Chapman Y-DNA Project

The Objectives of the Chapman Y-DNA Project are:
Phase 1: Encourage as wide a sample of male Chapmans as possible to get DNA analysis of their Y chromosomes.
Phase 2: Identify the various Chapman families most closely matching each other.
Phase 3: Encourage joint exploration and expansion of the family trees for each grouping identified in Phase 2.

To do this we need to know something about the Chapman ancestry of each participant. Many of you listed your most proven distant Chapman ancestor when you subscribed. Other did not. With this e-mail I as administrator am asked each to take a look at your Familytree DNA home page and make sure the information as to your most distant proven Chapman ancestor is up to date. To do this go to the Familytree DNA web site and sign in. If you have forgotten how follow the directions to obtain a password. Once on your site go to "Manage Personal Information" Then "Account Settings" Then "Genealogy" Then fill out the form for "Most Distant Proven Ancestor" While you are on the site you might as well set up Beneficiary order. That would establish ownership if something should happen to you.

If you have questions contact me at
Ernie Chapman


Welcome to the Chapman Y-DNA Project! Since the mid-1990’s individuals interested in researching their Chapman ancestry began to organize, accumulate data, and to publish information about all things relating to the Chapman surname. The CFA emerged primarily as a genealogical organization and has become a public resource for Chapman family researchers.

Prior to the 21st century, most genealogical research involved the traditional gathering of paper documents, such as wills, land transfers, census and other public records as well as information handed down from family documents (such as family Bible entries) and oral tradition. These traditional information sources are just as important as ever. However, the passage of time, the effects of court house fires, as well as war (such as the loss of early census information due to the burning of such records by the British during the War of 1812, or the burning of records during the American Civil War) may have left some document trails incomplete.

As the 21st century dawned, genealogists were given access to an additional tool to help bridge some of the missing links in the traditional genealogical record. As science revealed the human genome, it became apparent that DNA technology could be used to assist genealogists in their quest to understand their ancestry. The CFA sponsored Y-DNA project provides Chapman family line researchers a valuable resource. There are a variety of DNA tests available to genealogical researchers, but the Y-DNA test is the sole focus of the Chapman DNA project. The reason for this focus is that the Y chromosome is passed only from father to his male offspring essentially unchanged. This genetic fact parallels the fact that most males retain their paternal surname – Chapman in the case of the CFA Chapman Y-DNA project.

The prerequisites for being an effective Chapman Y-DNA participant are that you are a male and your surname is Chapman. Females interested in their Chapman genealogical lines should coordinate their interest with a male Chapman who is known to be of the same line.

The Chapman Y-DNA project utilizes the test, tools, and support capabilities of the Family Tree DNA, a division of Gene by Gene, Ltd. As you will see when you enter the FTDNA Chapman project there are several levels of Y-DNA tests that you may purchase. Each test corresponds to the number of locations on the Y chromosome that is tested for each purchase option. It should be noted that tests may be upgraded to more locations tested for incremental costs at a later time. The CFA recommends a minimum of 37 markers be tested to provide the best trade-off between cost and useful genealogical information.

Use the following portal to the Chapman DNA project to take advantage of automatic enrollment into the FTDNA Chapman project and to take advantage of any Chapman project discounts that may be available with your purchase. By selecting the “Let’s Get Started” button you will enter a fascinating new dimension in genealogical research. Best of luck in your quest. Submitted by: Ray Chapman.


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