War of 1812 Land Bounty Index

The following is The WAR of 1812 Pension and Bounty Land Index For Chapman. The records are from the US Veterans Department. Family History Library Film 0840447. The film is a picture of the exterior jacket of the pension file as it exists. Please bear in mind there will be errors in transcription or clerical errors. I have no other information on these records which can be accessed through the NARA procedures. I would expect these records do not cover all Chapmans who served in the War of 1812. Good hunting fellow Chappies.

John Hill, compiler & submitter

Chapman, Alfred SO 16751, SC 10551 Bounty Land 25564-40-50 and 57327-120-55

Pvt Capt Isaac Webber’s Co Conn. Mil 18/9/1814- 27/10/1814

Residence 1850-1855 Glastonbury, Hartford Co. Conn, 1871 East Glastonbury, Hartford Co. Conn

Died 9/12/1885 South Glastonbury, Hartford Co. Conn

Wife - Merinda W. Chapman m. Dec 1829 Glastonbury


Chapman, Alfred/Alford WO 13736, WC19264, Bounty Land 56895-160-55

Pvt Capt Paul Homer’s Co Conn Mil 1/6/1813 - 16/6/1813

Residence 1855-1878 Norwich, New London Co. Conn

Died 21/4/1850 Hartford, Hartford Co. Conn

Wife- Polly Kimball m Dec 17, 1815 Preston, New London Co., Conn d. about 1882

Remarks - File has Original Marriage Certificate


Chapman, Allen SO 17610, SC11015, WO11707, WC 6807, Bounty 6597-160-50

Sgt. Capt Edward King’s Co 18th US Inf 4/8/1812-4/2/1814

Residence 1850 Leoosa Co. Ala, 1871 Elmore Co (PO Wetumpka) Ala

Died 11/12/1875 Elmore Co, Ala

Wife Elizabeth Roan m. Jan 6, 1812 Chesterfield Co SC

Chapman, Amos SO31501, SC23359, WO37279, WC26657, Bounty 14476-160-504

Pvt Capt. Walter De Rider’s Co NY Mil 8/9/1814-22/9.1814

Residence 1855 Caldwell, Warren Co NY 1878 Lake George, Warren Co NY

Died 29/8/1878 Caldwell, Warren Co NY

wife Susan Smith m Dec 11, 1825 Caldwell, NY


Chapman, Amos WO8783

Capt Walter De Rider’s Co NY Mil, Capt Lewis Kenyon’s Co. Conn Mil


Chapman, Asahel SO13800, SC22394, WO 41407,WC32058 Bounty 17962-40-50 and 36950-10-55

Pvt Capt James O’Dell’s Co, Ohio Mil 29/7/1813- 8/9/1813

Residence 1850-1871 Highland Co., Ohio 1878 Lynchburgh, Highland Co., Ohio

Died 18/6/1881 Highland Co., Ohio

wife 1. Mary Pusey; 2. Margaret -- (1st marriage Ross) m Mar 31, 1860 Winchester, Adams Co, Ohio d 18/3/1895


Chapman, Ashbel WO34065, WC19986, Bounty 8072-160-50

Pvt. Capt. Chauncey Ive’s Co Conn, Mil & Capt Solomon Dewey’s Co., Conn Mil 25/9/1812-30/8/1813

Residence 1850 Tolland, Tolland Co., Conn

Died Nov 23, 1858 Tolland

Wife Electra Chapman m May 30, 1833 Tolland d July 4, 1886 Manchester, Hartford Co, Conn


Chapman, Beman, WO19743, WC12256, Bounty 44286-160-55

Pvt Capt Fereric Caris’ Co Ohio Mil 27/5/1812-4/9/1812

Residence 1855 Rootstown, Portage Co. Ohio,

Died June 15, 1864

Wife: 1. Sarah 2. Jemima (1st marriage Vaughn) m Sept 22, 1847 Rootstown, Portage Co, Ohio d 3/8/1884 Ravenna, Portage Co., Ohio


