Genealogy of William D. Chapman


1. William D. Chapman #100, b. 1760, S.C. or VA. He married Elizabeth Cowan #101, m. 1785, in Sullivan's Island, So Carolina, b. South Carolina, d. 1846, South Carolina. William died 13-Mar-1813, Georgia. Robert Duncan Chapman, in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R., said his grandfather, William Chapman was born in S.C. in 1760 where he lived during the revolution and where he enlisted as a soldier of S.C. at the age of 19 in 1779. After the revolutionary war, about 1785 or 1789, William Chapman married Elizabeth Cowan and had the 7 children shown, the last of whom, W.H.J., was born in 1808 and was the father of Robert Duncan.

The Company pay roll slips show that William Chapman was a private in Captain Uriah Goodwyn's Company in the 3rd Regiment of South Carolina Continental Troops commanded by Col. William Thompson. Pay periods were 1 Mar to 1 July 1779, 1 July to 1 Aug 1779, 1 Aug to 18 Aug 1779 and 18 Aug to 1 Nov 1779. The pay slips for William Chapman, Sergeant in the same Company and Regiment were for the periods 1 Aug to 18 Aug 1779 and 18 Aug to 1 Nov 1779. Does this mean that the private was promoted to Sergeant 1 Aug 1779 and served at the same time from 1 Aug to 1 Nov 1779 or that there were two men with the same name in the same Company and Regiment? The Rolls give 1 Dec 1776 as the date of enlistment and say he was Sergeant 1 Aug 1779. Perhaps they were father and son. The Pay Roll of the Third Regiment for March 1780 shows it in Garrison at the Siege of Charleston in 1780.

Georgia records of bounty land for service in the Revolution show William Chapman was entitled to 250 acres and prayed for 287 1/2 acres of land in Franklin Co. on the certificate of Col. E. Clark, 24th December 1784. The record also show William Chapman was granted 287 1/2 acres in Franklin Co., bounded all sides vacant. Cut N. & S. by Indian creek, survey 155. Aug 2, 1784. p. 90.

Revolutionary War Bounty Land Grants by Lloyd DeWitt Bockstruck, Genealogical Publishing Co., p. 97 reports the following: (i) William Chapman, S.C. 1 Oct. 1825. 200 acres, (ii) William Chapman, Va. Private, 17 Oct. 1825 200 acres, (iii) William Chapman, Jr. Ga. Refugee 15 Mar. 1784 250 acres, (iv) William Chapman, Sr. Ga, Refugee 10 Dec. 1784 250 Acres.

The first Federal census of Georgia now in existence is for 1820 which lists only one William Chapman who was in Wilkinson Co. which is two counties east of Houston County birthplace of the youngest son of W.H.J., Robert Duncan in 1839. If this was the father of W.H.J. he lived beyond 1813. The first tax digest found in Wilkes County, Ga court house was taken to replace the census of 1790 which was destroyed during the war of 1812. Capt. Wilson's district, received by John Talbot Esq. found William Chapman 1 1/2 polls, 1 slave, 200 acres in Wilkes Co. William Chapman and wife Elizabeth deeded 300 acres of land in Wilkes Co to Ann Milligan 20 Dec 1784. How does this relate to the 287 1/2 acres of the bounty grant in Franklin County? Franklin Co. was formed 1784 from Indian land ceded 1783, county seat Carnesville (30521). Wilkes Co. was formed 1777 from colonial Georgia, county seat Washington (30673).

The following is from Warren Co. Inferior Court, first minute book: 2-Jan-1804, Hannah Chapman applies for administration on estate of Laban Chapman and was appointed with William Chapman surety. Warren Co. was created 19-Dec-1793 from parts of Richmond, Columbia and Wilkes Counties and is located due west of Augusta 30-31 miles. William was also witness to a deed 1801 & 1853.

The Georgia Journal, Millidgeville, Ga., reported from Jones Co. that Elizabeth Chapman, Administratix of Wm. Chapman Estate, will sell residence on September 3, 1814. Jones Co. was formed 1807 from Baldwin Co., county seat Gray (31032).

Deed Book "B", Warren Co., p. 380 contains the following: William Lockett to Nicholas Pool, both of Warren Co., 10-Aug-1801, 50 ac. located on Williams & Hart's Creeks. Witness William Chapman.

The 1880 Randolph Ctny, Ga. census found W.H.J. Chapman and said his mother, Elizabeth Cowan, was born in S.C. and his father William was born in Virginia. Elizabeth: 1830 Georgia census found her in Butts Co. (the same Co. as her oldest son, Robert) as the head of the household with one male age 15-20 and herself, age 50-60. 1840 Georgia census found her in Jasper Co. (joins Butts Co. to the East).
2. i Robert M. Chapman #102, b. 1790, Georgia. He married Caroline Glover #1269, m. 29-Oct-1835, in Jones Ctny., Ga. , 1820 census found him in Warren Cnty. & 1830 census found him in Butts County. 1840 census found him in Jones County, Ga.
3. ii Elizabeth Chapman #103, b. 1793, Georgia. She married Mr. Daniels #104. R.D. Chapman in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. Said his aunt Elizabeth married "Mr. Daniels" of Muscogee Ctny, Ga.
4. iii Harriett Chapman #105, b. 1796, Georgia. She married Rev. Mr. Jackson #106. R.D. Chapman in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said that his aunt Harriett married Rev. Mr. Jackson.
+ 5. iv Mary Ann #107 b. 1797.
6. v Salina Chapman #109, b. 1802, Georgia. She married Mr. Allen #110, m. in Muscogee County, Ga. R.D. Chapman in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said his aunt Salina married Mr. Allen of Muscogee Ctny, Ga.
7. vi Daughter #111, b. 1805.
+ 8. vii William Hilliard Judson #112 b. 17-Apr-1808.

