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The 2004 Annual Convention was held in Kansas City, MO

May 14th - 16th

Activity Descriptions

Chapman Genealogy: Presentations and group discussions on Chapman genealogical data.

Reception/Buffet: A social session where members get to know one another and to renew old acquaintances.

CFA & Chapmans Today: Presentations and discussions of matters pertaining to the association, members, and living Chapmans.

Chapman Family Forum: Presentations and discussion o f various branches of the Chapman family.

Banquet Dinner: A social function where selected members are recognized.

Chapman Genealogy Workshop: Informal and unstructured session where individuals search or review the Chapman data collection and/or work together in sm all family groups.

Kansas City Tours

Tours in Kansas City are very IFFY!

If we can get enough folks signed up in time we will have the tours described on the reverse side of this form. If you possibly can please sign up now by sending your check with the registration form.

If we get enough folks signed up for just one of the tours we will proceed with it and refund those who signed up for the tour that did not make it.

If we don't get enough folks signed up for either tour funds will be refunded for both tours. If we don't make either of the tours described on the reverse side then we will try to make arrangements to have our own CFA informal tours on the dates as shown.

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