either the subjects father or ultimate ancestor, depending on the use of the reference. In the following data when a dual code is shown the one in bold print is the subject of the article.

Send information, corrections and requests to or by mail to CFA Data Center, Post Office Box 1586, Florissant, MO 63031.


ABN781VA Abner Chapman was born about 1781 in Virginia and he died after 1850 in Woodford Co., Kentucky. He married Phoebe Carter Mar. 13, 1809 in Caroline Co., VA. GENEALOGY (DS2-079 MNM-140 DAW-226) [December 1, 2001]


ANT800VA Anthony H. Chapman, and his twin brother, Allen A. Chapman, Sr., were born in Virginia in 1800. They had a younger brother Edward William Chapman, born May 7, 1807, and a younger sister named Elizabeth. The names of their parents are not known. Anthony married (1) Ann Hinds and (2) Malinda Reeves, Dec. 5, 1833 in Putnam Co., GA; Allen married (1) _____ Thomas and (2) Sarah Ann Thomas Feb. 7, 1839 in Loflin, Russell Co., AL; Edward married Penelope Norton Sep. 19, 1832 in Jones Co. GA; and Elizabeth married John Burns. GENEALOGY (MCP-288) [December 1, 2001]


ALL800VA Allen A. Chapman, Sr. and his twin brother, Anthony H. Chapman,, were born in Virginia in 1800. They had a younger brother Edward William Chapman, born May 7, 1807, and a younger sister name Elizabeth. The names of their parents are not known. Anthony married (1) Ann Hinds and (2) Malinda Reeves, Dec. 5, 1833 in Putnam Co., GA; Allen married (1) _____ Thomas and (2) Sarah Ann Thomas Feb. 7, 1839 in Loflin, Russell Co., AL; Edward married Penelope Norton Sep. 19, 1832 in Jones Co. GA; and Elizabeth married John Burns. GENEALOGY (SND-032) [December 1, 2001]


ARC789VA/THO592EN Archibald, son of George Chapman and Patience Clay, was born Feb. 21, 1789 in Montgomery Co., VA and he died Mar. 31, 1870 in Gallia Co. OH. He married Elizabeth Mills Mar. 26, 1811. Their children included Isaac, John, William, George, Joseph, Augustus, Lucinda, and Henry. (152-WTC, RC_) [December 1, 2001]


BEN695VA Nothing is known about him other than what was supplied by the CFA member when he joined. He is now out of touch. Benjamin was the father of Sarah Chapman who was born about 1725 and married Samuel McCorkle, Sr. He cites the Sep. 1, 1785 "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia" (CFA does not have) which addresses the McCorkles. In his message - one blank space later on one line is "Spouse: Sarah Chapman" and the next line is "Spouse Parents: Benjamin Chapman." Perhaps if we had a copy of the source we could figure it out. What is available that fixes the dates as cited in JBC's Prodigy message of Sep. 15, 1993 "Benjamin B. 1695 VA and his daughter Sarah Chapman b. Abt 1720 Virginia married Samuel McCorkle"?

Has someone crossed some wires here? There was a Benjamin Chapman born in Baltimore, MD July 13, 1760 who served in the Revolutionary War from Maryland and from Augusta Co., VA. He later moved to Washington Co., TN and then to Roane Co., TN. A letter from Benjamin's military/pension records prove this. A family group record received from a non-member shows Benjamin Chapman born 1760 in Baltimore married, in Augusta Co., VA, Sarah McCorkle, daughter of Samuel McCorkle. This Benjamin died about 1840 in Roane Co., TN. They had at least two, probably more, children: Samuel b. 1781/4, probably Washington Co., TN married Rachel Basket Sep. 11, 1815 and Margaret probably born in Roane Co., TN married Thomas Ford, Jr. Sep. 18, 1812. Only general sources are cited: Pension records, census, tax, deeds & marriage.

There was a Benjamin Chapman who married Mary Copeland Mar. 12, 1703. They are listed in the LDS-IGI - twice actually - once in Nansemond County and once in Isle of Wight County. There was another Benjamin Chapman born Feb. 8, 1706 in Isle of Wight County - the son of John Chapman and Frances Ward. (JBC-014) [December 1, 2001]


BEV791VA/SAM700VA Beverly Randolph Chapman was born Dec. 18, 1791 in Amelia Co., VA , the son of John and Anne Seay Chapman; and he died Oct. 9, 1855 in Spartanburg, SC. He married Sallie Foster in 1812 in SC. Sallie was the daughter of William and Mary Ann Jones Foster. They had many children: William P., John C., Mary, Memory N., Virgil R., Emily T., Granville, Jane, Garland, Oliver G., Louisa, Ann, Elizabeth, Vernon J. and George W. GENEALOGY (176-JBR, 387-NDC, 301-RCD, 364-GZH. GBW-272) [December 1, 2001]


CHA630VA Charles was born about 1630 in Isle of Wight Co., VA the son of Francis Chapman and his wife Isabella Pace, and he died 1710 in Isle of Wight Co. He married Ann Day in 1653 in Isle of Wight Co. There were three children: John 1654,Charles 1655, and Joseph 1657-59. (VWK) [December 1, 2001]


DAN768VA/THO592EN Daniel Chapman, Jr. was the son of Daniel and Esther Crockett Chapman. He was born about 1768 in Rockbridge Co., VA. He married (1) Jenny Winscott Jan. 24, 1793 in Madison Co., KY and (2) Rachael Black Mar. 24, 1814. By the first marriage he had William Chapman born 1793 in Madison Co. KY who married Anna Knight. (053-LMF, 148-ROS, 183-JS4, 428-EMR) [December 1, 2001]