Second Generation

5. Mary Ann Chapman #107, b. 1797, Georgia. She married Henry Cunyus #108, b. Houston Cnty., Georgia, occupation Farmer. R. D. Chapman in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said his aunt Mary married Henry Cunyus, a farmer in Houston County, Ga. Sarah Frances Rowan in a July 2, 1959 letter to Robert L. Sonfield, Sr. said her understanding was that Mary Chapman was her great grandmother, her grandfather married a Miss Celestia Warren of Montgomery Ala., and their daughter, Sarah Warren Cunyus married her father, Josiah Kennedy Rowan, Jr., the son of Josiah Kennedy Rowan, Sr., a descendent of one of the two Rowan brothers from England to Tennessee.
+ 9. i William #3228 b. 1828.

8. William Hilliard Judson Chapman #112, b. 17-Apr-1808, Georgia. He married (1) Temperance Honor Jordan #113, m. 1830, b. 1812, Georgia, d. 1860, Randolph Ctny Georgia. He married (2) Rosa Bell #114, m. 1860, in Georgia, b. 1802, Cuthbert, Georgia. William died 10-Sep-1884, Cuthbert, Randolph Ctny, Georgia. 8/24/1833 W.H.J. deeded 192 ac of Lot 5 in the 9th Dist of Houston Cnty. to Richard Wallice. The deed was recd. 9/18/1833. 3/13/1838 he deeded 50 ac of lot 117 in the 13th Dist of Houston Cnty to Duncan Jordan (was he a relative?) The deed was rec'd 11/5/1841. The 1850 census found him in Cuthbert, Randolph Cnty., Ga as a farmer, the 1860 census found him in the same place as a mechanic, the 1870 census found him in Cuthbert, Ga and the 1880 census found him in Randolph County, Ga married to Rosa. W.H.J. and his wife Temperance had 14 children, 7 of whom died in infancy.
Children by Temperance Honor Jordan:
10. i Mary Ann Chapman #115, b. 1834, Georgia. She married Andrew J. Morris #1951, m. 18-Sep-1834, in Randolph Ctny Georgia.
11. ii Temperance Chapman #116, b. 1835, Georgia. Robert Duncan Chapman in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said she never married. 1900 Census of Miller County, Georgia found her in the honme of her sister, Kitty and brother in law, Council Allen Sheffield.
+ 12. iii William Paine #117 b. 1838.
+ 13. iv Robert Duncan #124 b. 08-Dec-1839.
+ 14. v Sarah Catherine (Kitty) #166 b. 1847.
+ 15. vi Elizabeth #167 b. 1850.
+ 16. vii James Herschel #168 b. 1854.
Children by Rosa Bell:
17. viii John Chapman #171, b. 1864, Georgia. Robert Duncan in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said John had no children.
18. ix Anna Chapman #172, b. 1867, Georgia. Robert Duncan in his 1927 letter to the D.A.R. said Anna had no children.
+ 19. x Judson C. #173 b. 1870.

Third Generation

9. William Cunyus #3228, b. 1828, Houston Cnty., Georgia. He married Celestia Adalide Jennings #3229, b. 1832, Georgia.
20. i Creed Henry Cunyus #3230.
21. ii Walter Daniel Cunyus #3231.
22. iii Forte Moultry Cunyus #3232.
23. iv Sarah Warren Cunyus #3233. She married Josiah Kennedy Rowan, Jr. #3239, (son of Josiah Kennedy Rowan, Sr. #3240).
24. v Ida Rebecca Cunyus #3234.
25. vi Homer Jennings Cunyus #3235.
26. vii Charlie Julius Cunyus #3236.
27. viii Mary Ann Cunyus #3237.
28. ix Maude Celestia Cunyus #3238, b. 23-Mar-1875, Cartersville, Ga.

12. William Paine Chapman #117, b. 1838, Georgia, occupation Physician. He married Dora C. #118, b. 1847, Georgia. The 1880 Census found William Paine in Tyler Cnty., Texas as a Physician. Found on the Muster Roll of Company D., 51st Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, C.S.A., Miller Guards as 2nd Lieutenant 4-Mar-1862. Elected 1st Lieutenant 21-Aug-1862; Captain 29-Apr-1863. Wounded Aug. 1864. (Born in 1838). Practiced medicine in Angelina County for his entire career. Dora: The 1880 census found her in Tyler Cnty., Texas and said both her mother and father were born in Ga.
29. i William Chapman #119, b. 1862, Georgia.
30. ii Mary H. Chapman #120, b. 1869, Georgia.
31. iii Lee J. Chapman #121, b. 1871, Texas.
32. iv Hattie Chapman #122, b. 1874, Texas.
33. v James Chapman #123, b. 1878, Texas.

13. Robert Duncan Chapman #124, b. 08-Dec-1839, Houston Cnty., Georgia. He married Eugenia Alice McNeil #125, m. 21-Nov-1867, in Cuthbert, Randolph Ctny, Georgia, b. 10-Aug-1845, Harris County, Georgia, (daughter of William W. McNeil #127 and Martha Goodson #126) d. 22-Jun-1906, Houston, Texas, buried: Nacogdoches, Texas. Robert died 07-Aug-1934, Houston, Texas. The census of 1840 found Robert Duncan in Houston Cnty., Ga (one year old); 1850 found him in Randolph Cnty., Ga; the 1860 Census of Randolph Ctny Ga. found him, as a clerk, in the home of his father, W.H.J. Chapman, and his mother, Temperance; the 1870 Census of Clay Cnty Ga. found him in Cotton Hill as a dry good merchant, age 30 and his wife, Eugenia, age 22 married with no children; and 1880 found him in Jefferson Cnty., Texas married with 3 children. The 1910 census found him in Dallas, Texas as the head of the household with his daughter, Martha and two grandchildren, Robert Leon Sonfield and George McNeil Sonfield. He served as Captain, Co. E 55th Ga. Regiment C.S.A. & Major Gen. Texas Division U.C.V.