Chapman, Benjamin WO21395, WC18603 Bounty 82833-160-55

Pvt. Capt. H. Lathrop’s Co NY Mil, Capt Peleg Mattison’s Co NY Mil 2/8/1812-9/2/1814, 9/8/1814-16/11/1814

Residence - widow 1856 Whitestown, Onedia Co NY 1878 Clark Mills, Oneida Co NY

Died Aug 9, 1850 Whitestown, NY

Wife Ruth Teachout m Dec 31, 1816 North Westin, Oneida Co NY


Chapman, Carlos SO17611, SC19703, WO31995, WC26551, Bounty 18609-160-50

Corp. Capt Chauncey Ive’s Co US Vol 25/9/1812-25/9/1813

Residence 1850-1852 East Windsor, Hartford Co Conn 1871 Windsor Locks, Hartford Co Conn

Died Oct 29, 1884 Windsor Locks, Hartford Co Conn

Wife Amanda Chapman m May 16, 1822 Tollland, Tolland Co Conn


Chapman, Charles WO40984

Capt McIvar’s SC Mil

Wife Cassey Chapman


Chapman, Church WO42258

Col Pasture’s Reg NE Mil

wife Julia A. Chapman


Chapman, David WO25025,WC14663, Bounty 4322-160-55

Pvt Capt John Glidden’s Co, Maine Mil 7/9/1814-23/9/1814

Residence 1855 Damariscotta Lincoln Co Maine

Died Aug 8, 1870 Damariscotta

Wife Nancy Hussey m July 15m 1824 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co Me d July 8m 1887


Chapman, David SO18481, SC19309, Bounty 14296-160-50

Pvt Capt Peter Miller’s Co US Vol, Capt. M. Harding’s Co NY Mil 8/11-12/11/1813, 1/5/1814-8/11/1814

Residence 1850 Palmyra , Wane Co NY, 1871 East Palmyra

Wife Susan Miller m Nov 18, 1816 East Palmyra


Chapman, Daniel WO 24103

Pvt Capt Walter’s Tenn Mil


Chapman, Daniel SO 26531

Pvt Capt Simminson’s S C Mil


Chapman, Daniel S Wo 31619 WC19658 Bounty 103056-40-50, 68495-160-55

Pvt Capt William Palmer’s Co Conn Mil 8/6/1813-14/7/1813

Residence 1850-55 East Haddam, Middlesex Co Conn 1871 Hartford, Hartford Co

Died Oct 26, 1877 Hartford

wife Anna Palmer m Oct 3, 1816 East Haddam d abt 1850

Remarks Served as substitute for brother Samuel Chapman


Chapman, David SO29544 (Rej)

Capt James O’Dell’s Co


Chapman, David WO2420, Bounty 58214-40-50, 30384-120-55

Capt James O’Dell’s Co Ohio Mil

wife Sarah Chapman


Chapman, Dudley SO 20917

Capt Samuel Growell’s Co Conn Mil


Chapman, Ebenezer WO 20885, WC12938, Bounty 14728-160-55

Pvt Capt David Brayton’s Co Conn Mil 25/6/1813-15/7/1813

Residence Widow 1855, 1878 Pomfret (PO Jerico) Windham Co Conn

Died Sept 16, 1836

Wife Lydia Bennett m Nov 12, 1820 Pomfret d about 1879


Chapman, Ebenezer WO22811, WC20732, Bounty 6724-160-55

Pvt Capt Carrison’s Co NH Mil 11/9/1814-29/9/1814

Residence 1855 York, York Co NH

Died Aug 25, 1875 York, York Co Me

wife 1. Abigail Yarland 2. Elizabeth Y. Yeaton m Feb 21, 1830 Portsmouth Rockingham Co NH d abt 1896


Chapman, Elisha WO43053,WC33526, Bounty 8994-80-50, 7670-80-55

Ens, Capt Thornley’s Co Ohio Mil 6/9/1813-13/3/1814

Residence 1850,55 Adams Co, Ill 1859 Payson, Adams Co Ill

Died Sept 27, 1859 Payson

wife 1, Nancy McGee 2, Susan Simpson m Oct 17, 1824, Lee Athens Co Ohio d July 10, 1894 payson


