Reports of Chapman Annual Meetings Past

Shortly after becoming the President of the Chapman Family Association (CFA) in 2000 the late Robert B. Chapman CFA #034 announced in the Summer 2000 issue of the Chapman Family Association Quarterly, which incidentally he was also editing at the time, that we were going to hold our first CFA meeting in the Spring of 2001 in the Midwest.  Although the CFA Articles of Incorporation do require an annual meeting we just had never gotten around to it.  Bob said there would be one even if he was the only member present.  It was the beginning of an annual affair that has become one of the highlights of the association year.

Listed in the table below are the past meetings.  Select the one that interests you and click on the city for link to a report.  Some of them will contain photos and more photos are being added as we proceed.


2017 Austin, Texas June 16-17, 2017 Wyndham Garden Hotel Austin, 3401 South IH-35, Austin, TX 78741 John & Billie Chapman


JUNE, 2017

I’ll begin by giving you an update on a fantastic meeting of the CFA in Austin June 16-17.  Credit for this meeting goes in large part to Billie and John Chapman who hosted the meeting and to Liz Codding and Ernie/Pauline Chapman for putting together the program.  The meeting was well attended with several new “Chappies” attending and joining. 

The main theme of the program was on DNA and technology.  I won’t attempt to provide the details of the talks but want to point out Mark Chapman’s talk on “American Migration to Texas” correcting myths with facts followed by a guest speaker James Brewster from the Family Tree DNA taking us in depth into the aspects of DNA including the “Y” chromosome, mitochondrial DNA and the autosomal DNA projects outlining the strengths and weakness of each.  Saturday afternoon talks included a talk by Marilyn Foster on the “Digital Age”, the changes and a discussion of how we can permanently store our data, memorabilia and documents.  Ray Chapman continued our theme on DNA entitled “Not your Grandmother’s Genealogical Toolbox” followed by a joint presentation by Val Chapman, Kathy Tovar and Ernie Chapman on a “Fork in the Chapman Trail” emphasizing Nicholas Chapman genealogy.  Our guest speaker at the dinner Saturday evening was Kevin Strambaugh, an entrepreneur who gave an unbelievable talk on “Technology, A Look at the Future”.

In regard to our Business meeting, we re-elected Joan Reed Miller, Ray Chapman and Mark Chapman to the Board of Directors.  In addition, the Board re-elected Pauline Chapman as Secretary & Kathy Chapman Crouch as our Treasurer.  They also elected Ray Chapman as the Vice President and Mark Chapman as your new President.  In addition, Kathy and John Crouch gave an update on our meeting in Denver next year (2018) and the group selected Salt Lake as our new site for 2019 with David & Carolyn Chapman as the host.

On a personal note, I’m so pleased that Mark Chapman will be taking over as President--- We all know that he’ll do a “bang up job”.  I do want all to know how much I’ve appreciated and enjoyed serving as your President for the past 12 years.


Al Chapman
  2016 Overland Park, Kansas Jun 17-18, 2016   Al Chapman



JUNE 17-18, 2016


The meeting was hosted by Al Chapman along with invaluable assistance of Robin Chapman and Jan Lyon.  Liz Codding, our Program Director, opened up the session by bringing our attention to a Silent Auction, Library news as well as the Notable Chapman Book that Liz authored.  The central theme of the meeting was our ancestral weddings, photos and clothing.  In addition, Al initiated the discussion of how we might continue to grow our organization, but most importantly, increase the number that attend the meeting.

Mark Chapman gave a presentation on “Bleeding Kansas” from a historical perspective tracing the history just prior to, during and immediately following the Civil War.  His talk clarified and corrected a number of points that we have assumed to be true.  Robin Chapman gave a presentation on Chapman, KS and explored how it may have received its name.  It became clear that the name was related to the Chapman Creek that runs through the town but there appears to be no historical record as to how the Creek its self was named.  To be left for further research.  She also led the discussion on the website and received suggestions for improvement.   Ernie Chapman gave a talk on “Breaking down Those Brick Walls, examining the methods and pitfalls of genealogy.

A group tour was arranged to visit the Arabia Steamboat Museum which encompassed the recovery & display of a sunken steamboat in the Missouri River during 1858 ---literally millions of artifacts are on display which are extremely well preserved. 

The Business meeting included the election of Billie Chapman to the Board of Directors and Mark Chapman as the Vice President and a member of the Board.  They are replacements for Jim Chapman, Vice President, as well as Ernie Chapman and Jim Chapman from the Board.  The complete Board and Officers can be found on the CFA website .  We continued the discussion on how to increase the number of members attending our annual conferences.  Among the ideas was to add “Survey Monkey” to our website in order to get feedback from the members as to how to improve the organization & the ease of attending. The meeting next year will be in Austin, TX hosted by Billie and John Chapman.  In 2018 the meeting will be in Denver, CO and will be hosted by Kathy and John Crouch.