DAV817VA David T. Chapman was born in Virginia according to census records of his son John. He was born Sep. 24, 1817 in Halifax Co., VA according to the LDS-IGI. Missouri marriage listings and LDS-IGI show David married Mary "Polly" Groomer or Groomes Oct. 22, 1837 in Clay Co. MO. (BCP) [December 1, 2001]


EDM787VA/SAM700VA Edmund Wilson Chapman was born Aug. 9, 1787 in Ameila Co., VA, the son of John and Mary Ann Dodson Chapman; and he died Mar. 2, 1851 in Pittsfield, Pike Co., IL. He married (1) Mary Ann Wood in 1806, Spartanburg, SC. He married Mary "Polly" Blackstone June 17, 1828 in McMinn Co., TN. All 15 of his children were by the fist wife: John H. Louisa, Mary, Juda, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Martha, William H., Lucy, James, Mirah, Eily, Elender, and Nancy. GENEALOGY (006-ALC, 029-TON, 447-TMR) [December 1, 2001]


EDW746VA/THO592EN Edward was born about 1746 in Culpeper Co., VA, married Sarah McCorkle about 1768 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA and died Sep. 16, 1788 in Stanford, Lincoln Co. KY.

In her A Chapman Family History 12 Generations 1983 Noni Sawyer shows Edward to be the son of John Chapman born about 1700 in Charles Co. Maryland and died before 1765 in Culpeper County, Virginia. Names of wives, possibly two, not known. Noni listed several "Authorities" but they are not related to specific data elements. They are: "Mary Kegley Books & Records -"; "Monwmery (sic) [Montgomery?] Wythe Co Deeds"; "Tithables, 1770, 1771, 1773"; "Oath of Allegiance"; "Montgomery Militia";"Roger Lewis Clark's Militia"; "Tax Records - VA & KY"; "Land Deeds, Will, Marriage Record Lincoln Co. Kentucky"; "New River Settlement by Johnston- Mercer Co. W. VA".

DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Part 1, Page 538 lists Edward Chapman b. 1745 d 1788 KY m Sarah McCorkle Pvt VA; John H. Gwathmey in Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution (Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1979) lists one Chapman, Edward, Clark's Ill Regiment.

Children listed, all born Wythe Co. between about1770 and 1779, are Mary, Edward, William, Sarah and Lewis Neal. GENEALOGY (WCS-028 & SHW-317) [December 1, 2001]

EDW807VA Edward William Chapman was born May 7, 1807 VA, and his twin brothers, Allen A. Chapman, Sr. and Anthony H. Chapman, were born there in 1800. They had a younger sister named Elizabeth. The names of their parents are not known. Anthony married (1) Ann Hinds and (2) Malinda Reeves, Dec. 5, 1833 in Putnam Co., GA; Allen married (1) _____ Thomas and (2) Sarah Ann Thomas Feb. 7, 1839 in Loflin, Russell Co., AL; Edward married Penelope Norton Sep. 19, 1832 in Jones Co. GA; and Elizabeth married John Burns. GENEALOGY , WILL [December 1, 2001]

EDW822VA/THO781VA Edward, son of Thomas (THO781VA) and Mary Chapman, was probably born August 1801* in what was to become Logan Co., WV. At that time it was still Kanawha Co., and would soon (in 1809) become part of Cabell Co. It did not become Logan County in 1824. Edward married Elizabeth Hunt Jan. 6, 1892 in Pike Co., KY and they had at least 16 children. * We are trying to determine the source of the Aug 1801 date. Edward was not consistent with his age in the census reports: 1850 age 38, 1860 age 38, 1870 age 70, 1880 age 89. According to the 1830 and 1840 Logan Co. censuses Edward was born between about 1791 and 1801. GENEALOGY (PVK-111) [December 1, 2001]

Frankey Chapman

FRA763VA Frankey Chapman was born about 1763 in Virginia or Maryland and she died in May or June 1820 in Fayette Co., KY. She married John Bell who was born about 1755 in Frederick Co., VA. He died about 1830 on a trip to Shawneetown, IL. He will was probated Oct 8, 1804. A farmer and salt miner he served as a private in the Revolutionary War. Their children, first born in 1782 were: Jane, Nancy, Elizabeth, Maria Munden, Lavinia St. Clair, and John Franklin. FKB: "Many of the Chapmans from Frederick moved to Kentucky - Fayette and Union Counties, as did the Bells. I had already made a connection in Union Co. and in Henderson Co, where I found a lawsuit in which Frankey was involved over land. She and John Bell evidently owned land there. He died in Shawneetown, IL where he evidently had government saline mines. Chapmans were also in Shawneetown. I think after John Bell/s death there in 1804 he was moved to his daughter's farm in Union Co., KY (right down the river a mile or so) and buried there." (FKB-111) [December 1, 2001]


FRA598EN Francis Chapman, who was born about 1598, most likely in England, came to American on the ship Starr in 1608, and was later listed as an "Ancient Planter." See CFAQ #25, Spring 2001, pg 29 for more on Ancient Planters. One sources reports that he married Isabella Pace 1628 in Surry Co., VA and another source says he married ___ Perry in 1628. Both sources list a son Charles Chapman. Charles was born about 1630 in Isle of Wight Co. (VKW) [December 1, 2001]


GEO736VA George was born Dec. 25, 1736 in Caroline Co., VA and he died 1781 in Tennessee where he is buried near Beans Station. He married 1758 Spotsylvania Co., VA Diana Derritt, daughter of Robert Durrett and Elizabeth Goodloe.