On June 18, 1900, E.A. Blount (whose deceased daughter, Laura, had been married to his son, William McNeil) of Nacogdoches and W.J. Townsend, Sr. of Lufkin, filed a plot plan in Angelina County to establish the town site of Huntington on the Texas and New Orleans Railroad running North from Beaumont. On Saturday, June 22, they conducted a public auction of these town lots. Among the successful bidders were Capt. Robert Duncan Chapman and his brother, Dr. James Herschell Chapman.

Robert is regarded by some as "the father of Huntington." He became the first Postmaster when the job was created on July 23, 1900 and the first to build a store in Huntington; a mammoth general store. Robert's Store was described in the Lufkin Weekly Tribune in 1902 as having an "immense stock of everything you can think of, from a handle to a full stock of goods of any description. He is also, in connection with his son, at the head of the Huntington Piling and Tie Company. In connection with his mercantile business, he also has an undertaking establishment."

The March 28, 1928 edition of the Houston Post-Dispatch reported that Major General R.D. Chapman, commanding the Texas division of the United Confederate Veterans, was appointed by Governor Dan Moody to represent the state at the ceremony unveiling the statue of General Robert E. Lee and his "Old Traveler," at Stone Mountain Georgia, April 9. The statue of Lee and his famous white horse will be unveiled by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association of Atlanta, which invited both General Chapman and Governor Moody to attend. The governor, however, designated the Texas Confederate commander to represent the state.

The August 20, 1932 edition of the Dallas Journal carried a picture of General Chapman, who was then 93 years old, to report that he was in Dallas to visit relatives (his daughter, Mrs. Charles Desel, of Arlington) and speak at a joint meeting of the Dallas Confederate camps. He was quoted as believing that he is the oldest Confederate veteran in this part of the country and possibly in the United States. In addition to his long service in the veterans' organization he reported two other records of which he is proud. He has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South for eighty-three years and has held the degree of Master Mason for seventy-one years. For the last four years he has been commander of one of the three departments of the Confederate organization. General Chapman, a native of Houston County, Georgia, entered the War Between the States as a Sergeant Major of the First Georgia Regiment. Later as a First Lieutenant of the Fifty-Fifth Regiment he participated in Bragg's raid into Kentucky. At the Cumberland River crossing his Captain was killed and he became company commander.

After the raid he recrossed the Cumberland into Tennessee, where his company was captured near Cumberland Gap by Federal troops under command of General Burnsides and he was sent to the Johnson Island prison. When his detachment was about to be captured, he buried his sword rather than give it up to the enemy. "I believe that sword, which was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, is still in the ground there, on the Tennessee side of the Gap," he said. I tried first to break the blade, and when I couldn't, I rammed it past the hilt in the soft ground near a small branch. Then I took a pit of wood and pushed it eight inches below the level of the ground. I have often thought I would like to go back and see if I could find it." Five months later he escaped and returned to Georgia, where he organized a new command and reported to Savannah.

Hard pressed by Sherman's army, his command withdrew with other Confederate troops from Savannah through South Carolina and into North Carolina, where he led them in the last fight of the war at Bentonville, a few days before the surrender.

Twenty years ago (1912) the veteran was a Dallas resident, living in Oak Cliff. For several years he was gatekeeper at Fair Park. During his residence in Dallas he was active in Masonic and Confederate organizational activities.

In Houston, where he makes his home with a daughter, Mrs. George S. King, he is bailiff of the Harris County grand jury, a post he has held for fifteen years (since 1917). The war prevented his obtaining an education for a profession, he said. Toward "what you might say" is the "close of my life," he hopes to receive recognition for what he has accomplished - "a respectable place in life."

"But I believe I'll live to be 100 yet," he concluded.
+ 34. i William McNeil #128 b. 25-Dec-1870.
+ 35. ii Martha Carrie #130 b. 18-Jan-1874.
+ 36. iii Lollie Dee #151 b. 07-Apr-1879.

14. Sarah Catherine (Kitty) Chapman #166, b. 1847, Houston Cnty., Georgia. She married Council Allen Sheffield #2630, m. in Georgia, b. 14-Feb-1845, Early County, Ga, (son of Bryant Arthur Sheffield #2631 and Phenetta Allen #2632) d. 14-May-1902, buried: Tabb Cmtry Miller Co., Ga. Sarah died Cir 1847, Georgia. Council: Found on the Muster Roll of Company D, 51st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia C.S.A., Miller Guards. 4th Corporal 4-Mar -1862. Wounded in head, date and place not given. Captured near Farmville, Va. 6-Apr-1865. Released at Point Lookout, Md. in 1865. (Born in Early County, Georgia 14-Feb-1845).
37. i Finetta (Nettie) Sheffield #2633, b. 1867, d. 1913.
+ 38. ii William Council #2634 b. 28-Jul-1869.
39. iii Bryant Allen Sheffield #2635, b. 14-Mar-1873, d. 24-Jul-1946.
40. iv James Sheffield #2636, b. 1876.
41. v Wright Sheffield #2637, b. 17-Nov-1878, d. 25-Jul-1961.
+ 42. vi Lovie Arthur #2638 b. 21-Oct-1882.

