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Not all of the information presented on this website should pertain to Chapmans in the past. One must remember that the Chapmans of today will someday be Chapmans of the past and therefore their current information should be recorded for future generations.

On this page you will find information and data revolving around those Chapmans of today. Should you have something that you wish to contribute, please contact us by email at

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Death Records






20th Century


Cook County Coroner's Inquest Record Index, 1872 - 1911



Misc Index, prior to 1930



Misc Missouri Records (prior to 1910)

St. Louis Index (1850-1908)


New Mexico

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Family Group Records


"Chappies" have been submitting family group records to the Chapman association and before that, the Chapman Chatter effort, since the very early 1980s.  We share some of those with you here.  Some may have been reworked by CFA in which case the CFA logo will appear on it.  If you have questions about these or have some you would like to add go to CONTACTS and let us know. Be on the lookout for additions.



Here you will find genealogies of Chapman ancestors. These have come from various sources. Information following the name inclueds the CFA reference, number of generations (gen) and the number of descendants (des) in this version.

If you have a submission you'd like to have placed in this section, please contact the CFA Corresponding Secretary

Abner Chapman ABN781VA 2 gen 31 des
Amos Chapman AMO745PA 3 gen 106 des
Anthony, Allen & Edward Chapman (brothers) ANT800VA 4 gen 166 des
Edward Chapman EDW617EN 10 gen 4170 des
Edward Chapman EDW637EN 4 gen 50 des
Giles ChapmanGIL702EN 2 gen 44 des
Hiram Chapman HIR811PA 4 gen 202 des
Homer Chapman, gggr son of William & Hannah Fisher Chapman WIL800EN 4 gen 38 des
John Chapman JOH720VA 6 gen 951 des
John Chapman JOH750VA 6 gen 521 des
John Chapman, Robertson Co TN JOH806TN descendents list - not traditional genealogy
John B. CHAPMAN, Sr JOH817NY 4 gen 52 des
Joseph Chapman JOS745VA 5 gen 247 des
Justus Chapman, New Hampshire JUS70?NY 5 gen 65 des

Lillian Chapman, WM802NC
Orvis A. Chapman, ORV811NY 4 gen 12 des
Robert Chapman, Baltimore Co, MD ROB675MD 3 gen 32 des
Robert Chapman ROB782NC now with updated information (Apr 12)
Samuel Chapman, Caroline Co VA SAM700VA 3 gen 75 des
Thomas Chapman THO592EN 5 gen 64 des
William Chapman WIL633EN 8 gen 1910 des
William Chapman WIL651EN
William D. Chapman, of SC & GA WIL760SC/VA 7 gen 128 des
William Chapman WIL755VA (b. before 1755) 6 gen 55 des
William H. Chapman, of VA WIL816VA non traditional format
William Chapman, Franklin Co IN WIL800NC 5 gen 26 des

William Chapman of VA WM824VA  7gen


Historical Information and Articles


Ancient Planters
Andrew Jackson Chapman, News Article

Ballston Spa, Saratoga Co., NY
Bucks Co, PA - The Chapman Family
Bucks Co, PA - Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks

Chapman Family Homestead

Coleman Wood Chapman
Congress, Members of - Chapmans from 1774-1927
Conrad Wise Chapman - Painter (Civil War era)
Covington Co, AL - Chapman Ancestors in Leon


Edward Chapman of Ipswich, Massachusettes - Puritan Immigrant and Patriarch by Philip Chapman Ellsworth, Dec. 2010

Famous Chapmans - by CFA's Leonard B. Chapman

Joseph Chapman of Norwich and Colchester, Connecticut


Journal of Andrew Chapman from Vickie Connor via Ernie Chapman

Lincoln Co, ME - Nobleboro History
Old Philadelphia Families - Chapman
(includes information from Maryland and Virginia)



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Land Records



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Bureau of Land Management - Land Patent Search




Listed below are several lists of Chapman marriages by state. Each of the files is arranged in the same format and order (or soon will be). These lists are derived from the Chapman Family Association (CFA) data base and it is in a constant state of change with new data being added almost daily. The marriage lists on this site will be updated from time to time by being completely replaced with a later version. If a particular marriage list is linked from one of the CFA Quarterly Contents Lists it may or may not be the same version published. Most likely it will be later.