Asa D. Young, "Young Family" The Register of Kentucky Historical Society, v. 52, p. 45-49

Mrs. Bert Harter, "The Durrett Family" The Virginia Genealogist,

Paul Miller Goodloe II, PhD, "Goodloe Genealogy" (Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc. 1982) p B-32 has information on the family citing the above.

Their children, all born in Spotsylvania Co., VA from 1759 to 1779 were: Frances Diana, Elizabeth, Nancy Ann, Margaret Ann, George, Mary, and Asa. There is, or soon will be, a short genealogy, but with much information, showing the descendants of George on the CFA web site. The DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition: George: b 12-25-1736 VA d a 12- -1784 VA m Diana Durrett Sol VA. There are no pension or bounty land warrants shown in the National Archive M805 microfilm series. GENEALOGY (CAD-111, DGK-261, GLB-298, TLS, JB2, and WPL) [December 1, 2001]

GEO795VA George Chapman was born 1795 in Thanharvey, Botetourt Co., VA and nothing is known about his death. George married (1) Nancy Crawford, daughter of Andrew Crawford, Sr., Aug. 18, 1814 and he married (2) Lucinda Wilson Aug. 1, 1820. They moved to Mason Co., VA (WV) by December 1829 because his 4th child was born there. Their children were W. Joseph, Susan, John H., William Guy, Catherine, and Elijah Landen. See the genealogy that is, or soon will be, posted on the CFA web site. [Checking the possibility that Stephen is his father] GENEALOGY (DEN-374) [December 1, 2001]

GEO811VA/THO592EN This George is not a "problem" but rather a "critical" one. Born 1811 he is one of the "CFA Ancestors" and he's one of the Chapman ancestors that moved from Virginia to another state. Born about 1811 in Virginia he died Apr. 8, 1883 in Guyan Township, Gallia Co., OH. He married Frances Garlick Feb. 28, 1833 in Gallia Co. He and parts of his family were enumerated in Gallia Co. OH in 1850 and 1880. Children were: Elizabeth, Archibald Webster, William, June and George. GENEALOGY (M3C-253) [December 1, 2001]


GER817VA/JOH750VA German (Jerman) Calvary Chapman was born Aug. 15, 1817 in Cabell Co. VA (WV) and he died July 5, 1892 in Hancock Co., IN. He married in 1837 Catherine Hamrick who was born July 18, 1820 and died Apr. 12, 1883. Their children were: Anthony T., Martha, Nancy Leticia, Charles Henry, Dallas, Frances Josephine, Rufus, Eliza Jane, Luezy Isabelle, German Calvary, Merideth Calvin, Henry Emanuel, Sarilda America, and Amos Eli Ellison. It is probable that German was the son of John L. Chapman who married Elizabeth Menefee and he has been included as a probable descendant in the genealogy of John Chapman and Jane Donaho (JOH750VA) , but evidence to prove that connection is needed. GENEALOGY (VSS-109) [December 1, 2001]


HEN616EN Henry Chapman, age 19, arrived in Virginia in 1635 on the ship Primrose. Nothing more is known of him. [December 1, 2001]


JAC753VA Jacob Chapman, according to documents in his RW file was born in 1753 in Staunton, Augusta Co., VA. He married Margaret Burns June 16, 1779 in Greenbrier Co. VA [There is also a ministers return filed in Rockingham Co with date of July 14, 1779]. In addition to Augusta and Greenbrier Cos he resided in Nicholas Co. There is supposed to be a will in Clay Co. will book 1, page 17 that established him as the father of William C. Chapman and the grandfather of William O. Chapman. CFA needs a copy of that will. MILITARY GENEALOGY (LVR-283, CFL-282, BKA-457; JC2) [December 1, 2001]

JAC780VA Jacob was born 1780 in Virginia, son of Joseph and Penelope Summers Chapman; and was in Spartanburg Co., SC by 1807 when he married Matilda Bishop who was born about 1790. Their children were: Enoch, Edmond, Joseph, Asbury, Dudley, Temperance, Caroline, Mary and Winnie. He served in the War of 1812 from Spartanburg in Col. Clements unit. Part of the family moved to Cherokee Co, GA about 1845 but Enoch and Edmond remained in Spartanburg. (MIM-054) [December 1, 2001]

JAC817VA Jacob was born 1817/18 in Virginia and died Mar. 20, 1892 in Millwood, Guernsey Co., OH. He married (1) Rebecca Smith Dec. 8, 1842 in Guernsey Co., and married (2) Elizabeth M. Jewell there May 6, 1871. Children by Rebecca were: Mary, James Smith, Mariah, Rachel A. and William H. (WRN-378) [December 1, 2001]


JAM774VA James Chapman was born about 1774, probably in Virginia and he died in Pickens Co., SC. He married Rebecca Smith (ca 1779-1860) They had at least one son, Benjamin Chapman b. Dec. 25, 1779 Pickens Co., SC. (GHH-414) [December 1, 2001]

JAM841VA/MOR806VA James Morgan, son of Morgan and Catharine Phillips, was born Sep. 27, 1841. He married Elizabeth Margaret Sheets Feb. 26, 1872 in Rockingham Co. VA. Children included Mittie Isadore and Samuel Lewis. GENEALOGY , BIOGRAPHY (JYC) [December 1, 2001]

JAM844VA James Monroe Chapman was born November 1844. His mother's name was Hulda A. Layton Chapman. In the 1860's Hulda remarried to Clement Waylon. They apparently lived in the Barbour Co. WV area. (WDE) [December 1, 2001]


