The Family of William H. Chapman

and Rachel Tissue Chapman (widow of Daniel Glotfelty)


Submitted by Sharon C. Johnson, Falls Church VA





William H. Chapman was born in 1816 in Virginia according to the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 census records. Although he married for the third time in 1887, by 1890 he was living with his daughter, Amanda Keller, in Frostburg MD at which time he wrote his Will (March 14, 1890). Amanda filed his Will on May 2, 1899 in Allegany County. There is no death certificate or obituary notice for him. His date of death is after March 14, 1890 and before May 2, 1899.

WILLIAM MARRIED THREE TIMES: (1) Elizabeth Patton, (2) Rachel Tissue, widow of Daniel Glotfelty, and (3) Sophia Michaels

1. Elizabeth Patton, circa 1848. Elizabeth was born 7-26-1822 in Somerset County PA and died 8-28-1856
in Somerset County. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert and Evie (Glotfelty) Patton. She is buried in the "Old Cemetery" in Salisbury PA next to her parents. The stone says Elizabeth "Shapman," wife of Wm. H. "Shapman," 34 years, 1 month, 2 days. William and Elizabeth lived in Addison Township PA.

William and Elizabeth had four children:

A - Joseph Chapman, b. about 1849 in PA, d. 1850's in PA
B - Amanda Elizabeth Chapman, b. 6-20-1851 in PA, d. 1-1-1929 in PA, m. Jacob E. Keller
C - Mary Ellen Chapman, b. 5-9-1853 in PA, d. 3-12-1923 in WV, m. Erastus C. Woodruff
D - Lydia Virginia Chapman, b. 1-1-1855 in PA, d. 1-26-1919 in PA, m. William H. Bepler

1850 Census for William & Elizabeth, Addison Township PA, Taken 7-31-1850:
William age 34. Occupation: Blacksmith; Elizabeth age 26; Joseph Chapman age 1; Elizabeth Wable age 6;
Sally Patton age 22. I don't know who Elizabeth Wable is. Sally Patton was Elizabeth Patton's sister.

2. Rachel Tissue, circa 1858, widow of Daniel Glotfelty. Rachel was born 7-10-1823 in Somerset County
PA and died 12-16-1885 in Grantsville MD. Rachel was the daughter of Isaac Tissue and Elizabeth Kemp.

William and Rachel had three children:

E - Emma Lou Chapman, b. 3-31-1859 in Grantsville MD, d. 7-4-1906 in Grantsville MD, m. Noah Broadwater
F - William Henry Chapman, Jr., b. 5-6-1861 in Grantsville MD, d. 12-10-1915 in Cincinnati OH, m. Elizabeth Smith
G - Virginia R. Chapman, b. 1868 in Grantsville, d. 2-3-1872 in Grantsville

NOTES FOR WILLIAM & RACHEL: William and Rachel married about 1858 in Somerset County PA. They brought four girls into the marriage: Amanda, Mary, Lydia, and Ella Glotfelty. Ella was the daughter of Rachel's first husband, Daniel Glotfelty. Daniel was the brother of Evie Glotfelty Patton, mentioned in 1 above. Please note the connection here: William was married to Elizabeth Patton, daughter of Robert and Evie Glotfelty Patton. Evie had a brother, Daniel, who was married to Rachel Tissue. Daniel died in 1852. Elizabeth died in 1856. In other words, Evie's son-in-law (William Chapman) married Evie's sister-in-law (Rachel Tissue Glotfelty). See page 2 for census records for Williaml and Rachel.

3. Sophia E. Michaels, Garrett County MD, February 20, 1887 by Pastor D. Flannigan at S. H. Ryland's, a
private residence. Sophia was born in 1844 in Maryland but was living in Confluence PA. She died in Confluence on October 27, 1904.



A - JOSEPH CHAPMAN, b. about 1848 in PA, d. 1850's in PA

B -- AMANDA ELIZABETH CHAPMAN, b. 6-20-1851 in Somerset County PA, d. 1-1-1929 of Influenza in Swissvale PA while visiting her children. Amanda (16) married Jacob Keller (23) on 1-29-1867 by Pastor J. B. Feather in Garrett County. Jacob was born May 20, 1831 in PA and died in 7-17-1919 in Salisbury PA of a brain hemorrhage. Amanda and Jacob are buried in the Frostburg cemetery. (See children B1 through B17, page 3.)