Chapman, Ezra SO15483 (rej) WO25923 WC17230 Bounty 22289-160-55

Pvt Capt Daniel Carr’s Co Conn Mil 9/8/1814-27/8/1814

Residence 1837 , 1855-1871 Wayne Co,

Died July 8, 1874 Ontario , Wayne Co NY

wife 1. Charlotte Hale 2. Nancy -- (1st marriage Wheeler) m. Nov 21, 1855 Clockville, Madison Co NY d Feb 20, 1892


Chapman, Francis WO19744, WC10446 Bounty 14824-160-55

Pvt Capt Timothy Dunton’s Co Maine Mil 2/9/1814-21/9/1814

Reseidence 1855 Liberty, Waldo Co Maine

Died July 19, 1860 Liberty Waldo Co Maine

Wife Nancy Rowell m Mar 6, 1817 Montville, Waldo Co Me d about 1882 Morrell


Chapman, George SO22910

NE Mil


Chapman, Gideon WO14245

Capt. Hall’s Co Conn MIl

wife Julia Chapman


Chapman, Gideon WO28234, WC19805 Bounty 584-160-

Pvt Capt M.W. Quackenbush’s Co 41 US Inf 23/3/1814-27/1/1815

Residence 1851 Monroe Co Oh, 1878 Warnock, Belmont Co Ohio

Died June 6, 1866 Sardis, Ohio

Wife Mary A. S. McMahan m July 18, 1840 d April 15, 1890 Sardis, Ohio


Chapman, Greenberg WO290

Capt Shipp’s Co VA Mil

Wife Susannah


Chapman, Gurdon WO24965, WC17437 Bounty 20450-50-50, 83653-120-55

PVT Capt Adam’s Co Conn Mil, Capt Asa Swan’s Co Con Inf 1/6/1813-16/6/1813, 9/8/1814-27/8/1814

Residence 1851 Norwich, New London Co Conn

Died Feb 29, 1864 Norwich

wife 1. Elizabeth Phillips 2. Mary Ann Moore m Nov 6, 1850 Albany, Albany NY d July 30, 1892


Chapman, Henry SO2804 SC17277 WO14486 WC96931 Bounty 11577-80-50, 3852-80-55

Pvt Capt. David Waterman’s Co NY Mil 24/1812-7/3/1813

Residence 1850-55 Milton Saratoga Co Ny 1871 Ballston Spa Saratoga Co NY

Died Nov 16m 1875 Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co NY

wife Nancy Middlebrook m Feb 27, 1817 Ballston Spa NY d Dec 10, 1883


Chapman, Isaac 6943, 203750, 13786, 7032 Bounty 45955-80-50, 18246-160-55

Capt James Wilson’s Ohio Mil, Capt Wishrpe Ohio Mil, Capt John Van Meter Ohio Mil 28/9/1812-26/10/1812, 29/7/1813-19/8/1813, 23/8/1814-2/2/1815

Residence 1851-1855 Highlands Co Ohio, 1871 Hillsborough, Ohio

Died Dec 10, 1874 Hillsborough Ohio

wife Rachel Colan m April 4, 1816 New Market Highland Co Ohio d abt 1851

Remarks Served as substitute for brother Silas Chapman


Chapman, Isaac SO2511, SC2687 Bounty 6200-160-1812

Pvt Capt Stanley’s Co Mass Mil, Capt EA Allen’s Co US inf 1/1//1813-8/4/1813, 9/4/1813-29/6/1815

Residence 1871 Pittston, Kennebec Co Maine

died Oct 8, 1848 China Maine

wife Mercy Doe m July 24, 1803 Vassalboro Maine d Nov 7, 1876


Chapman, Jacob SO31929, SC24344 Bounty 21395-160-55

Pvt Capt Benjamin’s Flint Co Mass Mil 21/6/1814-22/6/1814, 1/7/1814-23/9/1814

Residence 1835-1878 Damariscotta, Lincoln Co Maine

Died abt 1878


Chapman, Jacob SO19208 (rej) WO40776, WC32101 Bounty 78275-160-55

Pvt Capt Jesse Carter’s Co Va Mil, Pvt Ensign Jacob Everhart’s Co VA Mil 11/7/1814-15/2/1815, 1/2/1815-23/2/1815

