New Jersey Marriage Records

Chapman Marriage date and Place Spouse
Chapman, Abraham Aug. 01, 1767 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Imlay, Margaret
Chapman, Mrs. Ann Mar. 15, 1821 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Cowperthwaite, John
Chapman, Benjamin Feb. 07, 1805 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Rogers, Hannah
Chapman, Betsey Oct. 23, 1796 in Morris, NJ Spouse: Auble, Michael
Chapman, Charles H. Feb. 18, 1860 in Cumberland, NJ Spouse: Irvins, Anna M.
Chapman, Charles H. Mar. 18, 1868 in Hunterdon, NJ Spouse: Coryell, Lizzie
Chapman, Charles H. Nov. 11, 1873 in Hunterdon, NJ Spouse: Killgore, Lora
Chapman, Edward Oct. 22, 1841 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Heulings, Bathsheba
Chapman, Edward F. Oct. 04, 1877 in Camden, NJ Spouse: Doherty, Adelia
Chapman, Elijah Mar. 27, 1783 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Borden, Achsah
Chapman, Elizabeth Apr. 27, 1796 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Jameson, Robert
Chapman, Elizabeth Oct. 19, 1805 in Somerset, NJ Spouse: Moore, George
Chapman, Elizabeth L. Mar. 25, 1865 in Hunterdon, NJ Spouse: French, Philip
Chapman, Hannah May 11, 1822 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Lippincott, Joseph
Chapman, Henry Aug. 22, 1841 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Lamson, Hannah Ann
Chapman, Henry H. Jun. 02, 1870 in Gloucester, NJ Spouse: Shute, Pamella S.
Chapman, Isaac Feb. 16, 1808 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: McDaniel, Nancy
Chapman, Jane Oct. 01, 1830 in Morris, NJ Spouse: Wycoff, John V.
Chapman, Jeremiah Jan. 11, 1835 in Gloucester, NJ Spouse: Gray, Louisa
Chapman, John Jul. 22, 1820 in Somerset, NJ Spouse: McKissack, Eliza
Chapman, John Feb. 20, 1831 in Bergen, NJ Spouse: Day, Elizabeth
Chapman, John, Jr. Jun. 04, 1828 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Middleton, Lydia
Chapman, Joseph Mar. 24, 1757 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Stewart, Martha
Chapman, Joseph Jul. 15, 1800 in Hunterdon, NJ Spouse: Quinby, Tabetha
Chapman, Rev. Joseph Sep. 09, 1819 in Middlesex, NJ Spouse: Marsh, Mary
Chapman, Joseph Jan. 10, 1835 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Mount, Elizabeth
Chapman, Joseph Apr. 28, 1853 in Camden, NJ Spouse: Hannah, Sarah P.
Chapman, Julietta W. Jun. 25, 1868 in Cumberland, NJ Spouse: Byles, William
Chapman, Kesiah Dec. 08, 1810 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Moore, Samuel
Chapman, Lewis Apr. 10, 1777 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Giberson, Hannah
Chapman, Lewis G. Jan. 30, 1813 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Coperthwaite, Mary
Chapman, Lewis G. Feb. 17, 1821 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Dye, Ann
Chapman, Lucinda Apr. 16, 1804 in Cape May, NJ Spouse: Bailey, Daniel
Chapman, Lydia Jul. 14, 1876 in Camden, NJ Spouse: Subers, Richard C.
Chapman, Margaret Feb. 02, 1806 in Essex, NJ Spouse: Mulford, James C.
Chapman, Margaret A. Apr. 14, 1874 in Camden, NJ Spouse: Allen, Joseph
Chapman, Martha Oct. 13, 1821 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Parker, Benjamin
Chapman, Mary Nov. 13, 1756 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Warner, Nathaniel
Chapman, Mary Apr. 27, 1782 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Peacock, Thomas
Chapman, Mary Jan. 21, 1804 in Cape May, NJ Spouse: Vangilder, Ezekiel
Chapman, Mary P. Dec. 28, 1876 in Bergen, NJ Spouse: Chapman, Nathan A.
Chapman, Mathew Jan. 10, 1835 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Goddas, Sarah
Chapman, Matilda Dec. 02, 1869 in Camden, NJ Spouse: Adams, Joshua
Chapman, Nathan A. Dec. 28, 1876 in Bergen, NJ Spouse: Chapman, Mary P.
Chapman, Patience Jun. 20, 1763 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Wayman, Henry
Chapman, Ralph Jul. 04, 1858 in Salem, NJ Spouse: Halleron, Mary
Chapman, Rebecca A. Nov. 30, 1860 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Clark, James C.
Chapman, Robert Nov. 14, 1819 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Harris, Harriet
Chapman, Robert, Jr. Jan. 14, 1728 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Ireton, Susanna
Chapman, Sarah Jun. 01, 1816 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Curtis, James
Chapman, Talbot Feb. 12, 1843 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Thompson, Jane
Chapman, William Apr. 10, 1811 in Essex, NJ Spouse: Beach, Abby
Chapman, William Sep. 27, 1828 in Monmouth, NJ Spouse: Heaviland, Eleanor
Chapman, William Mar. 16, 1836 in Burlington, NJ Spouse: Rossell, Mary Ann

Source: County Court Records available on LDS films.

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