The speaker at our Banquet was Carolyn Miller who had a lavish display of vintage wedding attire from the Victorian era through the 1970’s.  In addition, Liz presented awards to members present that had been an active member for our 15 year history.  These included Ernie & Pauline Chapman, Liz Codding, Marianne Morgan, Lennnae Seevers, Jim & Jody Dean and Al.

As an added note, the real value of our annual meetings is to bring together those involved in Chapman genealogy and sharing our expertise and information.  This includes updates on various families (branches) of the Chappies throughout the country & for that matter the world.

I always have to have a disclaimer which states that any errors in the above description should be blamed on the author--J---- We look forward to seeing you in Austin in June of 2017----  Al

15 2015 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma June 19 & 20, 2015 Bricktown Hotel and Event Center Liz Codding


JUNE, 2015


Just returned from our Oklahoma City meeting which was enjoyable due in large part to Liz who served as both the host as well as our Program Director.

We started the meeting with a talk by Marilyn Foster who gave us the History of Family Search.  She gave us an in depth look at the history and the reason behind the formation of the library.   She then outlined the opening of the library including the 1993 opening of the Family Search Center.  She also detailed the storage of records in climate controlled environment in Granite Mountain.  This talk was followed the next day by a second talk on filing systems and the use of Family Search.  She addressed the issue that CFA is concerned about, i.e., a permanent repository for all of the Chapman data contained within our individual data bases particularly those who are Branch (Family) Managers.  She spent considerable time on describing Pedigree Resource File which may be one way to store our data.  She also addressed the means of preserving and storing photographs and documents.

John Chapman gave an informative presentation on genealogical research and suggested among others that we check with  Following John’s presentation Debra Miller and Denise Price gave a demonstration of photocubology--- I must say that this was way too technical for me although John got the hang of it.

Mark Chapman gave a talk on the history of the Chisholm Trail which as both informative as well as a heck of a lot of fun.  There was considerable discussion by the Board and members with Robin Chapman (website coordinator) and Debra Miller (Facebook coordinator) as to the future development of the website.  It was agreed that the format was considerably improved but there needs further work on the interactivity within the website.  We particularly need enhancement of the search capability as well as continuing to make it easier to navigate the system.

In terms of the Business meeting Al identified the hotel as the Marriott in Overland Park, KS (part of the KC Metro area) for the 2016 meeting.  The specific date will be June 17-18 of 2016.  The group agreed the 2017 meeting will be in Austin, TX to be hosted by Billie and John Chapman.  Most of our discussion was centered on increasing members, greater attendance at meetings plus enhancing our website.  It was agreed that the Facebook page was in great shape and doing its job.  There was also discussion as to how we could more clearly integrate our DNA database with our existing family groups particularly on the webpage.



Charleston, South Carolina

June 20-21, 2014

InnPlace, North Charleston

Ray and Carol Chapman


SUMMER, 2014


Now that we’re all back from our trip to Charleston, SC, I’d like to hit some of the high points.  First, Pat and I had a great drive without any major incidents….won’t talk about the minor ones--  First, I want to thank Ray and Carol Chapman for hosting the meeting--- they did a great job plus it was held in a fantastic city for those of us who are “nuts” about history.  Next, as always, I want to thank Liz Codding for organizing and running the meeting.  She made it a success as usual.

In terms of talks and presentations, Robin Chapman (in absentia), in concert with Deb Miller and Ernie Chapman (on site) presented some changes in our website which should be coming on line soon.  Should make it a little easier to use.  Joan and Deb Miller made a presentation about our Facebook and the need to expand the utilization of our genealogy online.  Ray Chapman made a presentation on DNA testing explaining some of what it is and how it’s being utilized in genealogy.  On Saturday, Pauline Chapman gave a talk on early diseases that took our ancestors including the epidemics that they had to confront.  All participated in a discussion that included the remembrance of Gil Alford and Dennis Chapman that were lost to us last year.  Liz ended our session with a report on Chapman Notables.

Ruth Miller, a Charleston Historian was the speaker at our banquet dinner on Saturday.  Her talk on Charleston History brought us from the Revolutionary war era through the Civil war and into present day.  Needless to say her talk stimulated considerable questions with follow up discussion.