Residence 1855 -1871 Colburn, Tippecanoe Co Ind

Died Jan 25, 1872, Colburn Ind

Wife Elizabeth Brughn m Mar 8, 1827 Botetourt Co Va d Sept 17, 1885 Labette Co (Parsons) Kansas


Chapman, James SO 490 Bounty 24389-40-50, 43581-120-55

Pvt Capt Roswell Tyler’s Co NY Mil, 9/9/1814-13/11/1814

Residence 1851-55 Annsville (PO Taberg) Oneida Co NY

Wife Nancy Dowler m Feb 20, 1822 Annsville, Oneida Co NY


Chapman, James SO15094, SC11707,WO24439, WC24344 Bounty 9690-160-50

Pvt Capt Charles Lothrop’s Co & Capt Frances Drew’s Co 33 US Inf 2/5/1813-5/5/1814

Residence 1850, 1878 Mercer, Sommerset Co Maine

Died Mar 10, 1875 Mercer Me

Wife 1. Mary Jewell 2. Nancy R. Wood m April 22, 1860 d Jan 26, 1885


Chapman, Jason/Chason SO6637, SC4534, WO40908, WC32005 Bounty 17889-80-50, 12635-80-55

Residence 1851-1871 Union Co (PO Rush Creek) Ohio

Died Nov 18, 1880

Wife. 1st ? 2d Susannah--- (widow Stout) m Dec 10, 1856 Union Co Ohio d Aug 19, 1882


Chapman, Jedediah SO196904

Capt S. Jenkin’s Co Mass Mil


Chapman, Jesse So25241, SC19835 Bounty 49139-40-50

Pvt Lt. Horatio Lewis Conn Mil, Capt Daniel Carr’s Co Conn Mil 13/6/1813-29/6/1814, 9/8/1814-27/8/1814