15. Elizabeth Chapman #167, b. 1850, Georgia. She married Silas Sheffield #2639, m. in Georgia, b. 1848, Florida, (son of Bryant Arthur Sheffield #2631 and Phenetta Allen #2632) d. 2-Oct-1882, Miller Co., Ga.
43. i Molly Sheffield #2640, b. Cir 1870, Georgia.
44. ii Henry Sheffield #2641, b. Cir 1873, Texas.
45. iii Oscar Sheffield #2642, b. 1874, Georgia.
46. iv Wilkin Sheffield #2643, b. 1876, Georgia.

16. James Herschel Chapman #168, b. 1854, Randolph Ctny Georgia, occupation Physician. He married (1) Minola (Nola) Manning #169, b. 05-Sep-1862, Texas, d. 05-Jun-1896, buried: Homer Cmtry Homer, Angelina Cnty., Texas. He married (2) Margaret (Maggie) Lavina Abney #2834, b. 23-Feb-1878, (daughter of William Albert Abney, Sr. #2838 and Martha (Mattie) Jane Dixon #2839) d. 19-Oct-1909, buried: Knight-Glendale Cmtry Lufkin, Texas. He married (3) Josephine T. Moore #2837, b. 1868, d. 1959, buried: Knight-Glendale Cmtry Lufkin, Texas. James died 2-Mar-1925, Lufkin, Texas, buried: Glendale Cmtry, Lufkin, TX. The 1880 census found him in Angelina Cnty., Texas as a physician. Listed as one of the five physicians practicing in Homer when it was still the County Seat and one of the three investors who started The Banner May 12, 1882, the second newspaper in Homer. He advertised in the issue of March 2, 1883. Practice medicine in Angelina County for his entre career and was listed as a charter member of the Angelina County Medical Society in 1906. Texas Under Many Flags by Wharton said he was educated in the Memphis Hospital Medical College and began practice in Angelina County, Texas in 1873 doing the work of a pioneer doctor over a large section of East Texas. Minola: The 1880 census found Minola in Angelina Cnty., Texas and said her father was born in Miss and her mother in Alabama. Homer was founded before 1850 and originally named Angelina.
Children by Minola (Nola) Manning:
47. i Jamie William Chapman #170, b. 25-Jul-1880, Texas, d. Jun-1978, Plainview, Texas.
48. ii Bertie (Birdie) Chapman #2847, b. 1882.
49. iii Harmon Chapman #2848, b. 1884.
Children by Margaret (Maggie) Lavina Abney:
+ 50. iv Martha Dixon #2873 b. 5-Apr-1904.
51. v Herschel Albert Chapman #2836, b. 12-Dec-1906, Lufkin, Texas, occupation Insurance salesman. He married Gertrude L. #2846, d. 29-May-1983, Oakland, California, buried: California. Herschel died Cir 1952, buried: California. No children. Raised in Lufkin by his grandmother, Martha Jane Dixon Abney, after the death of his mother in 1909. Attended high school in Lufkin and one year of Rusk College. At the age of eighteen he began selling insurance, for two years represented the Franklin Life Insurance Company and has since been the representative in Lufkin of the Amicable Insurance Company of Waco.

19. Judson C. Chapman #173, b. 1870, Georgia. .
52. i Lorena Chapman #174. She married Mr. Young #175.

Fourth Generation

34. William McNeil Chapman #128, b. 25-Dec-1870, Georgia. He married (1) Laura Blount #129, m. 10-Oct-1894, in San Augustine, Texas, b. 16-Dec-1877, San Augustine, Texas, (daughter of Edward Augustus Blount #3148 and Itasca Sims #3149) d. 29-Jul-1896, San Augustine, Texas. He married (2) Martha Jane Due #2827. William died 10-May-1941, Cleveland, Liberty Co., Texas, buried: Oak Shade Cemetary. R.D.Chapman in 1927 letter to D.A.R. said McNeil served in the Spanish American war as 1st Lt. in Co. B 2nd Texas Regiment. In 1898 the Stone Fort Rifles, an honorary military group in Nacogdoches, converted itself to Company B of the 2nd Texas Regiment, Infantry, and went off to the Spanish-American War. The Nacogdoches boys came back to Dallas November 1, 1898, and were mustered out about one month later. The military personnel of Company B, as reported in a Daily Sentinel issue for 1928, included McNeil Chapman, First Lieutenant and George S. King, Quartermaster Sergeant. Shortly after they returned, June 1, 1899, George S. King married McNeil Chapman's sister Lollie Dee Chapman. It is possible that George King was introduced to his future wife by her brother and George's fellow member of the Stone Fort Rifles. Laura: Newspaper clipping in family scrapbook provided marriage, birth & death dates.
Children by Laura Blount:
53. i Infant Daughter #2821, b. 17-May-1895. Died at birth.
54. ii Laura Chapman #2822.
Children by Martha Jane Due:
+ 55. iii Mattie #2828 b. 1914.
+ 56. iv Bobbie #3113.
57. v Eugenia (Geane) Chapman #3114. She married ? Smith #3165.

35. Martha Carrie Chapman #130, b. 18-Jan-1874, Woodville, Texas. She married (1) Leon Sonfield #131, m. 01-Jun-1892, in Nacogdoches, Texas, b. 21-Apr-1865, Memphis, Tennessee, (son of Henry Sonfield #133 and Rose or Rachel Kornic #132) occupation Attorney & Judge, d. 15-Dec-1934, New Orleans, La, buried: Magnolia Cmtry, Beaumont, TX. She married (2) Charles Manning Desel #134, m. 13-June-1912, in Dallas, Texas, b. 21-May-1878, Belton, Texas, d. 20-June-1956, Beaumont, Texas, buried: Magnolia Cmtry., Beaumont, TX. Martha died 21-Aug-1963, Houston, Texas, buried: Magnolia Cmtry, Beaumont, TX. Leon: He was ordained to the Ministry of the Methodist Church at the age of 18 and
came to Texas to ride the Methodist circuit in East Texas, including Palestine
and Nacogdoches, where he met and married his wife, Martha Carrie Chapman. He
found his way to Galveston as pastor of St. James' Methodist Church, which he
built from a small congregation to the largest Methodist Cchurch in Texas.

