Washington Co PA
Deed Index Abstracts

Grantor Index
Year Grantor--Chapman Grantee Book Page Comment
1788 Thomas Daniel Craig 1D 151 no wife-based on VA certificate
1824 Thomas et ux James Kerr 2G 604 Smith Twn
1803 William David Craig 1S 108 Buffalo/Wm Chapman from Brook Co VA
1810 William Samuel Urie 1V 242 granted by patent Hopewell Twn
1811 William Jacob Miller 1V 331 Elizabeth is wife of Wm
1817 Sarah Robert Welch 2A 503
1818 Nancy James Welch ? ? Chartiers Twn
1819 Elizabeth Thomas Miller 2D 387
1818 Charles Robert Howey 2C 63
Grantee Index
Year Grantee--Chapman Grantor Book Page Comment
1804 John William Chapman 1S 458 Release
1807 Mary David Leech ux 1T 652 Mary widow of Richard Chapman
1803 William Rebekah Ayres 1S 136 dower interest
1804 William William Chapman 1S 458 Release
1805 William George Chapman 1T 63 George, son of John Chapman
1805 Thomas son of John Chapman
1807 William John Crawford 1T 726 Chartiers Twn
1807 Thomas John Stone 1T 656 Smith Twn

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