On the business side, the Board met and minutes were presented by Pauline which were approved.  Officers were elected and an agenda for presentation at our Business meeting was developed.  At our general meeting, Pauline presented the Minutes from the 2013 meeting in Seattle which were approved. Liz will host the 2015 meeting in Oklahoma City and a decision was made that Al would host the meeting in Kansas City, MO in 2016.  The officers for the upcoming year include Al as President, Jim Chapman as Vice President, Pauline as Secretary and Kathy Crouch was elected as our new Treasurer.  She will replace Lennae Seevers and much appreciation was expressed to Lennae for her service.  Ernie Chapman, Ray Chapman and Joan Miller were elected to serve on the Board.   There was considerable discussion as to the future of data that is being held and collected by members, particularly the Branch Managers.  Al will be working with Marilyn Foster to see what can be arranged with the Mormon Church in order to have a permanent repository of the Chapman genealogical information.

That’s enough for now---- Enjoy the remainder of the summer and be safe

Al Chapman



Seattle, Washington

June 7-8, 2013

Holiday Inn, Seatac

Jim Chapman


FALL, 2013

Good to be in touch again.  First, I want to thank Ray and Carol Chapman for agreeing to host the next meeting.  The meeting will be at the InnPlace Hotel in North Charleston, S.C. , Jun 20,21, 2014.  As we know, Charleston is a great place for Revolutionary and Civil war history as well as a place where we can do genealogical work.  Many of the Chapman’s moved through and lived in the North Carolina area. 

The negotiated rate is $109/night and is good for 3 days prior and 3 days after our meeting to allow convention goers plenty of time to explore Charleston and the surrounding area.  The cutoff date for convention rates is May 20, 2014. 

Let you know that Robin Chapman is still working to find someone to help us “dress up” the website.  She’s gone through a couple of people so far and is currently working with a 3rdperson to see what it entails as well as a cost estimate.  We’ll keep you posted as things work out.

As we get closer to June, we’ll have additional info on the upcoming meeting on the website as well as in our spring Periodical.

Hope for a mild winter and check in with you in the Spring..   Al



Fort Wayne, Indiana

June 15-16, 2012

Fort Wayne Hilton (Civic Center)

Ernie and Pauline Chapman


JUNE 23, 2012  

It’s been a while so will begin with a summary of a very fine meeting in Ft. Wayne, IN hosted by Ernie and Pauline Chapman.  We are so grateful to Liz Codding for putting together another great program.  It is of note that for the first time we shared our program with another family organization the Blair Society for Genealogical Research.  We thank Brenda Weeks, the Blair Society President for her support and help.  By the way, she is also a “Chappie”.

As some of you know, we instituted a Facebook Page for the CFA last year thanks to the efforts of Deb Georgantis Miller.  She presented a program this year with updates as well as helping some of us who are considered as “Facebook Dummies”.  We all are considerably more knowledgeable now.  The group toured the Allen Co. Public Library which has one of the best genealogical research libraries in the country. 

On Saturday we had presentations by members of the Blair Society including Terry Blair on the DNA project, Lethene Parks on “How to Tell Your Story” and Charlotte Blair Stewart on “Civil War Research  Online”:

A number of items were discussed at our Business meeting-  First,  the Board approved Al Chapman, President, Jim Chapman, Vice President, Pauline Chapman, Secretary and Lennae Seevers, Treasurer.  In addition, the following 3 members of the Board were approved: Al Chapman, Liz Codding and Dian Gustafson.  Next, much to our regret, Kathleen Tovar has submitted her resignation as Editor and Membership Chair.  Her efforts in these areas will be sorely missed but all realize that having a full time job along with family has to come first.  We will be working to finalize individuals who will take over these tasks and will let you know the details as soon as possible.  We are in the process of discussing what form the CFA Periodical will be taking in the future.  Clearly, input from the new Editor will be necessary. 

Jim Chapman made a presentation on the site for the 2013 meeting at the Holiday Inn SEATAC in Seattle WA and details will be made available on the website as soon as possible.  In addition, it was agreed that Ray Chapman will host the 2014 meeting in Charleston, SC.

We have elected to send this note out by direct mailing in the hopes of getting the word to as many as possible.

In put from members is welcome and expected.  My e-mail is:

All take care and plan for Seattle.    Al



Salt Lake, Utah

June 10-11, 2011

Salt Lake Plaza Hotel

Liz Codding and Marilyn Foster


June 10-11, 2011

  First, let me thank Liz Codding who both hosted and served as the Program Director for our meeting.  In addition, we owe a debt of gratitude to Marilyn Foster for her assistance with the meeting, particularly in obtaining speakers.

Speakers included Peter Drinkwater on behalf of Footnote. Com.,  Bernece Law & Sandra Joseph on the Family Search Indexing Project and Ben Bennett also from Family Search was the speaker at our Banquet.  Attending members Ernie Chapman spoke on FamilyTree DNA; Paul Kannowski spoke on internet sites “Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness” and “Find a Grave”and  Deb Georgantis-Miller spoke on “Chapman Ancestors on the Mayflower”.  Additional members, Kathleen Tovar, John Chapman, Jim Chapman and Ernie Chapman also spoke on their “family rogues”.