JOH611EN John Chapman, age 24, arrived in Virginia in 1635 on the ship Expedition. [December 1, 2001]

JOH719VA We coded this John Chapman as born about 1719 in VA based on the birth date of his first known son. However, he was probably born before that because "Mar. 23 1729 John Latham of Caroline Co. to John Chapman of King and Queen Co. 3540 lbs tobacco, 295a in St. George Parish, Spots Co." Crosier, "Spotsylvania County History" Page III Deed Book B.(CFA does not have) [Note that Spotsylvania Co. was not created until 1720-1 and Caroline Co. was not created until 1727-8. They were both created from Essex, King & Queen, and King William Counties.] John died Dec. 29, 1775 in Spotsylvania Co. The name of John's first wife is unknown but their children were William, Edward, Mary, James, Benjamin, and Thomas. John's second wife was Mary Allen, daughter of Erasmus Withers and Sarah Allen, born Nov. 23, 1739. Their children were Allen, Robert who died as infant, Erasmus, Thrashley and Sarah. For more on this branch of the family see Edmonds, Elsie N., "JOHN CHAPMAN of Spotsylvania County, Virginia - THOMAS POWE of Cheraw, South Carolina and Related Families" (published by Elsie Edmonds of Jackson MS 1971) WILL - GENEALOGY (KLW-331) [December 1, 2001]

JOH720VA Although we coded this John as born in 1720 in his reference he was probably just born sometime during the 1720's- there is no specific year. It is also supposed that he was born in Virginia but he could have been born in Maryland. Some show John to be the son of a 3rdgeneration Robert Chapman but nothing has been seen to support that. The best published work on this one is Thomas C. "Tom" Chapmans, "The Chapman Trail" (Published for Tom, Peter E. Randall, 1985). In Chapter 3 Tom covers John and Eurith (some say Barnes) Chapman saying that they moved from Loudoun Co. VA to North Carolina in 1765- possibly with a short stay in Halifax Co. VA. Tom lists the children of John and Eurith as John, Jr., Enoch, Raleigh, Nicholas, James, Nathan and Sarah. Some of the children were supposed to have been born in Baltimore, MD. Ole John Chapman was shot to death in western North Carolina in late 1780 or early 1781. GENEALOGY (NKL-258 & MNA-010) [December 1, 2001]

JOH750VA John was born about 1750, perhaps in Culpeper Co; and he married a Jane Donaho. Gibbs, Mildred Chapman, From Culpeper County To The Teays Valley [The Story of The John and Jane Donaho Chapman Family and Those Related by Marriage]. (Hartford, WV: by Mildred, Rev 1978) p 7-8 GENEALOGY (MAH-353, GAS-365 NDR-448 & TC2-427; KRS, MRF, MCG, MM, BLT) [December 1, 2001]

JOH774?1 John Chapman first appears in 1794 when he witnessed a marriage between Peter O'Connor and Ellen Mills. It is not known when and where he was born. He married Manette Roy of Pointe Coupee Parish, LA. They had several children, one being Irene Chapman baptized April 10, 1810, age 16 months at Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, LA. Irene married Augustin Jacob Fontenot, Oct. 15, 1857, and died before Dec. 13, 1855. John and Manette died in Opelousas, he before Apr. 25, 1825 and she before Nov. 31, 1825. (STR) [December 1, 2001]

JOH775VA John was born Jun. 12, 1775 and died Mar. 12 1838. It is not known that he was born in VA. He married Elizabeth Jones Oct. 19, 1796 in Hillsboro, Orange Co., NC Elizabeth was born Oct. 4, 1776 and died Sep. 3, 1825 Their children were: Mary, John, Daniel Jones, Amos, Evalina, and Andrew Jackson. He and his descendants are listed in Edmonds, Elise Chapman, John Chapman of Spotsylvania County, Virginia....(Published privately by Elsie, 1941) GENEALOGY (JWB-044 & JAY-366, PD, NNE, JEW) [December 1, 2001]

JOH791VA/SAM700VA John Chapman, son of James and Phoebe Pearce Chapman, was born Feb. 11, 1791 in Amherst Co. VA and he died Jan. 23, 1876 in Louisa Co., IA. He married Mary "Polly" Reeves Aug. 13, 1815 in Scioto Co., OH. Their 13 children were: Pheby J., John R., Allen, Albert, Mallissa, Alfred, Sarah A., Hannah E., Benjamin F., Henry Y., Laken J., Madison G., and Charles W. GENEALOGY (314-BSV, 404-PDR, 434-LSV, 441-MRV) [December 1, 2001]

JOH792VA/SAM700VA John, son of John and Anne Seay Chapman, was born Oct. 23, 1792 in Amelia Co., VA. He died May 29, 1854 in Inman, Spartanburg Co., SC. John married Rose Montgomery Feb. 10, 1825 in Spartanburg Co., and they had 11 children: Warren D., Marcus B., John N., Chevis M., Memory P., Ameritus M., James A., Nancy C., Oliver C., Octavia O., and Perry E. GENEALOGY (237-BNE) [December 1, 2001]

JOH822VA John Chapman was born 1822 in VA and married Ann E. Robison about 1845 in Bedford Co., TN. He may have been the son of a Philip and Elizabeth Chapman. Their children were: Judy F. b. 1846 m. a Revis and died 1930 Huntsville, Madison Co. Al; Jo H "Jock" b. 1848 moved to Texas; Blake "A.B.", b. 1850 moved to Texas; Mary Alina b. July 1, 1852 (twin) VA or TN, married Thomas Shadrack King December 1878 Bedford Co., TN and died Huntsville, Madison Co., TN; Philip b. July 1, 1852 (twin); John G. "Bud" b. 1854 TN; Ann E. b. 1857 m. a Holland and d. Huntsville, Madison Co., AL (TJK) [December 1, 2001]