In 1897 he began reading law in the Galveston office of Spencer and Kincaid
and, after eight months of study, he was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1898 and
became a member of the firm where he studied. He was a resident of Galveston
when the storm of 1900 destroyed the City. In 1901 he moved to Beaumont and
organized the law firm of Smith, Crawford & Sonfield. In 1913 his partner,
Ben Campbell, became mayor of Houston so the firm moved to Houston. In 1916
his eldest son, Robert, completed his law studies and the two joined in the
law firm of Sonfield & Sonfield.

In 1917 Governor James Ferguson appointed him a member of the Texas State
Council of Defense and in 1918 Governor W.P. Hobby appointed him Presiding
Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas. On February 19, 1921, Judge Sonfield
resigned from the Court and resumed his private practice of law. In 1924 his
youngest son, George McNeil joined the firm of Sonfield & Sonfield and Leon
was the senior partner of the firm until his death in 1934.
Children by Leon Sonfield:
+ 58. i Robert Leon #135 b. 06-Apr-1893.
+ 59. ii George McNeil #148 b. 21-Aug-1899.

36. Lollie Dee Chapman #151, b. 07-Apr-1879, Woodville, Texas. She married George Smith King #152, m. 01-Jun-1899, in Nacogdoches, Texas, b. 1876, Rusk County, Texas, (son of ? King #3158) d. 27-Aug-1965, Houston, Texas. Lollie died 17-May-1955, Houston, Texas. George: George earned his law degree at the Univ of Texas where he was a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. He served as District Attorney in Nacogdoches Cnty until he moved to Houston in 1905.
+ 60. i Carrie Eugenia (Geane) #153 b. 21-Feb-1903.
+ 61. ii Lollie Dee #158 b. 21-Sep-1908.

38. William Council Sheffield #2634, b. 28-Jul-1869, Miller Co., Ga. He married (1) Mary Cook #2644, m. 8-Jan-1893, in Miller Co., Ga, b. 1-Jan-1879, d. 18-Feb-1919. He married (2) Theodochie (Dochie) Lavonia V. Dawson #2657, m. 30-Aug-1919, in Miller Co., Ga, b. 17-Apr-1885, d. 17-Oct-1951, buried: Bellview Cmtry Miller Co., Ga. William died 20-Mar-1937.
Children by Mary Cook:
62. i Millie Mae Sheffield #2645, b. 25-Jan-1894.
63. ii Nettie Sheffield #2646, b. 19-Jul-1895, buried: Colquit, Ga.
64. iii William B. (Bud) Sheffield #2647, b. 20-Oct-1897, d. 6-Sep-1930.
65. iv Council Allen Sheffield #2649, b. 17-Jun-1900, d. 18-Sep-1975, buried: Florida.
66. v John Sheffield #2648, b. 16-Dec-1902, d. 12-Apr-1992, buried: Florida.
67. vi Arthur A. Sheffield #2650, b. 5-Sep-1904, d. 8-Nov-1917.
68. vii Mary Alma Sheffield #2651, b. 25-Dec-1907, d. 3-Sep-1908.
+ 69. viii Walter Thomas #2652 b. 5-Aug-1910.
70. ix Rosa Mae Sheffield #2653, b. 11-Feb-1912, d. 6-Jun-1993.
71. x Naomi Sheffield #2654, b. 28-Feb-1914, d. Aft 1993, Leesburg, Ga.
72. xi Agnes Sheffield #2655, b. 24-May-1917, d. Aft 1993, Arlington, Ga.
73. xii Oscar D. Sheffield #2656, b. 24-Feb-1919, d. 22-Jul-1919.
Children by Theodochie (Dochie) Lavonia V. Dawson:
74. xiii Vera Jewel Sheffield #2658, b. 7-Jun-1920, d. Aft 1993, Albany, Georgia.
+ 75. xiv Joseph Emmett #2659 b. 29-May-1922.
76. xv Mary Sheffield #2660, b. 29-May-1922, d. 29-May-1922.
+ 77. xvi Oliver Pearson #2661 b. 9-Mar-1927.

42. Lovie Arthur Sheffield #2638, b. 21-Oct-1882. She married ? Timmons #2801. Lovie died 23-Jul-1968.
+ 78. i Lucile #2802.