  • At our business meeting, Ernie gave an update on our 2012 meeting in Ft. Wayne, Indiana with specific dates to be finalized.  Ernie and Pauline Chapman will host the Ft. Wayne meeting.  It was agreed that we would meet in Seattle, WA in 2013 with Jim Chapman serving as host.
  • In other business it was agreed that we would initiate a Facebook page for the CFA that will be linked to the webpage and that Deb. Miller would set up and coordinate the Facebook page.
  • It has been, and will continue to be, the policy that inactive members will continue to be listed on CFA rolls as “inactive”.  Those inactive members will receive notices of meetings however they will not receive the CFA Periodical if they have been inactive for 1 year.  They can re-up at any time by paying past membership dues.
  • Ernie Chapman will explore the possible sale of items, e.g., shirts, cups, hats, etc. which are available for sale at our annual meeting to be available on the CFA website as well.

I wish all well over the next year and want all to make plans to attend our Ft. Wayne meeting.  The site will be close to an excellent genealogical library and will again, have a program that will include topics that are both educational as well as entertaining.

  Al Chapman, President  





St Louis, MO

June 11-12, 2010

Hilton St Louis Airport Hotel

Ernie and Pauline Chapman

2010 Meeting of the Chapman Family Association

June 11-12, 2010

It’s a pleasure to report on our very successful 10th Anniversary meeting in  St. Louis ,  MO-  Jun. 11/12, 2010 at the St. Louis Airport Hilton. First, I want to thank Ernie and Pauline Chapman for hosting the meeting and a special thanks to Liz Codding, Program Chair, for putting together both an informative and fun agenda.  

The meeting was dedicated to Gil Alford , CFA Founder.  Without Gil’s foresight, dedication and energy the CFA would not have come into existence.

Ernie and Pauline put together information on the DNA project.  Ernie is the DNA coordinator for the CFA.   Ernie, in a separate presentation led a discussion on the use of “Internet Tools”. Later Mark Chapman, a historian, presented a talk on the “Gateway to the West” describing the realities of our ancestors moving west emphasizing 1840’s-1850’s.  A number of CFA members presented & shared personal stories of their family history plus Ray Chapman made a presentation on his Branch DNA project...

Next Meetings:
The meeting for 2011 will be in  Salt Lake ,  UT  and the meeting in 2012 will be in  Fort Wayne ,  IN.   The host for the  Salt   Lake  meeting will be Dave & Carolyn Chapman and the host for the  Fort Wayne  meeting will be Ernie & Pauline Chapman.

Al Chapman, President



Harrisburg, PA

June 5-7, 2009

Sheraton Harrisburg-Hersey Hotel

Joan & Don Miller

2009 Meeting of the Chapman Family Association


I want to take a little time and summarize our annual meeting Jun. 5-6th,2009  in Harrisburg/Hershey, PA.  First, it’s no surprise that it was a great meeting thanks in large part to Joan Miller our host and to Liz Codding, our Program Chair.   First, I want to thank those members who participated in the Silent Auction and made donations in support of guest speakers.  There was a fantastic photo display featuring Chapman Women.  In addition, Winn Jones, a civil war museum volunteer gave a talk on the battle of Gettysburg followed by Mark Chapman emphasizing Chapman’s in the Battle of Gettysburg.  Deb Miller gave a talk on “The Mayflower and Me” and later Mark Chapman gave an additional talk on web site for finding grave sites as well as a talk on Chapman serving on D-Day in WWII.

In terms of business conducted:  Al Chapman, Dian Gustafson and Liz Codding were elected to the Board of Directors.  In terms of other appointments, Al Chapman will serve as both President and Corresponding Secretary, Jim Chapman will serve as both Vice President and Parliamentarian and Joan Miller will serve as the Genealogists. This role will include establishing a genealogy “how to” tutorial on the website. We were reluctant to accept Mike Morgan’s stepping down as our long-time membership Chair.  He will be replaced by Kathleen Tovar, our Quarterly Editor. 

Our meeting sites will be in St Louis for 2010(our 10th year celebration) hosted by Ernie and Pauline Chapman with Salt Lake, UT as our site in 2011.  We asked that Jim Chapman chair a committee to make recommendations at next year’s meeting on future meeting sites.