JOH828VA John B. Chapman was born Apr. 20, 1828 in Richmond, VA and he died Apr. 29, 1895 in Nevada, MO. He married Hannah Schnepp Dec. 30, 1852 in Colburn, Tippecanoe Co., IN. Children included Manda Josephine b. May 16, 1854; Sarah Elizabeth b. Oct. 15, 1856; William Jacob b. June 2, 1859; Mary Frances b. Sep. 19, 1861; Margaret Susannah b. Aug 23, 1865; John Robert b. July 10, 1868; Lucinda Alice b. Feb 15, 1873; Charles Anthony b. Aug. 7, 1877. (MCV) [December 1, 2001]

JOH849VA John Newton Chapman was born 1849 and died 1934. He's thought to be the child of a William A. and Elizabeth Chapman) It was reported that most of his family was buried in Luray, Page Co., VA. He married Jane Catherine Coffman who was born 1850 and died 1920. Their children were: Elizabeth m. Wallace Capataine d. before 1993, Emily (1877-1878), William Allen (1879-1932), Carolyne (married Wood) (1881-1967), David (1883-1883), Virginia Mary (never married)(1885-1966). John (1888-1889), David Coffman (married twice- once to Ellen Rollston whom he married Dec 27 1924 in Sydney, Australia)(1890-1948) (COL) [December 1, 2001]


Summary of RW records of Virginia Joseph Chapmans

The National Archives microfilm General Index to Compiled Military Service Records of Revolutionary Soldiers Series M860, roll 9 lists 17 Joseph Chapmans but identifies only one to Virginia: entered and discharged as private in 3 Virginia Regiment, Index #4285.

The DAR Centennial Edition of the DAR Patriot Index lists three VA Joseph Chapmans:

b. 12-25-1745 VA d 1-18-1836 SC m X Capt Cav NC SC PNSR (see JOS745VA below)

b. 6-14-1740 VA d a 1-8-1821 SC m Penelope-- Sol SC (see JOS745VA/GIL702VA below)

b. c 1745 VA d p 12-19-1808 KY m Catherine-- Pvt VA (see JOS740VA0B below)

Please note that DAR announced some error and restrictions on entry under Joseph Chapmans of Virginia. At least three of the earlier approved DAR applications were incorrect. Some applications citing JOS745VA below should have been under JOS747NC below.

The published list of "Virginians In The Revolution" has two Joseph Chapmans, one in 3 Continental Line and one in 1 Light Dragoons.

The National Archives microfilm series of selected records of R.W. Soldiers M805 lists only two Joseph Chapmans. One was Joseph/John which was corrected to John #W18895 applies to JOH820VA above and the other, S21691, applies to JOS745VA below. [December 1, 2001]

JOS740VA/GIL702VA Joseph Chapman was born June 14, 1740 in Frederick Co., VA, son of Giles and Sarah Jackson Chapman; and he died about 1820 in Newberry Co., SC. He married (1) Catherine Anderson and (2) Penelope Summers. Children by Catherine were William Joseph, Samuel, and Sarah; by Penelope Mary, Elizabeth and Jacob b. 1780. GENEALOGY [December 1, 2001]

JOS740VA0B Little is known about this Joseph. He was born 1740-45 and died after Dec. 18, 1808 probably in KY. He married a Catherine ____ and is supposed to have been a private in a Virginia unit. He was listed in Chapman Family History (Washington, DC: American Genealogical Research Institute, 1978) in the Patriots and Veterans section, page 77. [December 1, 2001]

JOS745VA Joseph was born Dec. 25, 1745 in Halifax Co., VA and he died 1836. He served in the RW as Captain, married Mary _____ and had children: Nancy, William, John, Jeremiah, Elizabeth, Jane, Joseph, Enoch, Violet, Mary and George. See the separate article written by Ira T. Chapman, CFA #186 and his GENEALOGY , MILITARY , ESTATE PAPERS , BIOGRAPHY (NBG-015) [December 1, 2001]

JOS747NC There has been confusion between this Joseph and JOS745VA for many decades. At least three persons were admitted in DAR listing JOS745VA when they should have listed this one. This Joseph was born 1745-50 in Tyrrell Co., NC and died Oct. 27, 1798. He married Jemima Caswell, daughter of Matthew Caswell III prior to August 1771. Because of his patriotic service in North Carolina descendants do qualify for DAR. Their children were Richard, Jessica/Jesse, Elizabeth "Betsy", John, Polly and Meredith. GENEALOGY (MMC) [December 1, 2001]

