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2012 Meeting of the Chapman Family Association


JUNE 23, 2012 

It’s been a while so will begin with a summary of a very fine meeting in Ft. Wayne, IN hosted by Ernie and Pauline Chapman.  We are so grateful to Liz Codding for putting together another great program.  It is of note that for the first time we shared our program with another family organization the Blair Society for Genealogical Research.  We thank Brenda Weeks, the Blair Society President for her support and help.  By the way, she is also a “Chappie”.

As some of you know, we instituted a Facebook Page for the CFA last year thanks to the efforts of Deb Georgantis Miller.  She presented a program this year with updates as well as helping some of us who are considered as “Facebook Dummies”.  We all are considerably more knowledgeable now.  The group toured the Allen Co. Public Library which has one of the best genealogical research libraries in the country. 

On Saturday we had presentations by members of the Blair Society including Terry Blair on the DNA project, Lethene Parks on “How to Tell Your Story” and Charlotte Blair Stewart on “Civil War Research  Online”:

A number of items were discussed at our Business meeting-  First,  the Board approved Al Chapman, President, Jim Chapman, Vice President, Pauline Chapman, Secretary and Lennae Seevers, Treasurer.  In addition, the following 3 members of the Board were approved: Al Chapman, Liz Codding and Dian Gustafson.  Next, much to our regret, Kathleen Tovar has submitted her resignation as Editor and Membership Chair.  Her efforts in these areas will be sorely missed but all realize that having a full time job along with family has to come first.  We will be working to finalize individuals who will take over these tasks and will let you know the details as soon as possible.  We are in the process of discussing what form the CFA Periodical will be taking in the future.  Clearly, input from the new Editor will be necessary. 

Jim Chapman made a presentation on the site for the 2013 meeting at the Holiday Inn SEATAC in Seattle WA and details will be made available on the website as soon as possible.  In addition, it was agreed that Ray Chapman will host the 2014 meeting in Charleston, SC.

We have elected to send this note out by direct mailing in the hopes of getting the word to as many as possible.

In put from members is welcome and expected.  My e-mail is: achapman@olemac.net.

All take care and plan for Seattle..  Al



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