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These are the original "queries" that were published in the first issue of what was then known as the Chapman Family Association Newsletter. At that time the inquires were not numbered but they have had numbers added, in paren, for reference purposes. It is likely that some of the addresses are no longer valid. We have lined out those we know are no good. In some cases addresses were updated in the inquiries below. If you should try to contact one of the inquirers and find the address is not valid or if you discover a new address please advise by email to CFA@ChapmanFamilies.org. If possible CFA will provide a more current address.

For now, all queries are without charge and can be placed by members and non-members alike. Send all CHAPMAN queries to Amelia Painter, P.O. Box 154, San Luis Rey, CA 92068-0154. [Ameila is no longer the editor or place to send inquiries. This address is not valid.]

(1.1) From e.palmer3@genie.geis.com; Emily Palmer; Boulder, Colorado CFA #327 Emily S. Palmer, 3785 Smuggler Place, Boulder, CO 80305-7247; 303-494-7175; esp@qadas.com. I saw your Chapman post on Roots-L. My mother's mother was Ethel CHAPMAN, born 1888, died 1927 (unfortunately, I never knew her as she died quite young and I was born in 1950). My mother's aunt, Christine Chapman ROBBINS, did a lot of research on our particular line which goes back to William CHAPMAN, Ipswich, Mass. I'm interested in finding out more about CFA and will drop a line to Robert Sonfield. Thanks!

(1.2) From: Sandy (anonymous) Saw your post on the Chapman Association. I am forwarding this personals ad to you that I saw in the Williamson County Sun (a Texas newspaper). "Trying to find any relatives and/or information on George or William CHAPMAN. Born in Georgetown, TX, ca 1890. Please Call George Chapman at (316) 522-3325." Just thought I might be able to help someone out. Sandy

(1.3) From: Barbara C. Beck, M.R. Box 59, McNutt Avenue, Princeton, W. VA 24740, 304-425-5064 Fred Field of Coleman World sent me your name. I am seeking the parents of Elizabeth COLEMAN born 1770 near Lynchburg, VA (according to DAR records). She married Nathan (Nathaniel) CHAPMAN, born 03 May 1761 and died in Bedford Co., VA 29 Jan 1829. Their marriage bond was 12 Feb 1791 in Franklin Co., VA. They lived in Bedford Co. Elizabeth Coleman CHAPMAN died in Roanoke Co., VA on 13 May 1859 at the home of her son Henry Harrison CHAPMAN. The children of Nathan CHAPMAN and wife Elizabeth COLEMAN were: Nathan, Jr. m. Minerva COLEMAN; Henry Harrison m. Nancy WRIGHT; Lydia m. John MITCHELL; Mary m. Anthony EVANS; Jane m. Samuel BURNET; Walter (nothing further is knows)RE: The DAR papers, National Numbers 447526, 602614, 74174. In #447526, the reference for lineage, states that there was a Chapman Family Bible in the possession of Mrs. Charles A. MILLER (Annie Sale MILLER) of Norfolk, VA, no address. They have photostats but would not send them. I am interested in Elizabeth because her brother, John COLEMAN who married Martha ARRINGTON 17 Feb 1792 in Franklin Co., VA is in my direct line. Will be grateful for any information . Will be glad to pay for any copying. Thanks!

(1.4) From: Caroline C. Mc Gowan, 302 Suncrest Blvd., Savannah, GA 31410-2212 I am researching a Henry CHAPMAN who died in 1812 in Darlington County, SC. He was married first to Ellen and second to Sarah. Children included: Wiley, Rhoda, Allen, Henry Jr., Frances, Sarah, Charles, William, Abner, and Ambrose.

(1.5) From: Deb Chapman Cody, 1150 Hollybrook Dr., Wayzata, MN 55391-1372 CFA #020 Debbie Chapman, 2925 South 76th Avenue, Omaha, NE 68124-3407; 402-392-4420; DChap1148@aol.com. I am a descendant of Rev. Benjamin CHAPMAN last known of Southington, CT. He was a graduate of Princton in 1754. He was possibly born in Haddam or Fairfield, CT. He may be related to a Richard CHAPMAN of Westerly, RI. Richard is the son of Hope CHAPMAN also of Westerly, RI and Hope is the son of Richard of Braintree, MA.

