Chapman Members of Congress 1774-1927


Thank you to Samuel Chapman for extracting this information from the "BIOGRAPHICAL DIRECTORY OF THE AMERICAN CONGRESS - 1774 – 1927".

CHAPMAN, ANDREW GRANT - Representative from Maryland …… b: La Plata, MD on 1/17/1839, d: Normandy, MD on 9/25/1892. This is the son of John Grant Chapman listed below.

CHAPMAN, AUGUSTUS ALEXANDRIA - Representative from Virginia….. b: Union, VA (now WV) on 3/9/1805, d: Hinton, WV on 6/7/1876.

CHAPMAN, BIRD BEERS - Delegate from the Territory of Nebraska…. b: Salisbury Connecticut on 8/24/1821, d: Put in Bay, Ohio on 9/21/1871.

CHAPMAN, CHARLES - Representative from Connecticut ……. b: Newtown, Connecticut on 6/21/1799, d: Hartford, Connecticut on 8/7/1869.

CHAPMAN, HENRY - Representative from Pennsylvania ….. b: Newtown, Pennsylvania on 2/4/1804, d: Frosterley, Pennsylvania on 4/11/1891.

CHAPMAN, JOHN - Representative from Pennsylvania ….. b: Wrightstown, Pennsylvania on 10/18/1740, d: Upper Makefield, Pennsylvania on 1/27/1800.

CHAPMAN, JOHN GRANT - Representative from Maryland …. b: La Plata, Maryland on 7/5/1798, d: Waverly of the Potomic, Maryland on 12/10/1856. This is the father of Andrew Grant Chapman listed above.

CHAPMAN, PLEASANT THOMAS - Representative from Illinois …. b: Vienna, Illinois on 10/8/1854.

CHAPMAN, REUBEN - Representative from Alabama …. b: Bowling Green, Virginia on 7/15/1799, d: Huntsville, Alabama on 5/16/1882.

CHAPMAN, VIRGIL MUNDAY - Representative from Kentucky …. b: Middleton, Kentucky on 3/15/1895.

CHAPMAN, WILLIAM WILLIAMS - Delegate from Territory of Iowa …. b: Clarksburg, Virginia (now WV) on 8/11/1808, d: Portland Oregon on 10/18/1892.

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