JOS790VA Joseph Chapman, b.1790 Halifax Co. VA, d. 2 Mar.1852, Russell Co. KY, who was married on 4 Dec 1811 at Halifax Co. to Nancy Irby, b.1793 Pittsylvania Co. VA. Sources include Virginia marriage records & 1820,1830,1840 & 1850 censuses, Kentucky as well as the will of Wiley H.Chapman, probated Nov.1911, Buchanan Co. MO. Joseph & Nancy Chapman's children include:- a.. David T.Chapman, b.1816/1817 Halifax Co. VA, m. 22 Oct.1837 Clay Co.MO to Mary Groomer, b.11 Mar.1821, Madison Co.KY, d.15 Feb.1852 Daviess Co.MO. David m.12 Aug.1852, Harrison Co. MO to Lucinda Daniel, b. 25 Feb.1825, Green Co.KY, d.9 Sep.1892, Harrison Co. MO. Sources include 1850 & 1880 censuses as well as Missouri marriage records. David fathered at least 12 children - list available. b.. Lucinda Chapman married............Cape. c.. Rebecca Chapman m. George Garner, sons George Garner Jr. & Anthony Garner. d.. Anthony Chapman m. 13 Sep.1844 to Sarena A. Ellison, son John S. Chapman. e.. Jarret Chapman b. abt.1821. f.. Edmund Beverly Chapman b.abt.1826, m. 31 Dec.1858 to Martha Ann Holt. g.. Wiley Huddleston Chapman, b.28 May 1829 Russell Co.KY, d . 2Nov.1911 Buchanan Co.MO, m. 6 Feb 1857/8(conflicting sources) Buchanan Co.MO to Nancy Ann Dittemore, b.16 Aug.1839 Owen, Indiana, d.22 Nov.1919 Buchanan Co.MO. No natural issue. They are known to have brought up "4 orphan children". Additional source: "History of Buchanan County, Missouri" Dated 1885 and 1900 census. h.. Sarah Ann Chapman b.abt.1832 Russell Co.KY, d. 20 Mar.1905 Adair Co. KY, m.22 Oct.1852 to John Goodin Jr. See Rootsweb WorldConnect Genealogy for Goodin family & Sarah Chapman Goodin's descendants. i.. Margaret Chapman b.abt.1835 Russell Co.KY, m. 25 Jan 1858 to John Ellison. j.. Elizabeth Chapman b. abt.1837 Russell Co.KY, m. 29 June 1859 to Lewis Bailey. k.. John Chapman b. abt.1839, Russell Co.KY. My line is Barry Michael Chapman/James Alfred Chapman/Dudley Edward Chapman/ John David Chapman/David T.Chapman/Joseph Chapman. Naturally, I would be very interested in finding Joseph Chapman's forbears. -Barry Chapman Email:

CFA member Mary Wilcox of Florida is descended also from David T.Chapman/Joseph Chapman and she believes that Joseph is the son of Moses & Sally Tuck Chapman (Reference File entry). That will be my next line of research. (087-MMW -BCP) [December 30, 2001]


JOS789VA/SAM700VA Josiah, the son of James and Phoebe Pearce Chapman, was born May 18, 1789, probably in Amelia Co., VA. He died Oct. 20, 1837 in Waldron, Shelby Co., IN. He married Isabella Hitchcock Nov. 26, 1815 in Scioto Co., OH and they had six children: Selena C., Nelson, Marcus D., Washington, Julia, and Lydia Ann. GENEALOGY (285-MHB) [December 1, 2001]


MAT785VA Matthais (Mathais) was born about 1785 in Virginia and he died in Wood Co. VA (WV) Mar. 16, 1856. He married Mary Saunders about 1823 in Virginia. Their children were Andrew J., Mary, Mariah E., Matthias Jr., William M., and John T. {See CFA Member's Research Notes) (MDL-391) [December 1, 2001]


MAT655EN Matthew Chapman was transported to Virginia in 1685 for his participation in the Monmouth Rebellion. [December 1, 2001]


MOR807VA Morgan, son of James Chapman, was born Mar. 31, 1806 at Raders Mill, Rockingham Co. VA, and he died Mar. 10, 1878. He was married four times: (1) 1826 Rachel Ettinger, (2) July 26, 1838 Catharine Staley, (3) July 2, 1840 Catharine Phillips, and (4) Nov. 9, 1843 Catharine Huffman. Children included Martha, Mary, James Morgan (see above), Elizabeth, Dorothy "Dolly", John W., Henry Morgan, Josephine, Isabel Sarah, Laura, and Jefferson. GENEALOGY BIOGRAPHY (JYC) [December 1, 2001]


MOS758VA Moses was born 1758 in Halifax Co, VA and married Sarah "Sally" Tuck Dec. 23, 1789. Sally, daughter of Edward Tuck and Nancy Irby, was born 1762 in Halifax. (MMW-087) [December 1, 2001]


NAT761VA Nathaniel Chapman was born May 3,1761 in Virginia, and he died January 1829, Bedford Co. VA. He served in the Revolutionary War- W6654. He married Elizabeth Coleman 1791 in Franklin Co., VA; the marriage bond was dated Feb. 12, 1791. Elizabeth was born 1770 near Lynchburg, VA and she died May 13, 1859 in Roanoke Co. VA at the home of her son Henry H. Their children were Nathan (Nathaniel) Jr. m. Minerva Coleman, Henry Harrison m. Nancy Wright. Lydia m. John Mitchell, Mary m. Anthony Evans, Jane m. Samuel Burnet, Walter?? MILITARY (ACB-291, BCB) [December 1, 2001]


NIC588EN Nicholas Chapman, born 1588 in England arrived in Virginia in 1619 on the ship Jonathan. Nothing more is known of him. [December 1, 2001]


PHI773VA [was 791] Philemon Chapman was born Jan. 31, 1773 in Virginia and according to BNJ-260 he died Feb. 17, 1838 in Cabell Co VA (WV). ELM says he died after 1820 in Green Co., KY. Philemon married Fanny Holderby (Holliday or Moloby or Holderby according to BNJ-260) Dec. 18, 1811 according to BNJ-260 or Dec. 7, 1811 in Greensburg, Green Co., KY according to ELM. Fanny, daughter of William Holderby, died after 1826 in Green Co. KY. Philemon was a merchant and was a partner, in Guyandotte, Cabell Co., VA with John T/Y Chapman who married Julia Blackmore Cabell Co. VA (WV). John died in 1825 and may have been Philemon's father. Children of Philemon and Fanny: Mariah m. Martin, Louis, John, William, and James. (BNJ-260 & ELM) [December 1, 2001]