NOTES FOR JACOB: There are age discrepancies concerning Jacob. On May 23, 1906, the "Cumberland
Times" printed an article about a 75th birthday party held for Jacob. It says his birthday was May 20, 1831. His civil war papers say his birthday was 5-30-1833. His death certificate says he was born 5-20-1833.

C -- MARY ELLEN CHAPMAN, b. 5-9-1853 in Somerset County PA, d. 3-12-1923 of Paralysis in Buckhannon WV. Mary Ellen (18) married Erastus Calvin ("E.C.") Woodruff (26) on 3-5-1871 by Pastor J. D. Brenninger in Garrett County. E. C. was born 9-27-1844 in Green County PA and died 11-30-1928 in Buckhannon WV. Mary and E. C. are buried in Heavner Cemetery, Buckhannon WV. (See children C1 through C8, page 4.)

NOTES FOR MARY AND "E.C.": E.C. was a Methodist Minister. Other than a brief ministry at the Methodist Church in Grantsville MD, E.C. spent his entire preaching career in various cities in West Virginia. Mary's obituary was printed in "The Buckhannon Delta" on March 15, 1923. E. C.'s obituary was printed in "The Buckhannon Republican" on December 6, 1928.

D -- LYDIA VIRGINIA CHAPMAN, b. 1-1-1855 in Somerset County PA, d. 1-26-1919 of Pneumonia in Bellevue PA. Lydia (21) married William H. Bepler (25) on 10-14-1875 in Garrett County. William was born in 1850 in Frostburg MD and died 11-4-1906 of TB in Chico, California. Lydia and William are buried Union Dale Cemetery, Brighton Road, Pittsburgh PA. (See children D1 through D4, page 4.)

NOTES FOR LYDIA AND WILLIAM: William was a butcher and ran a tavern in Frostburg. They lived in Frostburg until about 1891 when William left the family to seek his fortune. Lydia and the children moved to Pennsylvania.


E -- EMMA LOU CHAPMAN, b. 3-31-1859 in Grantsville MD, d. 7-4-1906 in Grantsville. Primary cause, apoplexy, immediate cause, hemorrhage. (Emma was milking a cow and it kicked her in the head). Emma (25) married Noah Broadwater (33) on 11-26-1884 in Garrett County. Noah was born 9-5-1851 in Grantsville and died 2-1-1909 of Myocarditis in Pittsburgh PA. Emma and Noah are buried in the Grantsville cemetery. (See children E1 through E5, page 5.)

F -- WILLIAM H. CHAPMAN, JR., b. 5-6-1861 in Grantsville MD, d. 12-10-1915 in Cincinnati OH of TB. He married Elizabeth Smith 12-27-1892 in Cincinnati OH. Elizabeth was born in Ohio - her parents born in Ireland. William's obituary was printed in the Cumberland Times 12-17-1915. He is buried in St. Joseph's New Cemetery in Cincinnati OH. (See children F1 and F2, page 5.)

G -- VIRGINIA R. (OR JANE) CHAPMAN -- A "Jane" is listed in the 1870 Census for Grantsville MD as 4 years old. Virginia R. Chapman is buried beside Rachel in Grantsville MD and the stone says daughter of W. H. and Rachel and she died 2-3-1872. The stone says 4 yrs., 2 mos., 3 days old. I'm assuming the "Jane" is Virginia and is listed in the 1870 census at the wrong age.

1860, 1870, and 1880 Census for Willliam & Rachel Chapman Family:

10-5-1860, Grantsville MD, 3rd District, Page 549: William 45; Rachel 37; Amanda 9; Mary 7; Lydia 5; Emma 1; and Ella Glotfelty 8. William was a Blacksmith.
8-25-1870, Grantsville MD, Page 53: William 53; Rachel 48; Mary 18; Lydia 15; Emma 10; William 7; Jane 4; and Ella Glotfelty 18, Teacher. William was a Blacksmith.
6-18-1880, Grantsville: William 64; Rachel 56; Emma 21; and William Jr., 18. Both William and his son, William, were listed as Blacksmiths.



B -- The children of Amanda Chapman Keller and Jacob Keller: The birth dates of the Keller children were obtained by 3 sets of Jacob's Civil War papers; 1898, 1912 and 1915, by census records, and by death certificates that I could find. The birth dates vary in all of these papers. See "References" for death certificates.