This data is not complete nor do we claim that it is highly accurate. It is all we have for the applicable state at the time of the list. In some cases one or more elements is missing. What we have is what has been submitted to the association over the years or what has been accumulated from a variety of sources. In some obvious cases we have identified records with an asterisk (*) to denote that it tends to contradict or nearly duplicate some other record. We decided it best not to publish our abbreviated and somewhat cryptic source notations. If you feel you absolutely must have our source reference it is yours for the asking via email, but please do identify yourself. Please take the data for what it is worth and use it as a clue to finding the primary record you need. That will likely be the officials at the county listed unless there are related comments at the beginning of the state file.

If you can add marriages to this list and improve on any of the data listed please let us hear from you. You can do that via email or you can send hard mail to CFA Data Central, POB 1586, Florissant, MO 63031-1586. In either case please identify yourself.

Thank you.



Outside of USA:

Online Marriage records outside of the CFA web site:

Indiana State Library - Marriage Records through 1850

Illinois State Archives - Marriage Records through 1900

Western States Marriage Records Index -
includes Arizona, Idaho, Nevada and Utah records


Members of CFA & their Ahnentafels


Note: Some of the linked pages are in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader please download the free software at:

We encourage all members to submit their ahnentafels. They need to be in the following formats; Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or WordPerfect. Some Gedcom files can be converted as well as Microsoft Access databases.



Revolutionary War

Rev. War History

Rev. War Chapmans

Known Military Dead During Rev. War

Virginia CHapmans in the Rev. War

War of 1812


Land Bounty-Index

Index of Awards to Soldiers, NY

Civil War

Tennessee Confederate Soldiers Pensions

Texas Confederate soldiers Pensions

Illinois Civil War Veterans

20th Century Military

20th Century Military Honor Roll - Chapmans

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

WWII Casualties

Vietnam Casualties WWI Picture of Mark Stanley Chapman (1893 - 1960)

WWII Glennard Owen Chapman (1922- unknown)

Misc Military & Veteran Records

Veterans Home - Yountville, CA


Related links outside of the CFA site:

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (Nat'l Park Service)

Louisiana State Archives Confederate Pension Application Index

National WWII Memorial, Washington DC (to date: 74 Chapmans listed)

Query Archive


These queries have been published in the CFA Quarterly Newsletters. Below you will find a list of the Quarterly Newsletter issues that queries have appeared in.

Wondering where to start?

Use the search feature on the home page and type "Queries Only" for your results.




Reference File


This file is heavy with Virginia Chapmans at this time in preparation for the 2003 conference in Richmond, VA, but it is not intended that it be limited to any geographic area or period.



Research Notes


Here you will find Research Notes of Chapman members that we have had submitted.

If you have a submission you'd like to have placed in this section, please contact the
CFA Corresponding Secretary.

Edward Taylor

Jason D. Chapman

Mathias Chapman

Michael Chapman 1758-1839

Philo Chapman

Ruben Chapman

Samuel Chapman

Thomas and Anna Harding Chapman

William Williams Chapman

Social Security Death Index



Tax Records


GA Tax Index
Napa County, CA

Vital Records


Napa Co, CA - Great Register of Napa Co

Saybrook, CT - Misc Vital Records 1647-1834

Wills and Probate

Ambrose Chapman, Georgia

Asa W.F. Chapman, Georgia

Edward W. Chapman, Alabama

Edward Chapman, Ipswich, Essex, MA

George M. Chapman, Giles Co., VA

Gersham Chapman, Columbia, SC

John Chapman, Rensselaer Co., NY

John Chapman, Oswego Co., NY

John Chapman, Spotsvylania, VA

Supplement to John Chapman, Spotsvylania, VA

Joseph Chapman, Prince William Co., VA

Lemuel Chapman, Montgomery Co., AL

Loring Chapman, Parish of LIvingston LA - Application of Succession

Mary Chapman, Rensselaer co., NY

Morgan Caldwell Chapman, Rockingham Co., VA

Moses Chapman, Holmes Co., OH

Nathan Chapman Sr., Baltimore Co., MD

Rosewell Chapman, Holmes Co., OH

Taylor Chapman, Stafford Co., VA

Uriah Chapman Sr., Pennsylvania

Waity Chapman, NY

Misc Records:

Texas Probate Index

Virginia Wills and Administrations 1632-1800


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