Residence 1851-1871 North Stonington, New London Co Conn

Wife Catura Mink M May 20, 1837 Stonington, New London Co Conn


Chapman, Jesse So 19213, SC11934 Bounty 42942-160-55

Pvt Capt Ira Wilson’s Co NY Mil 5/8/1814-8/11/1814

REsidence 1855-1877 Plattsburg (PO Riker Hollow) Steuben Co NY

Wife Olive Hilton m May 1, 1823 Benton NY


Chapman, Joseph SO21766, SC13490 Bounty 4205-80-50, 18957-80-55

Pvt Capt George J. DAvidson’s Co VA Mil 20/1/1814-27/4/1814

Residence 1852-1855 Morgan Co (PO Concord) Ill, 1871 Chandlerville Cass Co Ill


Chapman, John SO25527, SC16947 Bounty 8446-80-50, 20999-80-55

PVT Capt W.J. Mintn’s Co Ga Mil 12/10/1814-15/3/1815

Residence 1850-55 Marion Co Ga, 187-Webster Co (PO Minden) La

Wife Nancy Hawthorn m Dec 26, 1817 Putnam Co Ga


Chapman, John SO30329

Capt G.H. Bell’s Co LA Mil


Chapman, John SO 8287

Capt John FAirbank’s Co Mass Mil


Chapman, John Bounty 395-55

Pvt Capt. William’s Conn Mil


Chapman, John SO12493, SC12031 Bounty 55355-160-55

Drummer Capt John Greenleaf’s Co Mass Mil 13/9/1814-24/9/1814

Residence 1856 Starks, Sommerset Co, Maine, 1873-1887 Mercer, Sommerset Co Me

Died July 25, 1876

Wife- Mandy --- Chapman m Nov 21, 1838 Mercer Sommerset Co Me d June 1, 1890


Chapman, John SO6011, SC2348, Bounty 41277-80-50, 46738-80-55

Pvt Capt James Martin’s Co N. C Mil 1/2/1814-4/9/1814

Residence 1851-1857 Lawrence Co Ind, 1871 Lawrence (PO Huron) Ind

Died Sept 17, 1838 Lawrence Co Ind

Wife Mary Marley m Aug 30, 1806 Wilkes Co, NC


Chapman, John 27328, SC18965 Bounty 11166-40-50, 16173-120-55

Pvt Capt James O’Dell’s Co Ohio Mil 29/7/1813-8/9/1813

Residence 1850-55 Highland Co, Ohio, 1878 Hillsborough, Highland Co Ohio

Died June 24, 1870 New Market Ohio

Wife 1. Betsy Myers 2. Abigail Sloane m Nov 29, 1825 Highland Co Ohio d Jan 19, 1885


Chapman, John So13249, SC8701 Bounty 6520-80-50, 27948-80-55

Musician Capt Edward Clement’s SC Mil 1/10/1814- 7/3/1815

Residence 1850-1871 Spartanburg Co SC (PO Spartanburg)

Died May 29, 1854 Spartanburg

Wife Rosa Montgomery m Feb 10, 1825 Spartanburg d abt 1886


Chapman, John SO18495, SC6032 Bounty 7983-80-50, Reg 97341-55

Pvt Capt Thomas Mark’s Co Tenn 13/11/1814-12/5/1815

Residence 1850 Giles Co Tenn, 1873 Athens, Limestone Co Ala

Died abt 1857 Sugar Break Limestone Co Ala

wife Mariah Sutten m abt Oct 15, 1814 Culpper Co d Dec 23m 1884 Mont Roszell Ala


Chapman, John SO2251

Capt Fowler’s Co VA Mil


Chapman, John SO12506, SC10667, WO42071, WC32702 Bounty 44874-40-50, 54091-120-55

Pvt Capt John Disckson’s Co Va Mil, Capt Moses Congleton’ Co Va Mil 4/5/1814-4/6/1814, 29/6/1814-29/8/1814

Residence 1850-1855 Cabell Co W. VA 1877 Cabell Co (PO Mud Bridge) VA

Died Nov 1, 1881 Milton, W Va

Wife Lucy Hutson m April 13, 1816 Cabell Co W. Va


Chapman, John WO 33122, WC29503 Bounty 31281-40-50, 5095-160-55

Pvt. Capt T. Cramer’s Co VA Mil 19/4/1814-2/8/1814

Residence 1851 Clark Co Ohio, 1855 Green Co Ohiom 1878 Bellflower, McClean Co Ill

Died June 17, 1855 Selin Green Co Ohio

Wife Mary Capen m Sept 14, 1826, Winchester Va d abt 1884


Chapman, Jonathan SO24884, SC18389, WO42461, WC32868, Bounty 7301-160-50

Pvt Capt J. Morril’s Co 31 US Inf 8/6/1812-12/6/1813

Residence 1850 Gilmanton, Belnap Co NH, 1871 Belmont, Belmont Co (PO Lacona NH)

Died June 8, 1882 Belmont NH

Wife 1. Abigail Smith 2. Sarah P -- (widow Swain) m June 8m 1856 Gilmanton NH d abt 1889


Chapman, Joseph SO2230, SC3296, WO24434 Bounty 51077-40-50, 54737-40-50

Pvt Capt John Griffin & George McPherson’s 4/1/1814-27/4/1814, 28/4/1814-2/5/1814

Residence 1850-1871 Rusell Co (PO Lebanon) VA

Wife Reity Lovens m April 25, 1815 Hawkins Co Tenn d abt Jan 1880


Chapman, Joseph Jr. SO26787, SC 18244 Bounty 49972-40-50, 15286-120-55

Pvt Capt Joseph Lester’s Co Conn Mil 8/6/1813-17/6/1813, 16/6/1813-28/7/1813, 9/8/1814-24/8/1814