B1 -- Mary Catherine Keller, b. 10-6-1868 in Grantsville, d. 8-4-1950 in Frostburg. Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Cumberland. Married George A. Mays on 5-8-1892 by Rev. Charles A. Britt, English Lutheran Church, Frostburg MD. George was b. 11-13-1867 in PA, d.1-10-1944 in the Cumberland Infirmary. (See children B1.1 through B1.4, page 6.)
B2 -- Ella F. Keller, b. 10-21-1869, d. before August 1870
B3 -- William H. Keller, b. 5-11-1871, d. before June 1880
B4 -- Emma L. Keller, b. 8-14-1872. Married Charles Edward Kight on 12-21-1892 in MD. (See children B4.1 through B4.3, page 6.)
B5 -- Annie D. Keller, b. 3-1-1875, d. before June 1880
B6 -- Charles Albert Keller, b. 8-27-1876 in Frostburg MD. Married Mary J. Humberson on 2-21-1898 in MD. Mary was born Nov. 1876 in MD. (See children B6.1 through B6.4, page 6.)
B7 -- Beulah Benton Keller, b. 6-6-1880 in Frostburg MD, d. 7-17-1908 in Frostburg of TB. Married Charles William Green on 7-7-1903 in Frostburg. No children. Beulah is buried in the Frostburg cemetery.
B8 -- Julia B. Keller, b. 1-14-1882 in Frostburg MD, d. 4-4-1899 in Frostburg. Julia committed suicide by drinking one ounce of laudanum.
B9 -- Chapman Keller, b. 4-12-1883 in Frostburg, d. before June 1900
B10 -- Rachel Keller, b. 5-23-1884 in Frostburg MD, d. 11-24-1969 in Brunswick OH. Married Verus C. Workman April 1904 in MD. Verus was b. 6-6-1883 in Frostburg MD, d. 12-3-1960 in Ohio. Rachel and Verus are buried in the Frostburg cemetery. (See children B10.1 and B10.2, page 6.)
B11 -- Harry Jacob Keller, b. 12-31-1885 in Frostburg MD, d. 5-11-1927 in Frostburg. On May 10, 1927, Harry shot his wife. She survived. He then shot himself in the head and died the next day. Married Emma Florence Harden on 3-17-1908 in MD. (See children B11.1, page 6.)
B12 -- Humphrey Keller, b. 3-14-1887 in Frostburg MD. Married Rose Faloona in 1911 in PA. Rose was b. 8-6-1893 in PA, d. 6-12-1985 in Allegheny County PA. (See children B12.1, page 6.)
B13 -- Lydia V. Keller, b. 3-23-1888 in Frostburg MD, d. before 1898
B14 -- Ida M. Keller, b. 11-1-1889 in Frostburg MD. Married Leo B. Hendrix about 1912 in PA. Leo was born about 1879 in PA. No children. 1920 census, Chicago IL, 1930 census, Tulsa OK.
B15 -- Amanda E. Keller, b. 5-13-1891 in Frostburg MD, d. 9-24-1974 in Methodist Nursing Home, Meadville PA. Buried in Riverview Cemetery, Penn Hills PA. Married (1) William J, Macey in 1912 in PA; and (2) George Wilbert Scott in PA. George was b. 6-2-1880, d. 7-12-1956 in PA. No children. 1920 census, East Liberty PA; 1930 census, Wilkinsburg PA.
B16 -- Edward A. Keller, b. 10-27-1894 in Frostburg MD. According to his father's Civil War papers, he was alive March 1915. No death records in PA for the years 1915-1925. Not listed as a sibling in the newspaper article on his brother's death in 1927. No death certificate in MD.
B17 -- Martha A. Keller, b. 10-14-1895 in Frostburg MD, d. 11-29-1976 in Mead Nursing Home, West Mead Township PA. Married Thomas Fred Clark in 1911 in PA. Martha is buried in Our Lady Queen of the America's Cemetery, Conneaut Lake PA. (See children B17.1 through B17.3, page 6.)