50. Martha Dixon Chapman #2873, b. 5-Apr-1904, Lufkin, Texas. She married Dwight Alfred Sharpe #2877, m. 21-May-1926, in Lufkin, Texas, b. 4-Sep-1901, Laredo, Texas, (son of Harry Seth Sharpe #2845) d. 2-Aug-1981, San Antonio, Texas. Raised by his grandmother, Martha Jane Dixon Abney, after the death of his mother in 1909. Dwight: President of his high school graduating class, business manager of the school annual, salutatorian of his class, vice resident of the Literary Society and lettered two years on the track team. Attended one year at the University of Kentucky and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and from Austin Theological Presbyterian Seminary in 1926 and spent his career serving as pastor of churches in this order: Laredo, Little Rock, Arkansas, Ballinger, Houston, Sweetwater, Dallas, San Antonio, Ruidoso, New Mexico and finally at Houston again. Retired, with his wife Martha Dixon Chapman Sharpe, to San Antonio in 1968, where they lived near the Alamo Heights Presbyterian Church and participated with that congregation until their deaths.
79. i Martha de Noailles Sharpe #2874, b. 7-Sep-1927, Laredo, Texas. She married Victor Marcus Ehlers, Jr. #2878, m. 6-Sep-1947, in Central Park Presbyterian, Houston, TX, b. 25-May-1923. Graduated from San Jacinto High School in Houston, Magna Cum Laude and entered Rice Institute. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.
80. ii Elizabeth Ann Sharpe #2875, b. 9-Aug-1929, Little Rock, Arkansas. She married Andrew Albert Jumper #2879, m. 14-Aug-1948, in Central Park Presbyterian, Houston, TX, b. 11-Sep-1927, Mississippi, d. 28-May-1992. Elizabeth died Dec-1973, St. Louis, Missouri, buried: Oak Grove Cmtry St. Louis, Missouri. Graduated Valedictorian at San Jacinto High School in Houston and attended Rice Institute. Completed her degree with her husband at the University of Mississippi. Andrew: Graduated from the University of Mississippi with his wife, Elizabeth, and went on to become a Presbyterian minister serving churches in Houston, Dallas, Lubbock and St. Louis Missouri.
81. iii Dwight Albert Sharpe #2876, b. 24-Jun-1939, Ballinger, Texas. He married Suzanne Margaret Boggess #2880, m. 30-Sep-1962, in Canal St Presbyterian Chrch, New Orleans, b. 2-Apr-1938, Griffin, Georgia, (daughter of Thomas Shelton Boggess, Jr. #2881 and Alice McElroy #2882). Graduated in 1957, in the middle of his class at Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, attended Austin College in Sherman and graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in May 1962.

Fifth Generation

55. Mattie Chapman #2828, b. 1914. She married ? Lee #2829.
82. i Carolyn Lee #2830. She married ? Rogers #2831.
83. ii Leta Lee #3112.

56. Bobbie Chapman #3113. She married Joe Kirkham #3115.
84. i Lloyd Kirkham #3116.

58. Robert Leon Sonfield #135, b. 06-Apr-1893, Nacogdoches, Texas, occupation Attorney. He married (1) Dorothy Harriett Huber #136, m. 15-Sep-1927, in Dallas, Texas, b. 31-Mar-1907, Dallas, Texas, (daughter of Chris Huber #138 and Sallie Bird Snead #137) d. 10-Dec-1949, Houston, Texas. He married (2) Margie (Erwin) Whitson #139, m. 24-Aug-1952, in Houston, Texas, b. 27-Aug-1903, Whitson, Texas, d. 24-Dec-1991, Houston, Texas. Robert died 24-Jun-1972, Houston, Texas, buried: Forrest Park Cmtry, Houston, TX. He was admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1914 and appointed United States
Commissioner for the Eastern District of Texas in 1916. On the day World War
I was declared, April 6, 1917, he enlisted in the Texas National Guard and
entered the Officers Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas May 4, 1917. He was
commisssioned second lieutenant, Fifth Infantry, Texas National Guard and
assigned to Company G and subsquently transferred to Company B, 143rd
Infantry, Thirty-sixth Division. He sailed with the First Battalion, 143rd
Infantry, from Newport News, Virginia for Camp Aldershot, near Halifax, Nova
Scotia, for an exibition review before the Governor General of Canada, thence
for France where his battalion rejoined the Thirty-sixth Division and
paricipated in the Champagne offensive and the Meuse-Argonne offensive. He
was promoted to the rank of first lieutenant August 1918, appointed as aerial
observer of the Thirty-sixth Division and detailed to the school of aerial
instruction; later rejoining his division. In February 1919, he was selected
as a member of the Inter-Allied Commission on the repatration of Russian and
allied prisoners of war and the American Military Mission with headquarters at
Berlin, Germany, in charge of the supervision of all prison camps in which
allied and Russian prisioners were confined and the distribution of food to
the prisoners pending repatriation. This assignment gave him the distinction
of being the first Texan to enter Berlin after signing of the armistice.

He remained in this position until September 1919, as first lieutenant, 143rd
Infantry, Thirty-sixth Division. He received a citation from the Secretary of
State for Foreign Affairs of Great Britian for the aid he rendered British
prisoners of was and letters of commendation from General John J. Pershing,
General George H. Harries and from Lieutenant Colonel Carl Taylor. After the
war he army reserve and was promoted to captain of infantry and adjutant of
the 143rd Infantry, Thirty-sixth Division.

He was a charter member of the River Oaks Country Club and a member of St.
Paul's Methodist Church, the University Club, the American Legion Sons of
American Revolution and the Sons of Confederate Vetrans, Holland Lodge No. 1,
A.F. and A.M., a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, the Aribia Temple Shrine and
the Arabia Temple Patrol.

He was elected City Attorney for the City of West University Place, a suburb
of Houston, when the City was chartered in 1928 and served in that capacity
until World War II was declared and he again volunteered for activite duty at
his reserve rank of Captain. He served as Staff Judge Advocate, Headquarters
Airborne Command, Camp Mackall, North Carolina and promoted to Major. He
was promoted to Lt. Colonel and
completed his tour of duty as Staff Judge Advocate, the Infantry School, Fort
Benning, Georgia where he wrote "A Guide for the Administration of Military
Justice" which was published by the Infantry School Fort Benning, Georgia. He
also received letters of commendation from the Commanding General of Ft.
Benning as well as the Commanding General of the Infantry School for his
service on the Fort Benning School Board.