Last year it was requested that a committee made up of Kathleen Tovar, Dan Chapman and chaired by Jim Chapman examine and make recommendation as to the handling of our CFA Quarterly.  After considerable effort including a survey of membership they made the following recommendation.  Initially, CD’s will be provided to those members unless they specifically request receipt of the printed copy.  As soon as possible we will move to provide them on the CFA website which will password-protected.  It is assumed that after some 2 years, they will be available to the general population.  I want to give extra thanks for Jim and his committee for doing such a great job… 

Until next time

Al Chapman,  CFA President



Nashville, Tennessee

June 13-15, 2008

Raddison Hotel at Opryland

Ernie Chapman

2008 Meeting of the Chapman Family Association

        The Chapman Family Association had a fantastic convention and reunion in Nashville June 13-15, 2008.  The speakers were excellent and information was presented regarding the CFA web site and the several Chapman Branches. 
        Everyone especially enjoyed hearing from the Chapmans who shared their military experiences in WWII and Viet Nam, and their photos and poetry about their Civil War Chapman ancestors.  Thanks - Dave, John, Don, John Barnes - all Chapman guys!  You were all great!  We also heard about the military careers of former CFA president Bob Chapman and members Cliff and Gerry Chapman.
        The wonderful Chapman Military Photo Displays prepared by Kathy Tovar added much to our meeting.  Thanks, Kathy, for a terrific job.  The focus next year will be on Chapman Women - so start sending your photos to Kathy - of Chapman moms, sisters, wives and daughters. 
        Mark Chapman did two great presentations on the Civil War.  We all learned from him,  and you'll be glad to hear that Mark has offered to speak at next year's convention in Pennsylvania. His topic will be Gettysburg.  I'm really looking forward to hearing from him again.



San Antonio, Texas

June 1-3, 2007

Double Tree Hotel

John Barnes Chapman


June 1-3, 2007

John Barnes Chapman with Liz Codding serving as the Program Chair hosted the meeting. Faye Chapman introduced each section by presenting "trivia" on Texas. A number of reports/talks were given beginning with Bill Chapman who spoke on the "Sons of the Republic of Texas". Paul Kannowski, our census coordinator, gave a report on the status of our census collection efforts. He reported that Faye Chapman has completed TN and she plans on beginning work on TX. The goal is to finish the 1840 census for all states. Ernie Chapman gave a talk on the "Migration- Roads, Rivers and Canals" of early ancestors. Dian Gustafson gave an update on the CFA Library including her web site ( Dan Chapman gave us an update on the DNA project and later a follow up meeting for those who need more information. Kathleen Tovar gave an update on the Quarterly followed by Shelly Chapman on "Photos and Ephemera". This included considerable information on preservation of photo’s and related materials. She also gave a workshop on saving priceless family keepsakes in a Scrap Booking Workshop. John Chapman gave a report on "Researching in Texas" and Kelvin Meyers, forensic genealogists, was the major speaker and gave a talk on "Scallyways, Rogues and Ruffs".

There was general discussion of the Branch Manager’s role followed by a breakout of individual branches for detailed discussions of ways to improve coordination, data collection and preservation.

President Al Chapman chaired the Business meeting. He reported on the actions of the Board of Directors, which included accepting the resignation of Susie Codding as Secretary and the appointment of Pauline Chapman as Secretary. In addition, the full membership voted unanimously for James L. Chapman, Jackie Konecny and Lennae Seevers to serve as Board members for the next 3 years. A number of issues were discussed including enhancement of the Web Page ( The Chair reported that Gil Alford has agreed to assist with web page updates. However, it was also recognized that more assistance with the web page was going to be needed. Richard Chapman, who has web page expertise volunteered to assist. It was also agreed that continued improvement of the web page would be a high priority for the next year. A small change in the By Laws was made that would require that "Directors must be members of the Association". In our efforts to enhance activity in the DNA project, the idea of developing a special fund to support & further DNA sampling was discussed, but no action was taken at this time.

In regard to our meeting schedules. Ernie & Pauline Chapman will host the 2008 meeting in Nashville, TN and the dates are set for June 13-16 at the Radisson Airport hotel.

Details will be posted at a later time. It was also agreed that the 2009 meeting will be in Pennsylvania and will be hosted by Joan and Dan Miller and finally, there was unanimity that the 2010 (our 10th anniversary) will be back in St. Louis, MO—Where the first meeting of our CFA met—and this meeting will be hosted by Ernie & Pauline Chapman.



San Jose, California

June 2-4, 2006

Double Tree Hotel

Kathleen Tovar

The CHAPMAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION held its 2006 Convention at the Double Tree Hotel, San Jose, California- June 2-4, 2006

The meeting Host was Kathleen Kovar and the program was organized and chaired by Liz Codding.  The program included presentations on “Family Story Writing” by Jean C. Snow, “DNA Search for Ancestors of Robert Chapman of Saybrook” by Dr. Robert Chapman, “Chapman DNA Project Update” by Dan Chapman, “Finding Your Chapmans in the Federal Land States Records” by Ernie Chapman, “Chapmans in the Military” by Robert (Bob) Chapman, “Where Was I When Time Went By” by Dean Chapman and “Family History Research on The Internet” by Marcia Holstrom.  In addition, there were reports on special projects including establishing a “Chapman Cookbook” by Nancy Chapman and “Notable Chapmans” by Liz Codding. 