Residence 1855 North Stonington New London Co Conn

Died July 6, 1877 North Stonington

Wife Betsey Johnson m Nov 27, 1814 North Stonington d abt 1871


Chapman, Joshua SO19704

Capt L.G. Crocker’s Co Conn Mil


Chapman, Julius SO11074, SC1129, Bounty 1682-40-50, 42-120-55

Sgt. Capt Salina Stanley’s Co NY Mil 29/6/1812-30/10/1812

Residence 1850-55 Riga Monroe Co NY, 1871 Rochester, Monroe Co NY

Wife Mary Peer m Jan 1815 Phelps NY she died about 1879


Chapman, Lowell SO18453, SC21435 Bounty 44290-160-55

Pvt Capt Carris’ Co Ohio Mil 22/8/1812-4/9/1812

Residence 1855 Rootstown , Portage Co Ohio 1878 Edinburg, Portage Co Ohio

Died Nov 30, 1857 Edinburg Ohio

Wife 1 -- Waller 2 widow Dorothy Bond m Aug 11, 1831 Ravenna Portage Co Ohio d April 7, 1879 Edinburg


Chapman, Levi, SO30887, SC23552, WO42703, WC33043 Bounty 45054-160-55

Pvt Capt Paul Montgomery’s NH Mil 12/9/1814-29/9/1814

Residence 1851-78 Alexandria, Grafton Co NH, 1883 Concord, Merrimak Co NH

Died Feb 18, 1855 Concord NH

Wife Betsey Scruton m July 25, 1822 Farmington, Strafford Co NH d prior to Jan 4, 1884


Chapman, Luther SO11771, SC7595 Bounty 47201-80-50, 20552-80-55

Pvt Capt Asa Grant’s Co NY MIl 24/8/1812-24/12/1812

Residence 1852-55 Sullivan Co NY 1871 Colchester Delaware Co (PO Rockland Sullivan Co NY) 1875 Sullivan Co (PO Parksville) NY

Died Jan 8, 1850

Wife Edna Shaw m Oct 12, 1833 Liberty Sullivan Co NY


Chapman, Nathan SO19325, SC24303 Bounty 27122-160-55

Pvt Capt J. Winslow’s Co Mass Mil 26/6/1814-15/10/1814

Residence 1852-76 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co Me, 1855 Salem, Essex Co Me

Died June 24, 1857 Nobleboro Me

Wife Hannah Oliver m Feb 16, 1809 Nobleboro, Lincoln Co Me d June 25m 1886 Salem Me


Chapman, Nathaniel SO32297, SC23173 Bounty 56880-160-55

Pvt Capt S. G. Crocker’s Co Conn Mil 25/7/1813-28/7/1813, 15/8/1814-26/8/1814

Residence 1855 -1878 Waterford (PO London) New London Co Conn

Died Aug 30, 1886 Waterford


Chapman, Nathaniel So19212, SC11940 Bounty 359-160-50

Pvt Capt Jesse Wood’s Co NY Mil 24/8/1812-9/2/1813, 12/9/1814-6/23/1814

Residence 1871 Florence (PO West Camden) Oneida Co NY

Died Abt 1881

Wife Lillia Kelly m June 12, 1815 Gallupville, Schoharie Co NY


Chapman, Paul WO19236

Capt William Marshall’s Co NH Mil

Wife Marcy


Chapman, Peter SO622

Capt David St. John’s Co NY Mil


Chapman, Philip SO5021, SC21902 Bounty 61598-40-50, 13732-120-55

Corp Capt Grief Barksdale’s Co Va Mil 1/9/1814- 14/12/1814

Residence 1850-56 Williamson Co Tenn (PO Spring Hill)

Died June 10, 1870 Williamson Co Tenn

Wife Elizabeth Steele m Feb 11, 1817 Campbell Co Va d abt 1850


Chapman, Reuben SO32723 SC 23569 Bounty 28437-40-50, 4605-120-55

Pvt Capt Conway’s Co Conn Mil, Capt. Peter Lord’s Co Conn Mil 9/8/1814-27/8/1814, 27/8/1814-21/9/1814

