CFA Missouri Death Records

Name Age Sex Color Date of Death County
Alfred F Chapman 54yr Male White Dec 1 1883 Scott  
Alfred F. Chapman 54 years Male White 1Dec1883 Scott  
B.H. Chapman 9m Male W Jul. 11, 1889 Jackson  
Chapman Corlal 3mo F W 01/20/1909 Jackson  
Chapman David A. 52 M W 04/28/1909 Jackson  
Chapman Dorothy 1mo F W 07/23/1907 Jackson  
Chapman Fannie 49 F W 06/20/1907 Jackson  
Chapman Henry I. 36 M W 05/20/1908 Jackson  
Chapman James 16 M W 11/22/1907 Jackson  
Chapman Madora V. 70 F W 04/10/1909 Jackson  
Chapman Mary Katherine 19 F W 06/09/1907 Jackson  
Chapman Rosy L 12 mos 15 days Female White Oct 27, 1892 11am Johnson  
Chapman, B. H. 9mo Male White July 11 1889 Jackson  
Chapman, Catherine 32 yrs Female White 05/25/1886 Cass  
Chapman, Charles A. 76yr 3mo 1d Male White Mch 18, 1884 Chariton  
Chapman, Clara A. 34y F W Dec 16, 1894 Jackson  
Chapman, Della 38y F W Jan 20, 1893 Jackson  
Chapman, Diana 25y Female White Sept 20 1880 Jackson  
Chapman, Edward R. 3 yr 2 mo 18 da Male White w.e. 07/19/1852 St. Louis  
Chapman, Edwin H. 68y M W Dec 14, 1896 Jackson  
Chapman, Eliza Mary Jane 65yr8mo27days female white Dec-24-1889 St. Clair  
Chapman, Frank ty Male White June 22 1889 Jackson  
Chapman, Isabel Adult Female White Dec 27 1887 Jackson  
Chapman, John H. 62y Male White July 13 1888 Jackson  
Chapman, L. M. 57y Female White Jan 18 1889 Jackson  
Chapman, Lauren 50y M White Jun 25, 1884 Greene  
Chapman, Leon E. 6m Male White Sept 28 1887 Jackson  
Chapman, Lillie E. 13mo Female White Aug 23 1887 Jackson  
Chapman, Lydia 65y F W Jun 27, 1896 Jackson  
Chapman, Mary L. 10y 2m 12d Female White 01/07/1885 Daviess  
Chapman, Mary L. 10yr2mo12days female white 07Jan1885 Daviess  
Chapman, Myrta 1y 2m Female White 01/16/1877 Gentry  
Chapman, Ora C. 20y F W Sep 15, 1896 Jackson  
Chapman, Rosy L 12 mos 15 dys Female White 10/27/1892 11 AM Johnson  
Chapman, Sarah 43y Female White Mar 26 1887 Jackson  
Chapman, Susan O. 12y Female White Apr 29 1880 Jackson  
Chapman, Susie O. 10y Female White Apr 28 1880 Jackson  
Chapman, Tella D. 20y F W Sep 25, 1889 Jackson  
CHAPMAN, Thomas 51 yrs Male White Dec 9, 1883 Monroe  
Chapman, W. S. 47y M B Jul 14, 1893 Jackson  
Chapman, Wm. 18y M lW Oct 9, 1890 Jackson  
Charles Alexander Chapman 76yr 3mo 1d Male White Mch 18, 1884 Chariton  
Dena A. Chapman 10d Female W Feb. 16, 1888 Jackson  
Frank Chapman 5y Male W Jun. 22, 1889 Jackson  
Geo. W. Chapman 43 yrs Male White Nov 9 86 7 A.M. Dallas  
Inft of A.L. Chapman Stillborn Male White 07/09/1880 St. Louis  
John H. Chapman 62y Male W Jul. 13, 1888 Jackson  
L.M. Chapman 57y Female W Jan. 18, 1889 Jackson  
Lillie E. Chapman 13m Female W Aug. 23, 1887 Jackson  
Lonny Chapman 50y male white 06/25/1884 2AM Greene  
Matilda Chapman 51 yrs Female White Feb 26, 1885 Worth  
Ruth A. Chapman 42yr Female White Oct 28, 1883 Carroll  
Sarah Chapman 22 yrs Female White Apr 2 85 6 p.m. Dallas  
Sarah Chapman 43y Female W Mar. 26, 1887 Jackson  
Schooly, Edward Chapman 43 yr 1 mo 2 days Male White 10/21/1884 Cass  
Snyder, Chapman 25y M W Apr 21, 1893 Jackson  
Thos. O. Chapman 1yr2mo22days male 08/04/1885 Macon  

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