On the business side, Al Chapman chaired the Directors and members business meetings, a special meeting of the Chapman Branch Managers and the Awards Banquet. 

Among other things, the CFA By-Laws were revised, new Branch Managers will be identified and assigned, we'll continue to work to permanently handle Gil Alford's library on the Chapman data and it was agreed that we would meet in San Antonio, TX next year with details to follow.



Burlington, Vermont

June 3-5, 2005

Holiday Inn, South Burlington

Bob Chapman

The CHAPMAN FAMILY ASSOCIATION held its 2005 Convention at the Holiday Inn, South Burlington, Vermont during June 3-5, 2005. The Host was Bob Chapman.

The program included presentations on the various Chapman Families in the United States, tips on genealogical research, and a business meeting. In addition, a great deal of material including genealogical data and related information were available for research by attendees throughout the convention.

An informal reception was held on the evening of June 3 and the annual banquet was held on the evening of June 4.



Kansas City, MO

May 14-16, 2004

Hilton, Kansas City Airport

Al Chapman

The 2004 Annual Convention was held in Kansas City, MO

May 14th - 16th

Activity Descriptions

Chapman Genealogy: Presentations and group discussions on Chapman genealogical data.

Reception/Buffet: A social session where members get to know one another and to renew old acquaintances.

CFA & Chapmans Today: Presentations and discussions of matters pertaining to the association, members, and living Chapmans.

Chapman Family Forum: Presentations and discussion o f various branches of the Chapman family.

Banquet Dinner: A social function where selected members are recognized.

Chapman Genealogy Workshop: Informal and unstructured session where individuals search or review the Chapman data collection and/or work together in sm all family groups.

Kansas City Tours

Tours in Kansas City are very IFFY! 

If we can get enough folks signed up in time we will have the tours described on the reverse side of this form. If you possibly can please sign up now by sending your check with the registration form.

If we get enough folks signed up for just one of the tours we will proceed with it and refund those who signed up for the tour that did not make it.

If we don't get enough folks signed up for either tour funds will be refunded for both tours. If we don't make either of the tours described on the reverse side then we will try to make arrangements to have our own CFA informal tours on the dates as shown.



Richmond, VA

May 16-18, 2003

Wyndham Hotel

Paul Rekow

The 2003 Annual Convention was held May 16-18, 2003 in Richmond, VA. Here is a list of those present.

First Prize in CFA's First Annual Photo Contest - 2003

Robert Duncan Chapman was born December 8, 1839 in Houston Co. , Georgia, the son of William Hilliard Judson Chapman and Temperance Honor Jordan. He died August 7, 1934 in Houston, TX. Robert married Eugenia Alice McNeil November 21, 1867 in Cuthbert, Randolph Co., GA. Robert entered the War Between the States as a Sergeant Major of the First Georgia Regiment. Later as a 1 st Lt. of Company E. 55th Georgia Regiment he participated in Bragg's raid into Kentucky. At the Cumberland River crossing his Captain was killed and he became the company commander .

After the raid he again crossed the Cumberland into Tennessee, where his company was captured near Cumberland Gap by Federal troops under command of General Burnsides and he was sent to Johnson Island prison. Five months later he escaped and returned to Georgia where he organized a new command and reported to Savannah. Hard pressed by Sherman's army his command withdrew with other Confederate troops from Savannah through South Carolina and into North Carolina, where he led them in the last fight of the war at Bentonville, a few days before the surrender .

In Texas he was made Major General in the Texas Division, United Confederate Veterans.

Robert Duncan Chapman was the great grandfather of CFA #009 Robert L. Sonfield, Jr.

Runner-up in CFA's Firest Annual Photo Contest - 2003

Raymond Allen "Ray" Chapman & children, Chlora b. 1910, Harold b. 1911 (Ernie's father), Earl and his twin sister, Pearl b. 1914, Mary b. 1916 & Raymond Alonzo b 1918. Mabel, the mother of the children died 1918 of flu & Raymond never recovered although he did remarry and have two more children. He died Dec 1922.

Grandparents of Ernie Chapman #001, our first CFA president and currently VP and head of merchandizing.

Runner-up in CFA's Firest Annual Photo Contest - 2003

Charles Wesley "C.W." Chapman b. 1839 in Indiana and his wife Nancy Jane "N.J." Chasteen Chapman b. 1839 in Ohio. They were married in 1858 and had five children including Paul's great grandmother, Ella May Chapman b. 1886 in Iowa. Nancy died in 1899 and Charles in 1916. The date of the photo is unknown but must have been a 1899 or a short time before.

Photo submitted by Paul Rekow, CFA #404.