Census for Keller Family:

8-17-1870, Summit Township, Somerset Co. PA: Jacob Keller 27; Amanda E. 19; and Mary 2.
6-5-I880, Enum. Dist. #10: Frostburg MD: Jacob 41; Amanda 29; Mollie 11; Emma L. 7; Charles A. 3; and Beulah B. b. June 1880.
6-9-1900, Election Dist. #11, Frostburg MD: Jacob 67; Amanda 49; Beulah 20; Rachel 16; Harry 14; Humphrey 13; Ida 11; Amanda 9; Edward 5, and Martha 4. It states Amanda had 17 children, 11 living.
4-27-1910, Election Dist. #11, Borden Mines MD: Jacob 76; Elizabeth 59; Humphrey 23; Ida 20; Edward Alan 15; and Martha 14.


C - The children of Mary Ellen Chapman & Erastus ("E.C.") Woodruff:

C1 -- W. H. Woodruff (son), b. 1872 in WV, d. before 1923
C2 -- Annie (or Anna) V. Woodruff, b. 1874 in WV. Married James H. Freeland. Lived in Preston County WV.
C3 -- J. Earle Woodruff, b. 1876 in WV, d. before 1923
C4 -- Charlie W. Woodruff, b. 1880 in WV, d. before 1923
C5 -- Mary Blanche Woodruff, b. 1884 in WV. Married Newton B. Frame on 4-25-1906 by her father. (See children C5.1, page 7.)
C6 -- Edna May Woodruff, b. 7-17-1887 in WV, d. 5-12-1962 in Buckhannon WV. Married Raymond C. Lorentz by her father. Lived in Buckhannon WV.
C7 -- Edith Woodruff, b. 3-9-1890 in WV. Married Walter Fowkes in 1914 by her father. (See children C7.1 and C7.2, page 7.)
C8 -- Ruth H. Woodruff, b. 1892 in WV. Married Charles G. Hoffman on 2-26-1914 by her father. (See children C8.1 and C8.2, page 7.)

Census for Woodruff Family:

6-22-1880, Elizabeth, Wirt County, West Virginia: E. C. 35; Mary E. 27; W. H. 8; Annie V. 6; J. Earle 4; and Charlie W. 10 months.
Although the 1890 census was destroyed the Veterans Schedule was not and it lists E. C. as living in Clinton Township, Monongalia County, WV.
I could not locate this family in the 1900 census. They moved to Buckhannon WV in 1900 and could have been in the process of moving during census-taking time.
4-19-1910, Buckhannon, Upshur County WV: Erastus 65; Mary E. 56; Edith L. 20; Ruth H. 18; Newton Frame (son-in-law) 33, Mary B. Frame, Daughter, 28; and Marshall W. Frame, Grandson, 8 months. It also says Mary Ellen had 8 children, 7 living, so I am assuming one of the boys died before 1910.
1-19-1920, Buckhannon WV: Erastus 75 and Mary E. 66.

D - The children of Lydia Virginia Chapman and William H. Bepler:

D1 -- Lillian M. Bepler, b. 11-20-1876 in Frostburg MD, d. 12-17-1902 in West Penn Hospital, Pittsburgh
PA, of Appendicitis. Single. 1900 census, Allegheny City PA.
D2 -- Charles W. Bepler, b. 12-15-1877 in Frostburg MD, d. 1-21-1945 in Pittsburgh PA. Married Barbara
Miller on 6-6-1900 in Meyersdale PA. Barbara was b. 1-19-1877 in Meyersdale, d. 2-12-1960 in PA. (See children D2.1 and D2.2, page 7.)
D3 -- Henry L. Bepler, b. 10-19-1879 in Frostburg MD, d. 1-1-1929 in PA. Married Emma B. Newman on 12-12-1907 in Somerset County PA. Henry is buried in the Rockwood IOOF Cemetery in Milford Township, Somerset County PA. (See children D3.1, page 7.)
D4 -- Nellie V. Bepler, b. July 1881 in Frostburg MD, d. May 1967 in PA. Nellie married (1) George H.
Giles on 4-30-1899 in PA. George was b. Jan. 1872, d. 3-31-1902 in PA. Married (2) Addison L. Stevenson on 11-16-1904 in PA. Addison was b. 12-15-1873, d. 6-5-1969 in PA. 1900 census, Nellie & George: East Deer Township, Allegheny County PA. 1910, 1920 and 1930 census, Nellie & Addison: Bellevue Borough, Allegheny County PA.