For the third time, he volunteered for duty during the Korean conflict and
served as an instructor of military justice for the Texas National Guard in
Houston. His last military title was Colonel, Army of the United States,
Retired. Colonel Sonfield served the Sons of the American Revolution as
President of the local chapter, President of the State Society and President
General of the National Society during 1963-1964.
during 1963-1964.
Children by Dorothy Harriett Huber:
+ 85. i Robert Leon #140 b. 28-Oct-1931.
+ 86. ii Richard Huber #144 b. 16-Jul-1934.

59. George McNeil Sonfield #148, b. 21-Aug-1899, Galveston, Texas. He married (1) Grace Chantland #149, m. 05-Mar-1925, in Houston, Texas, (daughter of William T. Chantland #3222). He married (2) Maxcie Lee Tidwell De Mary #150, m. 11-Feb-1940, in Beaumont, Texas, d. Aft. Mar 1963, Beaumont, Texas. He married (3) Ruth Stine Cunningham #3224, m. 04-Apr-1964, in Beaumont, Texas. George died 27-Aug-1967, Beaumont, Texas, buried: Magnolia Cmtry., Beaumont, TX. His prep school education was in Allen Academy, Bryan, Texas; West Texas
Military Academy, San Antonio and Marion Institute, Marion Alabama. His
undergraduate degree was from the University of Texas at Austin and his legal
education was at George Washington University where he earned the degree of
L.L.B. in 1924 and began his practice with the law firm of Sonfield &
Sonfield. At the outbreak of World War I, 1916, he left preparatory school
and enlisted in the U.S. Calvary and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant. He
was compelled to resign when it was discovered that he was under age. He
reinlisted and served out the duration of the war.
Children by Grace Chantland:
87. i Ann Sonfield #3223. She married John H. Buckner #3226.
Children by Maxcie Lee Tidwell De Mary:
88. ii Sandra Lee Sonfield #3225. She married Norman F. Black, Jr. #3227.

60. Carrie Eugenia (Geane) King #153, b. 21-Feb-1903, Nacogdoches, Texas. She married Frantz (Frank) P. Brogniez #154, m. 28-June-1923, in Houston, Texas, b. 19-Nov-1897, (son of Frantz H. Brogniez #2825 and ? #2826) d. Feb-1968, Houston, Texas. Carrie died 17-Oct-1967, Houston, Texas. May queen at Rice University, Houston, in 1923. Volunteer head of the YWCA, a
member of the Board of Directors of the Community Chest and a Blue Bird
Leader. Frantz: Graudated Rice University, Houston 1922, vice president of Gulf Brewing Co.,
the plant his father built for Howard Hughes.
89. i Frank K. Brogniez #155, b. Houston, Texas.
90. ii Martha Ann Brogniez #156, b. Houston, Texas. She married Jose C. Baco #2823.
+ 91. iii Geane Alida #157.

61. Lollie Dee King #158, b. 21-Sep-1908, Houston, Texas. She married (1) John R. Matty #159, m. 13-Sep-1928, in Denver Colorado, b. 20-Sep-1905, Colorado, d. Dec-1970, Colorado. She married (2) Robert Eugene Chambers #160, m. 20-Mar-1934, in Houston, Texas, b. 05-Mar-1910, Corpus Christi, Texas, d. 17-Aug-1991, Wichita Falls, Texas, buried: 20-Aug-1991, Forest Park Lawndale, Houston. Robert: Cannot find text file for this person
Children by John R. Matty:
+ 92. i Dorothy Dee #161 b. 14-Oct-1929.
Children by Robert Eugene Chambers:
+ 93. ii Celeste Gene #164 b. 8-Aug-1935.
+ 94. iii Neva Minta #162 b. 19-Nov-1939.
+ 95. iv Robert Eugene #165 b. 24-Dec-1943.

69. Walter Thomas Sheffield #2652, b. 5-Aug-1910. He married Agnes Skelton #2662, m. in Georgia. Walter died 9-Jul-1972, buried: Patmos, Ga.
96. i Mary Nell Sheffield #2663, b. 4-Mar-1932, d. 13-Feb-1985, buried: Patmos, Ga.
97. ii James Marvin (Buddy) Sheffield #2664, b. 28-Jul-1934, d. 18-Mar-1987, buried: Arlington, Ga.
98. iii Edna Louise Sheffield #2665, b. 11-Oct-1936, d. 16-Jun-1991, Patmos, Ga, buried: Arlington, Ga.
99. iv Walter Thomas (Tombo) Sheffield, Jr. #2666, b. 25-Nov-1938, Early Co., Ga.
100. v June Sheffield #2667, buried: Baker Co., GA.
101. vi Joyce Royce Sheffield #2668, b. 5-Mar-1943.
102. vii Jack Lynn Sheffield #2669, b. 19-Apr-1945, Calhoun, Ga.
103. viii Lewis Martin Sheffield #2670, b. 29-Aug-1946, Calhoun Co., Ga.
104. ix Merle Lanan Sheffield #2671, b. 14-Apr-19__.

75. Joseph Emmett Sheffield #2659, b. 29-May-1922. He married Mary Alice Roberts #2678, m. 3-Apr-1943, in Georgia, b. 14-Aug-1927. Joseph died Aft 1993, Arlington, Ga. Served in the 3rd Army __ Division, 53rd Battalion in Germany 1945 and 1946.
105. i William Council (Billy) Sheffield #2679, b. 29-Oct-1949.
106. ii Joseph Emmett Sheffield, Jr. #2680, b. 21-Mar-1953, d. Aft 1993, Arlington, Ga.
107. iii Cheryl Ann Sheffield #2681, b. 29-Apr-1958, d. 16-Mar-1964, buried: Arlington, Ga.