Convention Photo Gallery:

Tied up in Williamsburg, VA on CFA tour -- Liz Codding #117 OK & her daughter Suzan Codding #490 OK

Edward Chapman Branch Group -- Left to Right: Lisa from DC, daughter of James L. Chapman #031 WA, James, Peggy daughter of Sharon & Leonard B. Chapman of #184 CA, Sharon & Leonard, Phyllis (Mrs. Bob) & Bob Chapman #034 FL/VT, Gerry & Cliff (Carlton) Chapman #422 VA

Group Photo -- Husbands in back, wives in front seated, Left to Right: Neil & Emily M. Chapman #389 NY,
Jim & Jody Dean #027 IA, Bill & Faye Chapman #038 TX



Salt Lake City, UT

May 17-20, 2002

Quality Inn Center

Bob Chapman

A narrative of the 2002 Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, UT by Bob Chapman, past CFA President:

The brave and adventurous of the Chapman Family Association assembled in Salt Lake City from 17 to 20 May 2002. Those not in attendance missed a wonderful gathering. Here is a list of those present.

First of all, the weather was gorgeous beyond belief. I take credit for that. Kilroy was there and he is responsible for the bad plumbing, lack of heating or cooling, slow service in the restaurant,and anything else that went wrong.

I also take credit for the service and food at the reception and banquet. I refuse to take responsibility for the condition of the motel rooms or the fact that we had a totally inadequate lobby for schmoozing and socializing. 

Phyllis and I arrived late on Wednesday and were so tired that we simply dumped into bed about 2:00 A.M. I soon discovered that it was cold in our room and I couldn't do much about it. We snuggled under the big quilt but that was barely adequate. I asked for a new room the next morning and they obliged nicely and we had nice accommodations for the rest of our stay. 

We discovered early on that a Salt Lake City block is a non-trivial distance. Count on it being at least twice as long as a normal city block elsewhere. In addition, you must understand that the width of streets in Salt Lake City is greater than anywhere you have ever been. Brigham Young, a native of Vermont, as was Joseph Smith, was a visionary as well as a practical man. The width of Salt Lake City streets is the result of his familiarity with ox carts and he designed street width to allow a double yoke of oxen enough room to make a U-Turn. As a lady in the Chamber of Commerce noted, Brigham was no fool. 

Our festivities started Friday with a nice breakfast. The Banquet Staff provided us with a lovely choice of cereal, eggs, omelets, bacon, sausage, hash browns and other goodies both Friday and Saturday. I fear that I messed up the breakfast arrangements on Sunday. I apologize. Do as you please. Beat up on Mike for a refund or write it off as a donation. I prefer the latter. CFA needs the money. 

After a few administrative announcements, Gil Alford launched into a detailed account of the history of the Data Base and how it evolved, starting as far back as 1972 and working up through the Chapman Chatter days into the beginnings of the Chapman Family Association. It was truly a "tour d'horizon", providing all of us with a deeper appreciation of what a marvelous resource the CFA Central Data Base is for all of us and why we should all work to add information to it as regularly as possible. THERE IS NO PIECE OF CHAPPIE DATA TOO INSIGNIFICANT THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE SENT TO GIL FOR INCLUSION IN THE CFA DATA BASE. Read that last statement several more times until you believe it with heart and soul and you resolve to find, cherish and provide every scrap of Chappie data for inclusion in the Data Base. Try to do it in digital format if possible. Given time, everything you send will get into the database and be published somehow and sometime. If it appears in a format that our PC's understand it will get broad circulation much sooner. 

Our next meeting was in the Museum Auditorium. Elaine and Bob Booth provided a very useful tour of the Family History Library which is, without doubt, the premier genealogical research facility in the world. 

After lunch, we were back in the auditorium being briefed on successful research techniques and then we had a wonderful hour of instruction on using software to enhance digital photos for inclusion in our genealogical records. Bob Booth used Adobe Photo Deluxe software to demonstrate techniques to make old family photos more useful as additions to our family histories. At the end of his magic show, he noted that we would probably never believe another digital photo we ever see. I've seen magic done with standard photo techniques so I haven't believed photos for a long time. Bob's knowledge of the software and how to manipulate photos and get the best from them was truly impressive, however. 

Our annual reception was a an enjoyable social event. The Banquet staff provided an assortment of tasty hors d'oeuvres and plenty of them. Our only complaint was the lack of a sitting room to which we could adjourn and socialize. I suggest that we insure that in the future we have a nice lobby or similar place where we can sit and enjoy each other's company at length. We found this to be a real bonus in St Louis. It was an amenity that we missed this year, both after the reception and after the banquet. 