(1.6) From: Rae L. Chapman, 10610 61st St. E., Puyallup, WA 98372 Having seen your address in my friend's genealogy book, I had to write and find out if you are a descendant of Welcome CHAPMAN. Welcome CHAPMAN and wife Catherine Ann STAYNER were my Great Grandparents. My Grandfather was their oldest son Jesse and my father's name was Raymond. No, Rae, I don't believe I am in your line, but we will need more information to accurately make a determination. Do you have birth or marriage dates? What state(s) did they live in? Send me as much information as you have and our membership will assist you to the best of our ability to identify living (as well as deceased) kin. - -Amelia Painter, Editor

(1.7) From: Edward J. Wurtz <ewurtz@willamette.edu>, 291 Missouri Ave. South, Salem, OR 97302; (503)375-6371 I am a one name researcher (WURTZ), however I have a half-cousin twice-removed named Charles Julius WURTZ (08-31-03 to 02-00-83) whose second wife was Thelma Irene CHAPMAN (03-13-16 to 03-00-81). They lived in St. Louis, MO. I have been told that Thelma was mildly retarded. She had nineteen pregnancies, with thirteen children who survived. Please contact me if you have further information on her.

(1.8) From: Charles Tucker <ctucker@coyote.csusm.edu>, Chuck Tucker, 1769 Stillwater Glen

Escondido, CA 92026 Seeking information on: John Thomas CHAPMAN b.1837 d.1915 was a pastor and married Marianne (Lizzie) TUCKER in Radford Church, Nittingham, England. (The Tucker is where my link starts.) They had three children: William Ewart, Beth and John Thomas. I have no information on Beth. William Ewart married Ethel Hooley and had a son Eric. That's the end of that trail. John Thomas married Constance Mary WRIGHT and they had four children, none of which, to my knowledge, got married or had children. I am in contact with the oldest son John CHAPMAN II who remains a bachelor in Keynsham England and who is in his 80's. All of his siblings are now gone. I would be interested if anyone has information on Pastor John Thomas CHAPMAN, but it would all be centered somewhere near Nottingham England. Charles, as you know from my note to you regarding this query, the Chapman Family Association has little data on Chapman families living in England. Your query data originates from fairly recent Chapman kin in England and, of course, we are always pleased to receive more data on English Chapmans, but just are not able to cope with the large volume of U.S. Chapmans, at the present time, and would not want to dilute effort. Our Association currently has few contacts at this time with interests in England, but we are growing daily, so please stay in touch. Any of our members that can further assist you will contact you directly, as they can use the addresses you've provided above.

(1.9) From: Tyrilla@aol.com, Pat Thomas CFA #241 Patricia Anne Thomas, POB 885, Winona, MN 55987-0885; 507-452-8290; ptthomas@hbci.com. Rebecca CHAPMAN was married to Barton Ward PAINE and is my great great grandmother. I have no other information except that she probably lived in Illinois. All assistance appreciated.


(1.10) From: Dave Vickers <dvickers@uh2309p02.daytonoh.NCR.COM> Amelia, I came across your name in the latest update of the ROOTS-L RSL. I am working on my wife's side of the family and looking for a George CHAPMAN with the following information known: Born: 25 Dec 1736, Carolina Co., Va.; Died: 1781, Bean Sta., Granger TN; Married Diana DURRETT, 1758. It is believed that his father was a William CHAPIN born about 1765 at Calver, Derbyshire, England. If this is the case then his mother is likely Mary FROGGATT born 29 May 1771 at the same location as his father. If you have any information on this person I sure would appreciate hearing from you. Seems our Chapman database custodian, Gil Alford, has about the same information on George Chapman as you have, except nothing to suggest the connection to the William Chapin you have listed. At one time there was at least one person who thought George was the son of Nathaniel Chapman and Mercy/Mary Dennison but Gil thinks that was not right as the dates did not fit well. Gil sees no reason to suppose an immediate English connection. Chapmans had been in this country for 100 years by 1736 and they were growing like wild fire. It is said that he [George Chapman] died at Bean Station on his way to Kentucky from North Carolina and that Bean Station was about 45 miles north east of Knoxville which would make it about 50 miles west of North Carolina. It is expected that we will eventually prove him connected to some of the many Chapmans of Virginia and North Carolina. Over the last ten or so years Gil has heard from two or three folks with some interest in this [George Chapman] family.