77. Oliver Pearson Sheffield #2661, b. 9-Mar-1927, Baker Co., GA. He married Tommie Jay Morgan #2672, m. 1-Aug-1954, in Georgia, b. 27-Nov-1933, Pulaski Ctny., Ga. Oliver died Aft 1993, Blakely, Ga. Served from February 1945 until February 1948 in the U.S. Navy. During WWII he was aboard the USS Bunker Hill CV 17 in the Pacific Ocean. After the war, he was aboard the USS Pittsburg. He also played on the Naval West Coast basketball team as a first string player.
+ 108. i Linda Gail #2673 b. 30-Aug-1955.
109. ii Lavonia (Vonne) Sheffield #2674, b. 19-Apr-1959, Calhoun Co., Ga. She married Brian Kenneth Wilcox #2677, m. 3-Apr-1982, in Early Co., Ga, b. 8-Nov-1960, Bacon Co., Ga.

78. Lucile Timmons #2802. She married ? Ackerman #2803.
110. i Elizabeth Ackerman #2804. She married ? Shackleford #2805. Only Child.

Sixth Generation

85. Robert Leon Sonfield, Jr. #140, b. 28-Oct-1931, Houston, Texas, baptized Houston, Texas, occupation Attorney. He married (1) Marilyn Joyce Hill #141, b. 19-Oct-1931, Houston, Texas, baptized Houston, Texas. He married (2) Jeanne Margaret Crusemann #142, m. 14-July-1969, in Houston, Texas, b. 14-Nov-1944, Sioux City, Iowa.
Children by Marilyn Joyce Hill:
111. i Sheree Sonfield #143, b. 19-Sep-1954, Houston, Texas.

86. Richard Huber Sonfield #144, b. 16-Jul-1934, Houston, Texas, occupation Accountant. He married Carlene (Furby) Sump #145, m. 16-Jul-1962, in Houston, Texas. Richard died 18-Oct-1988, Houston, Texas.
112. i Dorothy Rea Sonfield #146, b. 29-May-1964, Houston, Texas.
113. ii Sandra Lane Sonfield #147, b. 18-Aug-1967, Houston, Texas.

91. Geane Alida Brogniez #157, b. Houston, Texas. She married Leonard D. Jeffery #2824.
114. i George P. Jeffery #3111.

92. Dorothy Dee Matty #161, b. 14-Oct-1929. She married Gerald Landes #3139, m. 18-Jun-1952, in Houston, Texas, d. 31-Aug-1991, Irving, Texas. Dorothy died 3-Feb-1991, Irving, Texas.
115. i Susan Landes #3140, b. 22-Oct-1956, Atlanta, Ga. She married ? Galloway #3142.
116. ii Mark Landes #3141, b. 20-Feb-1960, Dallas, Texas.

93. Celeste Gene Chambers #164, b. 8-Aug-1935, Houston, Texas. She married (1) Jules Bohnn #3143, b. 19-May-1935, St. Louis, Missouri. She married (2) John Lipscomb #2812, m. 29-Jun-1973, in Houston, Texas, b. 28-Mar-1934, St. Louis, Missouri.
Children by Jules Bohnn:
117. i Cress Roy Bohnn #3144, b. 14-Aug-1957, Dallas, Texas. He married Lois #3147, m. 4-Oct-1994, in Sundance, Utah.
118. ii Chandler Bohnn #3145, b. 28-Feb-1961, Dallas, Texas. She married Robert S. Gray #3146, m. 9-Apr-1994, in Austin, Texas.

94. Neva Minta Chambers #162, b. 19-Nov-1939, Houston, Texas. She married John Coleman Dawson, Jr. #163, m. 20-Aug-1960, in Wichita Falls, Texas, b. 14-Jul-1938, Houston, Texas, (son of John C. Dawson #2832 and ? #2833).
+ 119. i John Coleman (Cole) #2818 b. 30-Aug-1962.
120. ii Dee Lucylle Dawson #2819, b. 19-Aug-1964.
121. iii Craig Dawson #2820, b. 30-Apr-1971, Houston, Texas.

95. Robert Eugene Chambers, Jr. #165, b. 24-Dec-1943, Houston, Texas. He married Dona Pauline Schwardt #2813, m. 19-Aug-1966, in Abington, Pennsylvania, b. 7-Mar-1945, San Diego, California, (daughter of Donald Schwardt #3137 and Blanche Pauline Large #3138).
122. i Robert Chambers III #2814, b. 13-Mar-1969, Houston, Texas.
123. ii Donald Stephen Chambers #2815, b. 14-Aug-1974, Houston, Texas.
124. iii Dina Laurel Chambers #2816, b. 17-Oct-1975, Houston, Texas.
125. iv David James Chambers #2817, b. 29-Jul-1981, Houston, Texas.

108. Linda Gail Sheffield #2673, b. 30-Aug-1955, Calhoun Co., Ga. She married Mitchell Wayne Buie #2675, m. 26-Jan-1980, in Early Co., Ga, b. 26-Dec-1954, Dothan, Houston Co., Al. Linda died Aft 1993, Blakely, Ga.
126. i Crystal Brooke Buie #2676, b. 16-Feb-1982, Dothan, Houston Co., Al.

Seventh Generation

119. John Coleman (Cole) Dawson #2818, b. 30-Aug-1962, Wichita Falls, Texas. He married Carla Eberhard #3134, m. 23-Jun-1990, in San Francisco. California.
127. i Catherine Chambers Dawson #3135, b. 26-Jun-1993.
128. ii Christi Patrica Dawson #3136, b. 7-Aug-1995.


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