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CFA #005 - Dian Chapman Gustafson William Chapman and Elizabeth Smith 1651-56 - after 1732 CT
CFA #005 - Dian Chapman Gustafson- Librarian CHAPMAN MASTER BOOKLIST
CFA #020 - Deb Chapman Descendents of Rev. Benjamin Chapman
b. abt 1724 CT - d. 1786 CT
CFA #325 - John Chapman Descendents of Henry A. Chapman
b. abt 1820 CT - d. 1894 CT
William Chapman of New London CT b. abt 1638 - d. 1699 CT
CFA #398 - Neil Chapman Descendents of Thomas Chapman
b. abt 1780 CT? - d. aft. 1860 NY?
CFA #415 - Cindy Kuhn Descendents of William Chapman
b. abt 1800 NC - d. 1848 IN



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