(1.11) From: Vic Boisseree, 5007 Sudbury Way, Carmichael, CA 95608-6034. Looking for several Chapmans. "The first that we know of was a Caleb CHAPMAN, born in NY and died in 1893. His wife's name was Pomelia BROWN. A son, Alexander B. CHAPMAN, was born in NY and died in 1883, probably in Tuscarora, Nevada. He married Ellen TETREAU." He goes on to say, "They had six children, Alexander B., Nettie, Evelyn, Ethel Edna, and Harold." We have many Caleb Chapmans but none seem to fit her description. Gil did find an Alexander and Marion Chapman who christened their son Alexander Chapman July 9, 1851 in Rensselaer County, NY. If you can submit more information we might find something.

(1.12) From: R. Robert Mutrie, 244 Maple Leaf Ave. North, RR #2, Ridgeway, Ontario LOS 1NO Thomas CHAPMAN, born in England in 1788. Thomas came to Ontario by 1818 and married here. He married and died here on 31 Mar 1860, leaving no records at all as to his birthplace or parents. Not sure if it is the same person, but our CFA database shows a Thomas Chapman born May 19 1788 in England who married Caroline Finch there October 25, 1802. He was son of Thomas Chapman and Mary Hindes.

(1.13) From: Pamela Barbney, 22448 E. Queen Creek Rd., Queen Creek, AZ 85242 I am researching Samuel CHAPMAN, b. 4 Jun 1741, Lyme, CT. d. 1817, m. Hannah FOX. I believe his father to be Solomon CHAPMAN b. abt. 1706 New London, Ct. It seems to be pretty well accepted that Samuel Chapman who married Hannah Fox was the son of Robert Chapman. Samuel was born June 4, 1741 and died in 1817. He was listed as a minor when his father's estate was settled February 3, 1759. This line can be traced back to the immigrant and is documented in Chappie John M. Chapman's "Descendants of William Chapman 1633E"

(1.14) From: Avis Strong Russell, PO Box 809, Italy, TX 76651 Looking for info on " Amelia (STRONG) Chapman, b. 1812, NY, daughter of Zimri STRONG. Amelia married Amos CHAPMAN probably in NY - one of their sons was Francis (Frank) CHAPMAN who was a Methodist minister in both Michigan and NY. Both Amos and Amelia CHAPMAN are buried in NY> Sons: William and Arthur. Nothing definite, but we do have some New England Amos Chapman's who are the right age but no information on spouses or death dates to connect with the one requested. Chappie John M. Chapman, mentioned in 6 above, lists an Amos Chapman born August 1, 1784 with children named Frank Chapman and Julia Chapman.

(1.15) From: Robert R. Handley, PO Box 84072, Vancouver, WA 98684 CFA #243 Robert R. Handley, POB 824, Lakeside, CA 92040-0824; 805-389-3068; irshandley@aol.com. Henry CHAPMAN, born 29 June 1816, someplace in Vermont. I have had more difficulty on this line, it seems. I know from Henry's death certificate, that his parents were Asa and Elizabeth CHAPMAN. Bob, Gil sent, to your California address, a copy of a letter he wrote to John M. Chapman (mentioned earlier) based on data that you sent him several years ago. If you have not received it, contact Gil and he'll send a copy to the Washington address. ***This note was sent to Bob Handley sometime back, but never hurts to repeat some messages.

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