About the CFA


The Chapman Family Association (CFA) is a Texas non-profit corporation, which has been exempt from federal income tax by the Internal Revenue Service as provided by Internal Revenue Code 501(c7). The Association has no paid staff or employees and depends entirely on volunteer workers.



History of the CFA


Most folks feel that the CHAPMAN CHATTER, a newsletter created and edited by Gil Alford, was the prelude to the Association.

In April 1994, the Association received a Certificate of Incorporation, tax-exempt status with the I.R.S. and created the CFA bank account. Shortly thereafter, Jim Haynsworth created the Chapman Family Association emblem.

The Chapman Family Association newsletter #1 was published September 1994 and reported 56 members.


The initial officers of the Association were:


    State Agent & Executive Director- Robert Sonfield, Jr.

    President- Ernie Chapman

    Vice President & Treasurer- M.D. (Mike) Chapman Morgan

    Secretary- Joan Chapman

    Newsletter Editor- Amelia Chapman Painter

    Genealogist- Albert L. Chapman

    Historian- Phillip Chapman Ellsworth

    Librarian- Dian Chapman Gustafson

    Publicist- Phyllis Chapman

    Corresponding Secretary- Gilbert K. Alford, Jr.


You can also read a detailed account of our history by our founder, Gil Alford

CFA History


Purpose of the CFA


The purposes for which CFA was organized, as stated in Article Four of the Articles of Incorporation of the Chapman Family Association, are as follows:

    1. Collecting, compiling and editing historical and genealogical records of Chapman family members;

    2. Establishing a central repository and retrieval system for the collection of Chapman family historical and genealogical records;

    3. Publishing books, newsletters, magazines and periodicals to disseminate the collection of Chapman family historical information to members of the 

        Association  and interested members of the public;

    4. Educating young Chapman family members about the historical contribution of the family to the development of the United States of America;

    5. Providing a means for social and fraternal association and fellowship among the members;

    6. Establishing an organization with perpetual life to continue and preserve the herein described purposes for successive generations; and

    7. Any and all other lawful purposes permitted by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, which are not inconsistent with the purposes, described herein.



CFA By Laws



Gil Alford, Missouri 



    PRESIDENT - Mark Chapman, Texas
    VICE-PRESIDENT – Ray Chapman, South Carolina
    SECRETARY - Pauline Chapman, Illinois
    TREASURER – Kathy Crouch


Board of Directors

Mark Chapman, Chair

Robert Sonfield, Jr. Executive Director

Al Chapman

Billie Chapman

Ray Chapman

Shelley Chapman

Marilyn Foster

Amory Baril Krueger

Joan Miller

Lennae Seevers



Committee Chairs, Project Officers, Etc.

   Census Project Officer - Paul Kannowski, Texas

   Convention Site Coordinator - Jan Chapman Lyon, Kansas
   Cookbook Project Officer - Faye Chapman, Texas
   Facebook Coordinator - Debra Georgantis-Miller
   Family Stories - Jean Snow, California
   Genealogist, Joan Miller, Pennsylvania
   Historian - Open
   Librarian - Dian Chapman Gustafson, Oregon
   Master Book List Project Officer - Dian Gustafson, Oregon
   Membership - Billie and John Chapman, Texas
   Military Chapmans - Open
   Notable Chapmans - Liz Codding, Oklahoma
   Obituaries Project Officer - Kathleen Tovar, California
   Photographs Project Officer - Kathleen Tovar, California

   Program Committe -
   Publicity - Billie Chapman, Texas
   Quarterly Editor - Shelley Chapman, Texas
   Web Site Administrator - Susan Collard, Texas

   Web Site Coordinator - Val Chapman, Ohio
   Y-DNA Project Officer - Ernie Chapman, Illinois, Ray Chapman