PHI598EN Phillip, age 23, arrived in Virginia in 1621 on the ship Flying Hart. Nothing more is known about him. [December 1, 2001]


REU785VA/SAM700VA Reuben Chapman was the son of James and Phoebe Pearce Chapman and was born about 1785 in Amelia Co., VA. He died Apr. 6, 1860 in Porter Township, Scioto Co., OH. He married Nancy Fuqua Aug. 2, 1809 in Scioto Co. and they had eight children: James, Thomas M., Obadiah, Melvina, Morton, Cynthia, Mary, and Anna A. GENEALOGY (124-SGC) [December 1, 2001]


ROB776VA Robert Chapman's birth is estimated to be 1776. Martha E. Chapman is the daughter of Robert Chapman and Bettie (Betty) Sutton, according to "Caroline County, VA Chancery Court Deeds, 1758-1845" by T. L. C. Genealogy, Page 226, indenture made Oct. 19, 1821. Robert Chapman's mother's name was Anne and his maternal grandfather was Robert Rennolds. Martha E. Chapman was born about 1810 according to 1850 Caroline Co. VA census, Pub. #M432, Roll#939, page 239, Dwelling #249/241, where she is found with her four youngest children in the household with her oldest daughter, Mariah C. Sutton and her husband Robert Bruce Saunders. Martha E. Chapman was married to John Orville Sutton on May 27, 1829 in Caroline Co. VA. Their family later migrated to Haywood & Lauderdale Counties area of Tennessee. (MOW-196) [December 1, 2001]


ROL793VA Rolly Chapman was born about 1703 in Virginia and died after 1850. He married Priscilla Marlar in Halifax Co. VA, Dec. 21, 1813. Priscilla was born about the same time in Virginia or North Carolina and died after 1850. The family apparently migrated to Cumberland Co. KY by 1828 where their son Rolly White Chapman was born in March 1828. Other children included Nancy, Judy W., Emaline and Ann. GENEALOGY (ECC-117 & RPC-439) [December 1, 2001]


SAM700VA Samuel Chapman was born about 1700 in Caroline Co. VA and died about 1773 in Amelia Co. Although it is not known who he married his will provides names of some of his children: John, Tabitha, Delpha, Unity, Anne, and Mary GENEALOGY WILL. (ALC-006, TON-029, LR_-084, SGC-124, JBR-176, BNE-237, GBW-272, SYB-279, MHB-285, RCD-301, BSV-314, PCC-362, NDC-387, PDR-404, LSV-434 & TMR-447) [There is also a listing for each CFA member's subordinate CFA ancestor born circa 1800- plus or minus 25 years.] [December 1, 2001]

SAM813VA Samuel was born about 1813 in Virginia and he died Dec. 17, 1896 in Fremont, Mahaska Co. IA. He married Mary "Polly" Jones and they had ten children: Belinda, James, Dennis. George D. Nancy, Willilam, Andrew S., Mary, Maerion, and Joseph. He served in Co G 50th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. GENEALOGY (PLC-008 DEC-141) [December 1, 2001]


STE793VA/SAM700VA Stephen Chapman, son of Stephen and Tabitha Farley Chapman, was born Feb. 28, 1793 in Prince Edward Co., VA, and he died Mar. 26, 1857 in Marshall Co., KY. A teacher, he married Elizabeth L. Collier Sep. 16, 1819 in Prince Edward Co, VA. They had four children: William J. Mary A., Elizabeth L., and Sarah W. GENEALOGY (084-LR_) [December 1, 2001]


THO592EN This Thomas Chapman was one of the first Chapmans in America having arrived at Jamestown August 1610 on the ship Tyrall from London. His wife Ann, arrived in May 1617 on the George. They had two children, Thomas II and Ann. Thomas II was born about 1621 in Virginia and he had at least four children: Thomas III, Ann, Edward and Richard. Thomas III was born about 1641 in Virginia and by 1705 he had married Margaret Perkins and their children included Thomas IV, John and Jonathan. See Brian Berry CFA #294 "Generations 1-5 Of The Family and Descendants of Thomas Chapman of Jordan's Journey, Virginia" CFA Quarterly #13 April 1998 p 47. GENEALOGY (053-LMF,152-WTC,148-ROS, 181-MUM, 183-JS4, 253-M3C, 294-BB_, 397-LOL, 428-EMR, ANK, MMC, KLJ, BPK, & RC_) [December 1, 2001]

WIL813VA/THO700IR Thomas Chapman was born about 1700 in Ireland and about 1743 came to Pennsylvania where he lived by the Delaware River near Marcus Hook. There were three children George, William 1724, and Lucy 1726. (GEC-049 & PCP-274) [December 1, 2001]

THO753VA Thomas Chapman may have been the son of an immigrant James Chapman. He was born 1753 in Virginia--probably Frederick Co--and died 1795 in Henderson Co. KY. He married Sarah Bell who died about 1809 in Henderson Co. (BKN-013 & MHL-247) [December 1, 2001]