Saturday, we started with our annual business meeting. This is the single reason the by-laws require an annual convention. This was an important session because we conducted our first election according to the procedures we adopted earlier and in accordance with our charter and by-laws. We were required to replace three directors whose terms were expiring and replace one director who resigned. Our nominating committee nominated Paul Rekow, Ernie Chapman, Don Chapman and Al Chapman. There was one nomination from the floor, John B. Chapman. Paul Rekow, Ernie, Don and Al Chapman were elected. In a subsequent meeting, the directors elected Don Chapman, President, Ernie Chapman, Vice President, Jackie Konecny, Secretary and M. D. Chapman (Mike) Morgan, Treasurer. 

Our next meeting will be held in Richmond, VA at the Wyndham Hotel. Paul Rekow is our point man and leader in setting up this convention. In 2004, we will meet in Kansas City, MO. Other contending cities for this meeting were Houston, TX, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, Indianapolis, IN, and Ft Wayne, IN. The contest was close but it finally came down to KC and Denver and KC won by a large margin. 

There was much discussion about the 2005 convention site. Most seemed to favor the Northeast and Hartford, CT and Boston, MA were both nominated. After some very informed discussion, Hartford was chosen. Since I travel to southern New England frequently during the summer to visit my daughter's family and my two sisters who live in Connecticut, I volunteer to be the point man for this convention and make the initial arrangements if that is satisfactory with the directors and the convention planning committee. 

I was happy to announce a generous gift from Bill and Faye Chapman to the CFA. Thank you! Others please note that we will appreciate additional gifts in any amount in the future, as frequently as you wish to make them. A couple of hundred here and there will make our Treasurer most pleased. 

Following the Business Meeting, attendees met outside for the annual photograph. Many photos were taken and I know I have at least one satisfactory group photo taken with my camera by Kathy Tovar. Digital cameras are becoming common and that is a boon to the CFAQ since they fit directly into copy without being scanned. Those of you who have digital photos, please send them to Kathy electronically so she can use them in her issues as she sees fit. Those of you who have traditional prints should send them to Kathy also. She has a scanner and can enter them into her files. 

We then moved our operations to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and split into two groups Group A went to a class in the computer center to learn how to take advantage of Windows to make your genealogical searches more fruitful. This class was followed by a class on using the Internet to find family members.

Group B went to the Family Search Center and what a marvelous experience that was for many of us. I went to Salt Lake City intent on finding information on my Irish ancestors, the McEnanys and Boylans, and Phyllis' McFarlands. I confirmed data I had on the Boylans but found nothing new. There was nothing new on McFarlands or McEnanys. On the other hand, I thought I had my Bruce line down cold and only had to find our where Kendall came from to be able to trace the family in Scotland. My information from family records said that Kendall was the emigrant. Not so. The emigrant was George Bruce who came to America shortly after Edward Chapman of Ipswich and preceded Kendall by five generations. I guess we don't or shouldn't take too much for granted in this genealogical stuff.

The Annual Banquet was much fun. Certificates of Appreciation were given to the members of the organizing committee and those who set up our classes. Certificates of Achievement were awarded to Jean Chapman Snow to recognize her multiple contributions to the Chapman Family Association, one of them, her wonderful speech on "Chapmans by any other Name", which she delivered at our banquet. An address that was full of fun and information and which we all enjoyed. 

A second Certificate of Achievement was awarded to Cindy Kuhn for her work on the Chapman Families Website. We owe her a great deal of thanks for what she has done to improve and expand the site. Go there and see what a wonderful job she has done. 

I felt that I had to recognize M.D. Chapman Morgan for his unselfish devotion to the CFA since before its inception. Mike has been a solid contributor to this association forever. He helped in pulling things together at the beginning, he was the Vice President for several years, the Treasurer since day one, wrote, edited and published many issues of the CFAQ, (then the Newsletter) which he expanded from a few pages to a volume of 70 to 80 pages quarterly. We owe much to the founders of this organization, Gil Alford, Mike Morgan, and Bob Sonfield. 

Sunday was a quiet day. Many of us stayed in the city, some to take advantage of the chance to continue delving into the genealogical resources available which were not available on Sunday but which would be open on Monday. Others stayed because of difficult travel arrangements and several of us took advantage of the opportunity to go to the live performance of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance on Sunday morning. As an old Glee Club member and choir member, I was happy to hear these great professional performers in person. It was a lovely performance but the climax came at the end when every performer turned to face the audience and sing "God be with you 'til we meet again." It was a beautiful ending to a marvelous convention which we shall remember for a long time. 

This convention was particularly pleasant. There was a developing comradery that built on that which we felt at the St Louis convention. 

I'm sure that the event in Richmond next year, 16-18 May will be a stellar event. Plan to be there. We really do have a lot of fun! And we learn a lot about our Chappies. 
--Bob Chapman 



St. Louis, MO

May 18-20, 2001

Hilton, St. Louis Airport

Gil Alford

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