Census for Bepler Family:

6-7-1880, Election District 11, Frostburg MD: William 30; Lydia 24; Lillie M. 3; Charles William 2; and
Henry Lewis 8 months.
6-12-1900, 2nd Ward, Allegheny City PA: Lydia 45 was keeping house for the family of Frederick Buhner.
4-27-1910, 3rd Ward, Bellevue Borough PA: Lydia 55 was living with her daughter Nellie Stevenson 28
and husband Addison 36.



E - The children of Emma Chapman and Noah Broadwater:

E1 -- Nelle Maud Broadwater, b. 7-13-1886 in Grantsville MD, d. 6-13-1961 in Cumberland MD. Married
Gustav W. M. Zeller on 9-30-1911 by Scott F. Hershey, Minister of the Court, New Castle PA. Gustav was b. 12-11-1884 in Frostburg, d. 10-21-1964 in Frostburg. Nelle is buried in the Grantsville cemetery. Gus in Frostburg. (See children E1.1 through E1.3, page 7.)
E2 -- Ivan G. Broadwater, b. 12-14-1891 in Grantsville MD, d, 1-29-1893 in Grantsville. Buried in the Grantsville cemetery.
E3 -- Russell Jennings Broadwater, b. 1-27-1895 in Grantsville MD, d. 1-11-1919 in Frostburg MD. Buried in the Grantsville cemetery.
E4 -- Dr. Gratten Vernet Broadwater, b. 12-7-1896 in Grantsville, d. 7-3-1960 in Hagerstown MD. Married Mary Olive Smouse on 8-16-1918. Olive was b. 10-24-1895, d. 3-29-1973. Grat is buried in the Grantsville cemetery. (See children E4.1 and E4.2, page 8.)
E5 -- Margaret Broadwater, b. 5-2-1900 in Grantsville MD, d. 1-20-1958 in Frostburg MD. Married James Marshall Lemmert on 9-23-1931. James was b. 6-23-1896, d. 3-16-1987 in Westernport MD. Margaret and James are buried in the Frostburg cemetery. (See children, E5.1, page 8.)

Census for Broadwater Family:

6-19-1900, Elec. Dist. 3, Grantsville MD: Noah 48, Merchant; Emma 41; Nellie M. 13; Russell J. 5; Gratten 3; Infant Daughter 0.
5-21-1910, Elec. Dist. 3, Grantsville MD: (Noah died in 1909, Emma died in 1904 and Nelle had legal guardianship of her siblings). Nellie 23; Music Teacher, Russell 15; Gratten 13; Margaret 10.

F -- The children of William H. Chapman, Jr. and Elizabeth Smith:

F1 -- William Chapman, b. September 1894
F2 -- Joseph Chapman, b. November 1897

Census for William Chapman, Jr. Family:

6-8-1900, Sup. Dist. 1, Cincinnati OH: William 39; Elizabeth 28; William C. 5; Joseph C. 2
4-21-1910, Sup. Dist. 1, Cincinnati OH: William 47; Elizabeth 37; William C. 15; Joseph C. 13
1920 & 1930, Cincinnati OH: Wiliam died in 1915, Elizabeth remarried Walter Bittner. They remained in Cincinnati.



B. Keller Family:

B1 -- Children of Mary Keller & George Mays:
(1900 census, Frostburg MD; 1910 census for Frostburg MD, Mary states she had 6 children, 4 living. 1920 and 1930 census, Cumberland MD)

B1.1 - Osa May, b. October 1893, m. Thomas F. Lewis (at least 2 children: Virginia b. 1920; Thomas F.
b. 1921)
B1.2 - Ralph Raymond, b. 12-14-1895, d. 4-23-1978 in Cumberland
B1.3 - Helen, b. November 1897
B1.4 - George A., Jr., b. 10-26-1902, d. June 1974 in Phoenix, Arizona

B4 -- Children of Emma Keller & Charles Edward Kight:
(1900 and 1910 census, Frostburg MD; 1920 and 1930 census, Wilkinsburg PA)

B4.1 -- Nellie, b. March 1894
B4.2 - Bertha, b. May 1896
B4.3 - Albert, b. 2-19-1899

B6 -- Children of Charles & Mary (Humberson) Keller:
(1900 and 1910 census, Frostburg MD; 1920 and 1930 census, Swissvale PA)

B6.1 - Hilda, b. 1902
B6.2 - George, b. 1904
B6.3 - Elizabeth, b. 1906
B6.4 - Helen b. 1910