EDW822VA/THO781VA Thomas Chapman was born about 1781, by family tradition, in what was to become Logan Co., WV, however in the 1880 census Edward says his father was born in NC, mother in VA. At that time it would have been newly formed Kanawha Co. During his lifetime it was still part of Virginia and did not become Logan County until 1824. He married (1) about 1801 to a lady named Mary. He married (2) July 1829 to Polly Farley who was born in Virginia about 1810. By his first wife he had a son Edward (EDW801VA) who was probably born August 1801. Others have differing approximate dates. There were three children by Polly Farley: Thomas ca 1830, Andrew ca 1839, and James ca 1842. The last two children were born in Pike Co., KY which was just across the state line. Thomas was enumerated in Cabell Co in 1820, Logan Co in 1830 & 1840. GENEALOGY (PVK-111) [December 1, 2001]

THO794VA This Thomas W. Chapman was born about 1794 in Frederick Co. VA and he died there after 1860. He married Oct. 20, 1820 in Stephensburg, Frederick Co. VA to Catherine Lemley. She was born Stephensburg in 1796 and died there. Their children were Hannah, Thomas W. Jr., George L., Janetta and Mary C. Thomas W. Sr. and Jr. were blacksmiths. DIA says he was likely the son of Elias/Elijah Chapman.(DIA-115) [December 1, 2001]

TOM755VA (SC) Neither his name nor his place of birth are certain but he was probably Thomas and born in Virginia although all information about him relates to South Carolina events. He died Jun 1848 in Greenville, SC. He married Stacy Littleton and they had nine children: Soloman, Enos, Charles, Lucinda, Thomas J., Carter, Elias, Hewlette and Emily. (NCX-106 & BCM-338) [December 1, 2001]


WAL809VA Walter Anderson Chapman was born about 1809 in Greene Co. VA. He married Louisa Gray/Grey Saunders about 1836. Their children were Walter Frank, Mary Frances, Margaret A., Reuben S., Alexander C., Anderson, John and Julius. The family moved to Eastern Missouri about 1841. (BEL-410, WMC-442, MRC, & MTC) [December 1, 2001]


WIL807SC/SAM700VA Willson, son of Edmund Wilson and Mary Ann Wood Chapman was born June 27, 1807 in Spartanburg, SC, and he died Oct. 31, 1868 in Pike Co., IL. He married (1) Elvira Wood and (2) Charlotte Bringle Feb. 16, 1858. He and his first wife had nine children: Mary J., William E., Samuel C., Nancy E., Julia A., Lemuel W., Williford C., John W., and James M. (362-PCC) [December 1, 2001]


WIL755VA William I. Chapman seems to be next to unknown. It is estimated that he was born about 1755 in Virginia but it might have been Maryland. He died Jan. 15, 1796 and married a lady whose name has been recorded as "Cattran" and some wonder if that is a corruption of Catherine. He is listed in DAR Patriot Index - Centennial Edition, Part 1 and Chapman Family History (Washington, DC: American Genealogical Research Institute, 1978) in the Patriots and Veterans section, page 81. He had at least 3 daughters, Dorothy, Elizabeth and Phoebe, and a son, William born 1787 which see. "William Chapman I was living in Hampshire County, VA or now West Virginia. I believe not to far from the South Fork of the Potomac River, for that is where William II wife Elizabeth McLaughlin folks were living at the time. I do no know William I wife, birth date, or last name. Nor do I know where William I lived before this Hampshire time." (BNW-025) [December 1, 2001]

WIL768VA William was born about 1768 in Virginia and died Sep. 18, 1850 in Cocke Co., TN. He married Elizabeth Henderson Dec. 26, 1794 in Washington Co. TN. Their son Luna was born about 1800 in TN, died Cocke Co and married Nancy Elizabeth McSween. (BNA-402) [December 1, 2001]

WIL787VA/WIL755VA William Chapman II, son of William and Cattran Chapman, was born May 7, 1787 in Hampshire Co. VA/WV and he died Oct. 10, 1826 in Oldtown, Allegany Co., MD. He married Elizabeth McLaughlin Feb. 16, 1812 and they had Samuel, Julia Anne, William, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary and Wesley. (BNW-025) [December 1, 2001]

WIL790VA/THO592EN William Chapman, son of George and Amelia McRae Chapman was born about 1790, probably in Fairfax Co., VA and he died about 1848 in Concord Township, Ross Co., OH. They moved to Chillicothe in 1826. He married Sarah Warren who died before 1840. Their children were: John, Mary, Phebe, Jefferson, Elizabeth, Susan, and William. {db_VA;bkT377} (294-BB_ & KLJ) [December 1, 2001]

WIL813VA/THO700IR William Chapman, son of George Chapman, Jr. and Nancy Chapman, was born May 5,1813. He married Sarah Truax and they had one son, John 1838 in VA (WV). They moved to Independence Township, Washington Co., OH where six more children were born: George W., Vivian B., James W., Mary Elizabeth, Franklin and Harriet/Hattie. William died Mar. 24, 1865 in Washington Co., OH. After the Civil War his widow and family moved to Pittsburgh and she later moved to Doddridge Co. WV where she remarried. (PCP-274) [December 1, 2001]

WIL867VA William S. Chapman was born Jan. 15, 1867 in Lee Co. VA and died Feb. 4, 1927 in Bradenton, Manatee Co. FL. He is buried in Fogartyville Cemetery, Bradenton, Manatee Co. His mother was named Elizabeth. He was enumerated with her in 1870, Taylor Co. VA at which time he was age 4. He married Allice E. Thomas Dec. 22, 1887 in Adair Co. KY. She was born Feb. 17, 1865 in Kentucky and died there Feb. 21, 1939. They had two children: Leslie A. and Fred. (HSC-036) [December 1, 2001]



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