Residence 1851-78 North Stonington, New London Co Conn

Died Oct 26, 1882 Pendleton Hill Conn


Chapman, Robert SO12505

Capt Jacob Road’s Co Ind Mil, Capt Patrick Wilson’s Co Ind Mil


Chapman, Roswell SO22913, SC14210 Bounty 666-160-55

Pvt D. Sabin’s Co VT Mil 24/9/1812-9/12/1812

Residence 1855 Greenwich, Washington Co NY 1871 Dorest Bennington Co VT

Wife Abigail -- m Nov 1820 Sullivan NH


Chapman, Samuel SO21767, SC21625 Bounty 43698-40-50, 29136-120-55

Pvt Capt John Greenleaf’s Co Mass Mil 13/9/1814-23/9/1814, 24/9/1814-7/11/1814

Residence 1850-1874 Starks, Sommerset Co Maine

Died Sept 16, 1886 Starks Maine

Wife 1, Sophia Seemore 2 Betsy Greenleaf


Chapman, Samuel J. SO24110 Bounty 8120-160-12

Pvt Capt Whitney’s Co 23 US Ibf


Chapman, Sceva SO16, SC3044, WO40872, WC31717 Bounty 7017-160-50

Pvt Capt Asas Aikin’s Co 31 Reg US Inf 8/5/1813-24/5/1814

Residence 1850-1871 Medina Co Ohio

Died Jan 25, 1881 Loda Ohio

Wife Azuba March m Feb 17, 1825 Sullivan, Ashland Co Ohio d Nov 24, 1885 Loda


Chapman, Stephen SO22815, SC21775 Bounty 45516-40-50, 193-120-55

Ensign Capt E. S. Cadwell’s Co NY Mil 24/9/1814-19/11/1814

Residence 1851-55 Lenox, Madison Co NY 1878 (PO Coblens) Lenox 1879 (PO Clocksville) Lenox

Died June 28m 1862 Clockville, NY

Wife 1 Keturah Palmer 2 widow Sally Forbes m Nov 21, 1850 Clockville NY


Chapman, Stephen So 13572

Capt George R. Davis’s Co NY MIl


Chapman, Thomas SO6331

Teamster 12th US Inf


Chapman, Thomas WO25696, WC15887 Bounty 11322-160-55

Pvt Capt William Courson’s Co NH Mil 9/11/14-9/29/1814

Residence 1855 Wakefield Carroll Co NH 1871 (PO Sanborn’s Mills) Wakefield

Died Oct 26, 1876 Wakefield NH

Wife 1. unknown 2 Almira Robinson m Feb 1m 1820 New Market, Rockingham Co NH d Oct 7, 1881


Chapman, Thomas SO37120, SC14157 (Chapman/Chatman) Bounty 54708-80-50, 48491-80-55

Pvt Capt Smith Larson’s Co Va Mil 9/1/14-12/18/14

REsidence 1856-58 Campbell Co Tenn, 1871 (PO Jacksboro) Campbell Co Tenn

Died abt 1887

Wife Winerf Witt m ? Hawkins Co Tenn


Chapman, Timothy WO27330

Capt Joseph Hall’s Co Mass Mil

Wife Sarah J.


Chapman, William SO29504 SC13521 Bounty 111817-160-55

Corp Capt Samuel Green’s Co Conn Mil 6/1/1813-6/15/1813, 8/10/1814-aug 29, 1814

Residence 1869 Westbrook, Middlesex Co Conn, 1878 Norwich, New London Co Conn

Died abt 1879

Wife Mary Daut m Feb 1810 Waterford, New London Co Conn


Chapman, William So 6941 (rej)

Capt Adam Smith’s Co Del Mil


Chapman, Zachariah WO33503, WC26807 Bounty 7053-160-12

Pvt Capt George Stockton’s Co 28 US Inf 2/7/1814-1/30/1815

Residence 1848-1878 Carroll Co Mo

Died Sept 1 or 2, 1861 Carroll Co Mo

Wife Sarah Grimes m March 7, 1816 Frederick Co, Mo d July 1, 1880

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