B10 -- Children of Rachel Keller and Verus C. Workman:
(1910, 1920, and 1930 census, Frostburg MD)

B10.1 - John Jacob, b. 8-6-1906, d.1-8-1957 in Frostburg MD
B10.2 - Roy, b. 1911

B11 -- Children of Harry & Emma (Harden) Keller:
(1900, 1910, and 1920 census, Frostburg MD)

B11.1 - In 1924, Harry and Emma adopted an infant son and called him Harry

B12 -- Children of Humphrey & Rose (Faloona) Keller:
(1920 and 1930 census, Swissvale PA)

B12.1 - Raymond, b. 3-30-1914 in PA, d. 4-12-1997 in PA

B17 -- Children of Martha Keller & Thomas Fred Clark:
(1920 census, Pittsburgh PA; 1930 census Wilkinsburg PA)

B17.1 - Ethel, b. 1915
B17.2 - Thomas, b. 1916
B17.3 - Alma, b. 9-12-1918 in PA, d. May 1982 in PA, m. Albert Weiland, b. 11-4-1915, d. 5-26-2002 in PA


(Great Grandchildren, Continued)

C -- Woodruff Family:

C5 -- Children of Mary Woodruff & Newton Frame:
(1910 & 1920 census, Buckhannon WV)

C5.1 - Marshall W., b. 1909 (1930 census was at West Point Military Academy NY)

C7 -- Children of Edith Woodruff & Walter Fowkes:
(1920 & 1930 census, Buckhannon WV)

C7.1 - Walter, b. 1916
C7.2 - Theodore, b. 1920

C8 -- Children of Ruth Woodruff & Charles G. Hoffman:
(1920 & 1930 census, Buckhannon WV)

C8.1 - Harry, b. 1919
C8.2 - Betty L., b.1923

D -- Bepler Family:

D2 -- Children of Charles & Barbara (Miller) Bepler:
(1900 census, Meyersdale PA; 1910, 1920, and 1930 census, Greensburg, Westmoreland County PA)

D2.1 - William, b. 1909
D2.2 - Elizabeth, b. 1919

D3 -- Children of Henry L. & Emma (Newman) Bepler:
(1910 census, Salisbury PA; 1920 census, Rockwood, Somerset County PA)

D3.1 - Nellie, b. 1909, m. Nelson E. Starr


E -- Broadwater Family:

E1 -- Children of Nelle Broadwater & Gustave Zeller:
(1920 & 1930 census, Frostburg MD)

E1.1 - Darrell Gustave Zeller, b. 11-20-1912 in Frostburg MD, d. 12-3-1990 in Frostburg MD. Married Charlotte Carter of Garrett PA on 6-13-1940. Darrell is buried in the Frostburg cemetery.

E1.2 - Violet L. Zeller, b. 5-15-1915 in Frostburg MD, d. 5-3-1970 in Washington, D.C. Married Robert C. Barclay in Winchester VA 2-15-1937. Robert was born 10-2-1906 in Lonaconing MD, d. 5-13-1998 in LaVale MD. Violet is buried in the Grantsville cemetery; Robert in the Frostburg cemetery.

E1.3 - Dr. William B. Zeller, b. 11-16-1918 in Frostburg MD, d. 3-15-1990 in Bedford PA. Married Evelyn Boore, widow of Harold Holsopple. Evelyn was b. 2-4-1923 in Bedford PA, d. 5-8-1998 in Bedford PA. Both are buried in Bedford PA.


E4 -- Children of Dr. Gratten Vernet Broadwater & Mary Olive Smouse:
(1920 census, Frostburg MD; 1930 census, Chambersburg PA)

E4.1 - Dr. Russell Broadwater, b. 7-2-1921, d. 8-7-1995 in Chambersburg PA. Married 11-13-1943 to June E. Horst of Maugansville MD.
E4.2 - William Nicholas Broadwater, b. 6-13-1932. Married 8-1-1954 to Margaret E. Rogers. Margaret was born 7-2-1932 in Basel, Switzerland, d. 7-21-1997 in Portland ME.

E5 -- Children of Margaret Broadwater & James Lemmert:

E5.1 - Margaret June Lemmert, b. 2-28-1933 in Frostburg. Married 9-30-1955 in MD to Richard Allen Rinard of Westernport. Richard was born 7-12-1931.



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