Revolutionary War History 1775-1783

Where were you - well, where was your Chapman - when it happened? Compare your family history with the dates and major events listed below. Perhaps you had Chapman kin involved - maybe even a direct ancestor.

The exact number of men who served in the Revolution is not known. The number of troops usually cited and listed below are excessive because many men served two, three, or more terms and were therefore counted several times. The total number of men who served is estimated to be somewhere between 184,000 and 250,000.(1)

There were 376,771 total American troops involved in the Revolutionary War. Of those 231,771 were in the Continental Army and 145,000 were from State Troops, Militia, etc.(2)

Casualties are estimated to be 4,435 battle deaths and 6,188 wounded.(3)


18 Mar 1774 British occupied Boston, Massachusetts until evacuated 7 March 1776.

5 Sep 1774 First Continental Congress convened.

19 Apr 1775 Battle at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.

17 Jun 1775 Battle of Bunker Hill, Massachusetts.

4 Jul 1776 Declaration of Independence adopted.

15 Sep 1776 New York City occupied by the British until 26 November 1783.

26 Dec 1776 Attack at Trenton, New Jersey.

3 Jan 1777 Attack at Princeton, New Jersey.

11 Sep 1777 Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania.

19 Dec 1777 Washington's army established headquarters at Valley Forge.

6 Feb 1778 U.S. and France entered a military alliance.

28 Jun 1778 Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey.

29 Dec 1778 Capture of Savannah, Georgia by the British. It was occupied until 11 July 1782.

23 Feb 1779 George Rogers Clark and his men took Vincennes, Indiana from the British.

12 May 1780 Charleston, South Carolina was captured by the British and occupied until 14 December 1782.

16 Aug 1780 Battle near Camden, South Carolina.

7 Oct 1780 Patriots defeated a group of Loyalists at Kings Mountain, South Carolina.

17 Jan 1781 Battle at Cowpens near the Broad River in South Carolina.

15 Mar 1781 Battle at Guilford Co., North Carolina courthouse.

19 Oct 1781 Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia.

30 Nov 1782 A preliminary peace treaty was signed in Paris, France.

3 Sep 1783 The final peace treaty was signed in Paris.

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