Family Group Records


"Chappies" have been submitting family group records to the Chapman association and before that, the Chapman Chatter effort, since the very early 1980s.  We share some of those with you here.  Some may have been reworked by CFA in which case the CFA logo will appear on it.  If you have questions about these or have some you would like to add go to CONTACTS and let us know. Be on the lookout for additions.

Asa b. 1806 VA m. Malinda Schunke Lynch
Benjamin b. 1765 NJ m. Catherine Akers Catherine Fryer Cline CFA 190
Chase b. 1788 __ m. Mehetable Holley? Jacquelyn Pettee
Collins b. 1732 Connecticut m. Mary Fabrique
Nancy Jean Salvi
Daniel Sr. b. 1740 VA m. Ester (Crockett?) Billie Hardy
Edward b, 1864 ?? m. Della M. Clark Virginia Vosgerau
Ferdinand (Kent) b. 1836 KY m. Mary Elizabeth Talbot "Noni" Sawyer
George b. 1736 Caroline Co. VA m. Dianna Derritt Several - see record
George b. 1804 OH m. Johanna Aber Dorothy Cornwell
George b. 1828 NY m. Nancy Jane Larrison Nancy Colchico
Henry b. e.1770 SC m. Levonia Mobley Robert Christian
Levy Clay b. 1843 AL m. Frances Elizabeth Chandler Margo L. Chapman
Mary b. 1780 est. ?MD? m. Thomas Kikr Plummer Carol Snider
Otis A. b. 1839 OH m. Jerusha R. Harvey Fred Henderson
Richard Asbury b. 1850 AL m. Martha Z. Baker Rubylee Strickland
Samuel Jackson b. 1794 NY m. Elizabeth Jackson Judith S. Wilkins
Thomas b. 1683 MA m. Ann Kettle Kettell Vicki Johnson CFA 213
Robert Duncan b. 1839 GA m. Eugenia Alice McNeil Robert L. Sonfield CFA 007
William b. 1740 ?MD? m. Eleanor _____ Carol Wilson CFA #350
William b. 1741 ?VA? m. Eleanor _____ Several - see record
Zachariah b. 1771 m. Mary Bailiff Marilyn King



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